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Since coming to KIS I have been learning so much about the Third Culture Kid and Expat Families. One very useful site I have found is

the Culture Blend, http://www.thecultureblend.com/

The author’s description:

My name is Jerry and I write this blog.  I am a husband, a father, a trainer, a traveler, a culture vulture and an avid people watcher who loves to write about all of those things.  My beautiful blended family and I are globe trekkers who have expatted, repatted and then expatted again.  We are slowly discovering that wherever we are — we are home . . .  and missing it at the same time.

Sounds like a story some of us can relate to!

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One of his posts is about 10 questions to ask every expat kid.  http://www.thecultureblend.com/ten-questions-that-every-expat-or-repat-parent-should-ask-about-their-kids/

Here they are (more details on the blog)!

1. What are our rocks, what things stay the same with our family no matter what changes around us?

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2. What is a third culture kid?

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3. If you were in Star Wars who would you be?

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4. What is your love language? (see original blog for more on this!)

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5. When I was a kid we always….

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Image credit:https://www.smore4u.com/hiking/18-tips-for-hiking-with-kids/

6. When I was a kid we never….

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7. What pictures do you think we will look back on and love when we are older?

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8. What do you love about your international life?

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9. What do you not like about our international life?

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10. What is our family culture?

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These would be great talking points with kids. You can really get insight into their thoughts and feelings with these types of open ended questions. Give it a try, you might be surprised what you find out!

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