Week of Jan 18th – 22nd

Dear EY1 Community,

Thank you for a great week of remote learning. Fun Friday was super fun!! It was great to see everyone in their house shirts. 

While this format of remote learning is not ideal for most children, especially for the children in our age group, there is still so much to be gained. As parents, you have been modeling to your children how to deal with situations that are not ideal by handling them with positivity and choosing to make the best of them. These life skills are so valuable and are often not so easy to teach. WELL DONE, PARENTS!

While remote learning is not what we (parents and teachers) have signed up for, looking on the bright side of things, there are still so much to be gained for our young children, especially when our understanding is that this is only a temporary situation.

Benefits include:

  • Watching how adults handle frustrations. Frustrations are legitimate feelings. How do we handle them and how do we wish our children will learn to handle them.
  • Online skills – Sooner or later, our children will need to learn these skills to be successful adults in the world we live in today. Though the timing for them to learn these skills is not ideal, we have the opportunity to guide them and to teach them about finding the right balance.
  • Staying connected with classmates and teachers. As you know, children this age take time to get acclimated and settle in. Though we can’t see each other in person, this way, we can at least see and interact with each other online. Thank you for your support on this!!


The Small Group Sign-up: Please sign up for a day that best suits your schedule.

LINK: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Iu-UWUWw8UVawu5TAp6_Rpjpa_gkM1DacmnNUHRv2TM/edit?usp=sharing


Art – Make a Treasure Map

  • a regular tea bag to make the map look “old”
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Pencils, markers, etc.

Fun Friday

  • Pirate costume if you have one (optional)
  • Pirate hat, eye patch, etc.(optional

Resources needed for PE:

  • 3 cones (water bottles filled with water) for zigzag running
  • A low hurdle (a small pillow or something similar) to jump over for warm up.
  • 2 tennis balls (or similar sized balls)
  • 2 stuffed toys; some small space allowing the body to roll,
  • A hop scotch numbering, 1 – 10 (write the numbers in chalk, write numbers on paper and then tape them to the floor)

Resources Added: 2 more cones, 2 soft balls of any size (or balloon), a mat or carpet to be placed on the flooree

Again, thank you for another great week in EY1. We love seeing the children on screen and seeing their work. 

EY1 Team


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Week of Jan. 11th – 15th

Good morning Everyone!

Congratulations to both children and parents for completing your first week of remote learning last week! Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and continued support as we explored various online platforms to see what works best.  

The calls with the children have been SO WONDERFUL even they can a bit chaotic at time. This is to be expected as WE ALL try to upskill and learn to use these new tools. THANK YOU, PARENTS, for your help in making these calls and the learning engagement possible. It has been SO MUCH FUN to see the children on screens even if we can’t see them in person yet. 

EY1 Remote Learning Class Schedule

Be sure to check our EY1 REMOTE LEARNING CLASS SCHEDULE for an overview of what to expect throughout the week.

LINKS for ALL the Specialist Classes and other calls can be found on the SCHEDULE.

Please BOOKMARK this link for your convenience and for future reference.

EY1 Remote Learning Class Schedule


Some important information to note for the week ahead:

  • Specialist classes begin from this week (Monday’s swimming class will be replaced with an extra PE lesson). 
  • Here’s the link to our Weekly Class Schedule
  • Please note that for your convenience, we have added all the necessary links on the schedule so it’s a one-stop-shop for you. 
  • Next week at 11:10am we will be starting our Small Group Zoom Meetings. These will be in groups of 3-4 children with a teacher. Please click this link to sign up for ONE session per week with either Class A or Class B respectively. 
  • We will continue to have our Fun Friday activities each week. Please wear your house shirts.

We have scheduled a Parent-Teacher Call on Monday at 12:30pm to touch base with you and to share some information with you. This is also an opportunity for us to see what questions or concerns you may have. Click this link to join the call.

Agenda for the call:

  • Information about Weekly Parent Forums and HelpDesk
  • Small Group Zoom Calls
  • Ms. Alex, our school counselor
  • Q & A

We look forward to seeing everyone then. Thank you in advance for making time.

SEESAW Activities

Please note that the Seesaw activities on the weekly schedule for each day is to show there are activities available for the children to do. They can be done at a time that works best for your family’s schedule.


Some Reminders for LIVE Call Etiquettes

Please see attached photos for a quick recap of some of the agreements we have for our calls and meetings

online etiquette 1 online etiquette 2 online etiquette 3 online etiquette 4 online etiquette 5 online etiquette 6

THANK YOU again for your effort, patience and understanding as we get set up for our remote learning. All can be very chaotic at times, but our goal is to make it fun and as engaging as possible for our students. We so appreciate your support and partnership. We understand that all this information can be overwhelming at times and that we are here to assist. Feel free to contact us with ANY questions.

