Stress Less Summit

We all have moments of stress, and this stress, can significantly impact all different areas of our lives. It is therefore important that we consciously make efforts to develop stress coping strategies. When it comes to specific stress triggers, such as those linked to being a parent at an IB school, it can help to talk to some experts.

See below, the description for the Stress Less Summit: 

This is an online event created for parents, teachers and school leaders in schools that offer the IB Diploma.

Over 7 days, 14+ experts will talk about how we can reduce our stress levels, as well as those of our students and kids.

Interviews go live on October 27th 2018, which is when the summit starts.

This is a free event, so all you need to do is register below, so as to get notified once the summit begins.

For more information, click here for the Stress less Summit website.

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