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Let’s exercise! Try and do some stations if not all. Remember to warm up first.

EY1 Gymnastics.

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Week 14

This week students  refine their running and jumping skills while being equipped  with the confidence and skill to manage and manoeuvre their body weight using body parts other than feet. They will continue to travel in a variety of ways across the floor by doing pin roll and dish roll. They will also practise to develop strength and balance by doing the hand stand.



Week 13

This week stud  ents are still developing their balance and jumping skills. They will be demonstrating stillness walking and balancing on a low bench with added challenges working with a partner. They will learn how to jump off the bench and landing properly with safety on the floor.




Week 11

Students continue to practice and develop balancing skills. They are taught to do the spotting donkey kick, handstand, and forward roll. With practice, the donkey kick will prepare them to move on to doing handstand and forward roll.


Week 10

Students continue with basic gymnastics by concentrating on balancing.

This week students will focus on keeping body in balance while moving forward using other parts of the body. They will learn to move forward on their feet with some challenges. They will walk and balance their body on the low balance beam with some control trying not to fall off. They will learn to do the donkey kick.

Week 9

Students will start to learn about gymnastics which give them insight into possibilities and limitations of their bodies in movement. Gymnastics is concerned with acquiring control, coordination and versatility in using body and responding to challenges.

This week we will develop selected individual actions around the theme of travelling without using the feet. We will focus on moving by rolling sideway with controlled directions. With practice, students will be able to roll sideway without using the leg and be able to move with some control of direction.


House Sports Spirit Day 2019-2020

Students enjoying House Sports Spirit Day. Let’s have a look at what they did.



PE & Swimming class





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Hello. Welcome back once again to my blog. I have not had the opportunity to teach the students in the past week, so this week will mark the first time I will be introduced to them, and the first time I will get to know them all. I intend for the class to be fun and enjoyable, filled with enthusiasm and joyfulness from the students.

This week, the students will be introduced to water toys such as water Lego, recreational games such as picking up objects, and various swimming equipment. This is so that the students can get acquainted with water and swimming equipment. On the hands, in PE, the students will be taught basic movements using different body parts such as hands, legs, arms, learning basics of agility, and PE sporting equipment.

I hope by the end of this week, everyone will be more acquainted with PE/Swimming, and I hope we will have known each other better.


Hi, I am Nikom Chuenchompoo but my students call me, Mr.Max. I teach PE and Swimming. I look forward to welcoming new students to a fun and exciting year. Students will be introduced to getting acquainted with water, PE activities and games.