Have a great week ahead!

EY1 Team

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Week of Nov 30th – Dec 4th

Dear EY1 community,

It’s been really lovely that we had ALL our EY1’s students back this week. We really do miss you when you are away! Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the PYP Workshop this morning. Thanks also for the messages to let us know that it was helpful!! Like the children, we love hearing positive feedback as well.

MONDAY – Swimming + Uniform Just a reminder that swimming is on Monday. Also, please have uniform (NOT House Shirts) ready for after swimming. Thank you! Sorry for the confusion.

TUESDAY – NO PE (Wear Uniform please) We have a slight change in our schedule this week (for this week only). Tuesday’s PE class has been rescheduled to Friday. So please have students come in their uniform.

FRIDAY – PE Clothes + Library Tuesday’s PE classes will take place on Friday. And it’s Library Day, so please bring library books in the morning.

LIBRARY with Ms. Lindsay In addition to reading a story to us, Ms. Lindsay also shared a scarf song. The children loved using the scarves to accentuate the movements. See attached video.

FUN FRIDAY Today’s FUN FRIDAY consisted of a SNOWMAN-MAKING activity and a SHAPES SCAVENGER HUNT using the iPads. Not all the children had a chance to do both of the activities, so please let them know not to worry. We will have them continue early this week.

New Song – SLIPPERY FISH see lyrics attached in slideshow.

HOME VIDEOS on PLAY A big THANK YOU to all the families who have shared their videos already. It has been really fun for our children to see the different types and forms of play.

UPCOMING DATES & EVENTS * EY1 CHRISTMAS PARTY Wednesday, 16 December, 11:30 – 12:30 SAVE the date. More details to follow about bringing in a shared plate, etc. The children will need a SANTA HAT for the party, in case you would like to get that ahead of time.

PARENT FORUM Friday, 11 December, 8:00 AM, Auditorium Hosted by Ms. June and Mr. Gerry

LAST DAY OF TERM Friday, 18 December Please note that school finishes at 12:00-noon for students on this day. Have a great weekend! We look forward to hearing about it on our Monday shares.

EY1 Team

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Nov 23rd – 27th 2020

Our EY1 learners had opportunities to try many different things.


The Lock-Down Drill is scheduled for today,  Monday. We talked to the children last Friday about what this means and we also practiced what we will be doing today. This procedure is in place in the event the school has an intruder on campus who may pose a threat to the safety of our school. Basically, the practice on Monday will go as follows: When a siren sounds, we are to move to a safe location quickly and quietly. We stay there until we hear the announcement that it’s safe to resume our activities. Some children may be frightened by the loud siren or the unexpected practice. That’s why we wanted to prepare them as best as we can. Please feel free to discuss further at home.



A group of parents came into school to share some festivities with the children last week. We learned that the henna tattoos are part of the celebrations because they bring good luck to the person wearing them. Some children got the temporary henna and they also got to make diyas to take home.




We have talked about feelings before in EY1. The children are already familiar with many of their basic feelings. Throughout the week, while focusing on the emotions of happy and sad, we practiced recognizing them in BOTH ourselves and in others. They drew happy and sad faces. While each drawing was different from another’s, there were similar qualities to the happy ones and similar qualities to the sad ones. We talked about what these qualities are. Parents, please feel free to continue this discussion with them at home.



As our current unit is on PLAY, we continued our exploration of what this means and what can this look like for children in EY1. We took advantage of the cooler weather earlier in the week and had a number of OUTSIDE PLAYS. The children really enjoyed making and flying their kites as well as the pretend-play on the “pirate ship” and “firemen to the rescue.”

The donation of the cardboard trains from the KIS Train Picnic the previous weekend were such gifts!! The children really enjoyed being conductors “driving” the train as well as “passengers,” who had to have tickets to ride the train. When children have the opportunity for pretend-play, their imagination is allowed to flourish.




Mr. Eric and his Tech Team of older students supported our EY1 students again as they learned more about the caterpillar coding app. This week’s focus was on making predictions as well as the cause and effect, wondering what would happen next if this happened first.

We also got to make crepes where the students got to at the fruit fillings that they liked. Of course, we had to have chocolate sauce to top it off.




This week’s article is about “screen time” and “green time.” The research suggests that a balance of the two is important to the development of our brains. Click here for the link.


