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I started this blog in August 2013 when I came to KIS.  I have tried to cover a variety of topics.  Last night as I was thinking about what to write about I asked my son Ace (G3) what topic I should cover.  He enthusiastically said, “Do some research about how books help your brain!”

I thought that was a great idea! If you have read other blog posts you know I love to read. Currently, I am in the middle of reading several books, A Tale of Two Cities, Art of Pie, Out of My Mind and The Brilliant World of Tom Gates.  I have a bit of a problem of starting a new book before I finish one!

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Here are some of the emotional benefits of reading:

  • Promotes empathy:  Reading about a character in a book promotes empathy by allowing you to place yourself in another person’s shoes. You see and hear the world from their perspective. It helps you understand the feelings of others. This helps you be a more caring person.
  • Stress Relief:  To read a book you are usually sitting down in a comfortable place. Reading takes your mind to another place and gives you a break from your own worries for a while. Some studies show that it also helps you sleep better to read a paper-book (no screen) before bed time.
  • Improves creativity:  Some studies have shown that reading can spark creativity in the reader. Books often inspire people to take risks, try a new hobby or explore new parts of the world. The book Art of Pie  that I am currently reading, inspires me to bake beautiful and tasty pies like the author. Now I only need an oven!
  • Exercises your brain:  Reading is a workout for your brain. All the processes that happen while reading stimulate many interconnected parts of your brain. Reading builds stronger networks for memory, executive functions and cognitive processes. These connections strengthen the brain and might make it more resistant to things like Alzheimer’s disease.

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Need some motivation? It is never too late to set a reading goal for the day, week, month or even year! Look at that can help you find interesting books, track what you read and set reading goals.

So, what’s stopping you from picking up a book today?

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