Welcome Back!

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The first day back as school is always full of energy, excitement, and sometimes, jitters. Teachers are eager to meet their students, students are excited to see their friends, and parents are often thrilled to see their children take an important next step. It is a day to catch up with friends, swap summer adventure stories, and reconnect the school community.

Of course, coming back to school can also bring some feelings of anxiety. This is perfectly normal. When this happens it is important for us all to remember our methods of self-care and make use of our support systems. Whether it is a healthy meal, a chat with a friend, or a simple hug, please be mindful of your needs during these exciting and busy first weeks of school. Don’t forget, these “back to school” days impact all of us differently. It is therefore important to communicate with your children about their expectations, excitements, worries, and concerns.


If you are new to KIS, or Bangkok altogether, don’t be afraid to reach out to members of our community for support. You might enjoying connecting with KISPA, our Parent Association. They are a wonderful community who enjoy getting together to organise school events and provide continuous parent support. You may also touch base with your child’s teacher, or reach out to members of our administrative team. Lastly, my door is always open. Come by, introduce yourself, and tell me a little bit about your and your family.

I have a feeling 2018-2019 is going to be a wonderful year here at KIS!

Warm regards,


Elementary School Counselor

See below “First Day Jitters” by Julia Dannenberg- a wonderful read-aloud to listening to with elementary age children who are anxious about returning to school after the summer holiday.

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