* Bean Bag Dance – click here for the link
* Name That Emotion – click here for the link



* Swimming on Monday – Please come in swim gear.

* Nov 27, 8am – All About PYP for Early Years Parents – in Auditorium
   Hosted by Ms. Cassie, Ms. June & Mr. Gerry,

* Dec 11, 8am – Parent Forum – in Auditorium
   Hosted by Ms. June and Mr. Gerry

Thank you for another great week EY1 students!

EY1 Team

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Nov 16th – 20th 2020

Dear EY1 Community,

It was another exciting and busy week in EY1 last week!! 

MATH WEEK has been super FUN!! It had certainly been a week of “math in action.” The children had opportunities to hypothesize when we explored the balance scale, to use shapes they know to make artwork, to make a straight or curved line like a caterpillar when are lining up, to estimate and measure to find out who is the taller and shorter in the class as well as to learn about directions in the coding on the iPad.

We have certainly learned that math is so much more than just numbers and counting. Math is also about:

  • measuring
  • data
  • patterns
  • shapes
  • sizes
  • coding
  • sorting
  • classifying
  • problem solving
  • making comparisons
  • estimations
  • analyzing
  • critical thinking
  • making connections
  • and much more

The best part was seeing all the CREATIVE COSTUMES on Friday, the last day of Math Week! Thank you for your support! It was so cool to see how excited the children were to share and to see all the costumes. 

Below are links to math songs and stories we did during Math Week.

to Coupe and Siri and their families as they welcome a baby into their family!! Both Coupe and Siri have been very proud to share about their little baby brother. We read the book, THE NEW BABY by Mercer Mayer, about what we can and cannot do with a new baby. Here’s the link if you’d like to read it again with your child at home. 

*Book Link: The New Baby by Mercer Mayer (click to read the book on YouTube)


– For our current unit of inquiry on PLAY, we will be asking families to share some videos from home. Each week, we will ask 4-5 families to share. We will email those families more details when it’s their turn. We just want to give everyone a heads up now. THANK YOU in advance for your support!!


Parenting Corner —

MARK MAKING – Mark making is the beginning stages of writing. You can read the article (link below) to learn more about mark making. In EY1, we are encouraging children to use a writing implement and “write.” We are certainly not expecting them to write complete letters or numbers. So please don’t worry if they are not at this point. What’s more important is that they are interested, feel confident and are willing to give it a try. We do ask for your support in guiding them on how to hold a writing instrument such as a pencil, pen, marker, etc. We have noticed that the children are keen to learn to write. Please help support them on the correct pencil grip.



Reminders & Relevant Dates:

  • HALF DAY STUDENTS — Please help children get their backpacks quickly and quietly. Because sound carries in the Atrium, we want to be respectful to the full-day EY1 and EY2 children who are sleeping at that time as well as to the children in the older grades who are still learning. We also want to remind families that you will need to leave school soon after dismissal, as school is still in session at that time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 
  • Nov 27, 8am – All About PYP for Early Years Parents – in Auditorium
    Hosted by Ms. Cassie, Ms. June & Mr. Gerry,
  • Dec 11, 8am – Parent Forum – in Auditorium
    Hosted by Ms. June and Mr. Gerry

THANK YOU for another great week and for your continued support!

EY1 Team


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Nov 9th – 13th 2020

Dear EY1 community,

The children continue to do very well with the morning check-ins and choosing how they do it. As we shared with you last week in Parenting Corner, there is much value in the skill of making choices.

Parenting Corner:

This week’s Parenting Corner is an article on the value of being on-time. Basically, when we help our children learn to be punctual, we are modeling the respect for order and that they are also members of the community. Click on the link below to read more about it. As it says in the article, it really helps our students set up well for the day. One of the things that we have observed that helped the children feel successful are the families who make sure they arrive early so that the children can have a play outside with friends. Then, when it’s time to go to the classroom, they are ready to engage and learn.

Link: https://youaremom.com/parenting/children-to-be-punctual/

Fun Friday!

Last Friday included a traditional birthday game called, PASS THE PARCEL. As we went around, each child received a sticker sheet. Please ask them about it. The children also got to make SLIME with Ms. Ran and Ms. Sirinat. And with Mr. Eric and some of the Tech Team members, they learned a little bit about CODING. It was another fun and exciting Fun Friday!

Upcoming events:

Math Week 2020 (3)

Friday November 13th: Math dress up day

Saturday November 14th: All Aboard the Adventure Train! Early Years Picnic, 9am – 12 noon

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Week of Nov 2nd – Nov 6th 2020

Dear EY1 community,

The first few days back after a long break can be tough for our little ones. They are creatures of routines and after being home with their loving parents, they don’t necessarily want to be back at school right away. This is totally normal and it is part of their learning process. Allowing them the opportunity to be sad and to be stronger from the experience helps build their resilience. If we shelter them from feeling sad, we take away those opportunities from them to strengthen their resilient skills.

Many of you may have noticed a few changes to our morning check-in routine. Making it more challenging and also providing opportunities for agency within the class. Thank you for supporting your child in adapting to these changes and making their own choices


  • Sequence the letters in your name using pegs.
  • write your name on the whiteboard.
  • Build the first letter of your name using play dough.

It was a very a very eventful week and we had so much fun!! Thank you for all your support to make these festivities – Loy Krathong and Halloween celebrations extra special and memorable. This week truly gave them an opportunity to practice being open-minded as we learn about the Thai holiday, Loy Krathong and being risk-takers as we visited and tried out new games and activities hosted by the G4 and G5 classes.

Loy Krathong: Thursday Oct 29th

The children arrived at school dressed in traditional Thai outfits. They were then invited to make their own Krathongs using a variety of materials such as paper bowls, petals made from coloured paper, clay, candles and tissue paper. We then carried them carefully outside to float them in the EY1 paddling pool. We inquired into the meaning behind the legend of Loy Krathong and how people in Thailand celebrate this festival. We learnt that Loy Krathong can mean the festival of light and watched a short video on the history of this holiday. If you would like to watch this video at home, please click the link below:



Halloween: Friday Oct 20th

It was wonderful to see all the effort everyone went to with their costumes. The children were very excited to see all of their friends and teachers dressed up. We were very lucky with many friends provided treats for their friends to take home. We practiced saying “Thank you!” as we received them and placed them in our bags to take home.



Ms. Ran brought in and shared the earthworms she dug up while on holiday visiting family near Khao Yai. While many children enjoyed exploring, touching, holding and asking questions about earthworms, some preferred to look on. Their questions led us to read a book about earthworms. Did you know that earthworms have five hearts and the smaller side is the head? The children guessed that earthworms eat leaves but we also learned that they eat some other things too. As a group we discussed what we already know about Earthworms, after reading the story we added to our minded map, the children were eager to share what they remembered from the story. 



This week we also celebrated Jimmy’s birthday. Jimmy’s birthday was during the October Break. Jimmy shared some Halloween decorated donuts.


Parenting Corner – Value of Making Choices

We are faced with making choices many times throughout the day. Learning to make choices well is a life skill and it is never too young to start. We do this everyday throughout the school day. Be sure to give them opportunities to make choices at home too! When giving children a choice between A or B, make sure you are okay with both A and B. For example, DO NOT say, “Do you want to go to bed or not?” “NOT is not a sensible choice since the children do need to go to sleep. Rather, say, “Would you like to read the story before or after you brush your teeth tonight?” Below is the link to an article with more in-depth information on the value and importance of making choices.


Many children have gained an understanding of the two classes A and B withing our class community. Please support this at home by discussing the groups with child. Asking simple questions as home can support this skill such as:

Can you find your name/photo?

Are you in class A or B?

Can you name some friends in class A?

Can you name some friends in class B?

Can you name your teachers?


We hope you have a lovely week.

EY1 team!

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Week of October 26th – 30th 2020

Dear EY1 Parents, 

Welcome back after our Mid-term Break! Thank you to all the parents who sent in photos from over the holiday. The children were happy to share and to talk about the different things they experienced over the break.
We also would like to extend warm welcomes to Tong Tong (girl), who joined us the week before the break and to Ahmad (boy) and Jesse (boy) who joined us this week. They have settled in nicely. Thank you to all the children who have helped welcome them and invited them to join their play.
Fun Friday continued to be popular with the children. On the Friday before our break, we made pumpkin decorations for our class in preparation for the Halloween festivities this coming Friday. We also continued lessons with Mr. Eric on the iPads, where children are beginning to see them as learning tools rather than “toys.” AND you may hear the children talk about the fun they had with the parachute. They got to practice listening skills, following directions and teamwork!
Our first unit of inquiry, Who We Are, with the focus on “Relationships” finished the week just before the Mid-term Break. Throughout the unit, the children continued to practice social and communications skills. In our first EY1 eBook where each of the children were featured, they got an opportunity to share and learn about each other’s names, favorite colors and shapes. (Click on link below to see view the ebook.)
Our second unit of inquiry begins this week. See below for more details.

Where We Are in Place and Time:  


Central Idea: 

Play extends ideas, develops creativity and encourages social interaction.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Ways to play
  • Exploring ideas
  • Expressing creativity
  • Positive interactions

Throughout the unit, we will be looking at various ways of learning we can do through “play.”

. . .
Reminders and Events
Loy Krathong – Thursday, October 29
Children are invited to wear traditional Thai outfits. We will also be making krathongs in the classroom that day. 
Children can wear their traditional Thai outfit all day that day or you can send in their KIS clothes and we can help change them into those.
Halloween – Friday, October 30 
Children are invited to wear a Halloween costume to school, as we will take part in a costume parade and contest with classes from EY1 – G3. (Please do not include toy guns or weapons as part of costume.) 
As per KIS tradition, the Grade 4 and 5 students will also be setting up Halloween themed games and activities for the younger students in their classroom upstairs.
Please note that these events are for students only. Thank you for your understanding!
Parenting Corner
One of the IB Learner Profile is about being a Risk Taker. Please see the quote below.
Thank you for your continued partnership!
We are looking forward to another fun-filled week!
EY1 Team
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Week of October 12th – Friday 16th 2020

Dear parents,

Last week we focused on our relationships within our class community. We have been gathering within our small groups of class A and B while also spending time together in a whole group setting. During these times the children are demonstrating their understanding of the two classes, which friends are in these classes, practising using friends names, while also learning to take turns at speaking and listening within a group context.

Fun Friday!

We had a very eventful Friday! We started our morning off by having a very special guest. Ken from grade 4 (Kaycee’s older brother) stopped by to share one of his favourite stories with us. The children were so engaged and really enjoyed this experience.

During our library visit today, Ms Lindsay spoke to us about the importance of book care. To help support us with this new skill, Ms Lindsay used the analogy of holding and caring for our books like a baby. She also taught us a new song (in the tune of ‘if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands’). Please see the lyrics attached to this post.

We continued with our four centers, and the children have now had the opportunity to participate in all of the activities:

– ICT with Mr. Eric on how to navigate the iPad.

– Building a Marble Run using recycled materials with Ms. Sian

– Making Pancakes with Ms. Ran

– Fun with Letters with Ms. Dinnhe

We also celebrated Rou Rou’s 4th birthday at school. After lunch the children all sung the happy birthday song to Rou Rou and he prepared individual treats for each child to take home. Thank you Rou Rou! We hope you enjoyed celebrating with us.

Reminders and upcoming events:

No school – School is closed next Tuesday October 13th

Library – Please remember to return your library books before Friday

Halloween – Friday October 30th (more information to come. But please starting thinking about costumes ideas)

Loy Krathong – Thursday October 29th (More information to come)

Parenting Corner – Here is some information on the latest research on the importance of play.


Links to some of the songs we have been singing in class:

Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon


Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer


Ms. Lindsay’s Hello Song in the Library


We hope everyone enjoys their day off tomorrow. See you all again on Wednesday!

EY1 Team


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Week of October 5th – 9th 2020

THANK YOU, parents, for the successful Parent Teacher Conferences last week. These discussions are so valuable in helping us to get to know your child from your perspective and for you to hear a little about how they are when they are at school. In some cases, they can be very different when they are at school and when they are at home. This is completely normal!


These are the four Fun Friday Centers we had last week:

  •   ICT with Mr. Eric on how to navigate the iPad.
  •   Building a Marble Run with Ms. Sian
  •   Making Pancakes with Ms. Ran
  •   Fun with Letters with Ms. Dinnhe

The children each got to experience 2 centers. This coming week, they will rotate to the other 2 centers. We hope the children will look forward to the other 2 centers as they did the first 2.

Library Day
For Library Day last week, Ms. Lindsay read a story about mooncakes in honor of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, which was on the 1st of October. This tied in nicely with our lessons and games about shapes too. “The moon is a circle!”

The children also got to exchange their books for new ones during Library time. Thank you, parents, for your support in helping the children gather their books and bring them in.

Swimming Starts This Week

Today’s swimming was a HUGE success. Thank you to all the parents in helping get children all the items they needed.

Swimming is part of the our PYP curriculum. Children get to learn many things beside the swimming aspect of the program. They also get to learn about safety, the importance of listening to instructions especially when around water, as well as changing oneself and managing their belongings. These are all important life skills. They may not be able to do them all well… yet! But with opportunities for them to keep practicing, THEY WILL!!

Parenting Corner

Building resilience is one of things that came up during the conference conversations. We have attached the following article, Encouraging Resilience in Children, for your reference.

Thank you for your continued support!
EY1 Team!
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