Week of March 19th to 23rd

Dear EY1 Families and Friends,

Last week we did another fun science experiment using colors.  We added food coloring and water to a glass and put a white flower in it. When we came back to class the day after, our flowers had changed colors!  How does it work? The flower absorbed the colored water up through its stem, and the flower changes color. By watching the journey of harmless food coloring, we can see all the places water goes in a plant!

We discussed about our artifacts and tried to imagine what is inside.

We really enjoyed painting a big branch that Ms. Kaitlin brought to school. We used colorful paint and glitter!

We are very creative and knowledgeable!

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  • Artigras – March 19-23


  • Songkran Holiday – from April 4th to April 17th (incl)


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Week of March 12th – 16th



Hello EY1 Grownups!

We hope you had a restful weekend!  Last week we had an AMAZING time with our G3 reading buddies.  On Thursday, we played with them in the morning and showed them our favourite places in the classroom to explore.  Then on Friday we made the Butterfly Pea drink with them!  They were so excited!  Thank you again to Cesc’s family for bringing us the materials we need to play and explore!

Blog 271Blog 27

We finished our senses experiment and were excited to learn what we were tasting, touching, and smelling.  It was very sticky!

Blog 272

We worked with Ms. Marie on forces of movement and enjoyed creating things to go down the ramp outside the classroom.  

Blog 273

We had a visit from “The Electric Eel” from Finland.  He sang us many songs and we were allowed to play along!  We had a blast!

Blog 274

Friday we had an assembly.  Congrats to Jacob and AiAi for winning Action awards! 

Blog 275

This week we will start to wrap up our UOI “Investigations”.  We will look at flowers in coloured water and also imagine what may be on the inside of our devices from home!


  • Artigras – 19-23


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Week of March 5th to 9th

Dear EY1 Community!

We had a great week full of new experiences and fun!

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Cesc’s Mom brought us a little blue flower called the butterfly pea and said that we could make tea out of it! We put the flowers in a glass along with sugar and hot water to make a vibrant blue sugar syrup. We then squeezed in some lime and the blue juice magically changed to purple. We really enjoyed drinking it. Thank you Cesc’s Mom for a fun science experiment!

5 Senses Experiment with Ms. Kaitlin

We enjoyed another food science experiment using our 5 senses! Wearing blindfolds we tried to guess what was on our plate by touching and smelling it. We then predicted what food it was, tasted it and looked at it.

Milk Experiment – Color Symphony

We finished working on our Color Symphony with Ms. Marie.  Some of us really enjoyed the experiment!

Rose turned 4 years old last week. Happy Birthday Rose!! 

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Friday March 9th:

7.45 am: PYP Assembly in the Auditorium

9.00 am to 9.45 am: Interactive Concert in the Audio Box


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Week of February 26th to March 2nd


Hello EY1 Community!

We hope you all had a fantastic four day weekend!  We were all very eager to come back and celebrate Chinese New year!  Happy Year of the Dog everyone!

We continued to work on our Colour Symphony with Ms. Marie.  We enjoyed exploring the mixing of colour with milk and observing the chemical reaction that took place!

blog 254

We worked on our term 2 observational drawings all week.  We took time to notice and empower our similarities and differences!

blog 25

We were asking many questions about the volleyball net outside on the playground!  Mr. Jason from secondary school came over to teach us all how to play!

blog 251

Our sensory bin was super fun!  We made papier-mâché

blog 255

As a school and a community we celebrated International Mother Tongue Day!  We had many parents and teacher from all over read to us in their home languages!

blog 253

Benedict shared with us his Taking Action outside of school.  He bravely and independently wrote his name at a birthday party with older friends!  We are very proud of you Ben!

blog 252

This week we will continue to discuss our unit “Investigations”.  We will look at our devices from home.  We will also discuss


  •  March 2nd-  EY Sports Day. Children should wear their House Shirt and be on time


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Week of February 20th – 23rd

Dear EY1 Families, Parents & Friends,

We had another week filled with activities that allowed us to explore and investigate. We enjoyed the “Magic Milk Experiment”  in which we found out that very unusual interactions take place when you mix a little milk, food coloring, and a drop of dish liquid soap. The dish soap causes the fat and the water in the milk to separate and spread apart. We turned ordinary milk into a rainbow of beautiful colors!

We explored soil & roots and discovered new textures. We also created observational drawings and communicated our ideas.

Valentine’s Day

Thank you for sending your child wearing Valentine’s Day colors. We’ve had a great day where we celebrated friendship and love.  With our teachers we talked  about tolerance and acceptance; what it means to be a good friend, to include others, and to demonstrate kindness. We also exchanged presents to show our appreciation to our friends.

Diversity Board

We would like to say a special thank you to Tuna’s Auntie who helped us to create a beautiful board about cultural diversity. We all put our hands together and enjoyed working in collaboration with each others.

Thai Class

We continue to learn Thai with Ms. Noi. Kop khun ka Ms. Noi !

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March 2nd: EY Sports Day at 8 am.  Don’t forget to wear your House Shirts !

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Week of Feb 12th – 16th

Hello EY1 Friends and Families!

We started the week off with a new pool from Jacks family!  Thank you so very much!  The ducks have moved outside with the chickens, and even though they are not super great friends yet, we are hopeful they will grow to love each other!

BLOG feb 122

We have been working hard on writing our names and coming to understand that letters have meanings and sounds.  Last week we made our names with glue and a sensory experience of our choice!  Working a bit each day helps us with literacy skills in EY1!

BLOG feb 12

We made a lovely collage using different tools, screws, nuts, bolts.  We worked together and will display it in the classroom soon.

BLOG feb 121

We had a PYP award ceremony where we celebrated how we showed Action.  Congrats to our winners in action Rose and Jack!

BLOG feb 124

HBD XanXan, XiXi, and Talay!

BLOG feb 123


As it has been colder, please ensure your child is still in school uniform.  Jackets  must be the official KIS sweatshirt sold at SEA.

  • No School – Feb 16th – 19th
  • CNY Dress up day – Feb 20th
  • EY Sports Day – Friday, March 2nd @8:20

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A few updates from EY1!

 Hello EY1 Families and Friends!

A gentile reminder, please bring in all devices for artifacts by the end of this week.  We are asking for something small or big, electronic, something with screws, etc.  They can be toys, tools, pieces of technology, etc.  Discussing this with your children at home, then bringing them to school helps children to make connections and deepen their learning experience.  Many Thanks!

We will be having a Chinese New Year dress up day on Tuesday, February 20th.  Please feel free to dress your children up in their CNY outfits.  If you have any cultural connections with this holiday please feel free to come in and share with the class!

EY1 Sports Day will be held Friday, March 2nd.  We will start at 8:00.  Please be on time and ready to cheer on the teams in your house shirts!!!

Thank you,
EY1 Team

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Feb. 5th – 9th

Dear EY1 Parents and Friends,

We love our unit “Investigations” that allows us to touch, taste, smell, look at, and listen to all the things around us. We’ve had a busy week exploring all kind of materials; screws, bolts, magnets, electronic devices, goggles and many more.  Everywhere we go, we are curious about what we see and do. This curiosity leads to questions that can spark important exploration and learning.

We wanted to investigate a bit more about mixing vinegar and baking soda so we requested to do the “Volcano Experiment” one more time. We love to talk about volcanoes and this experiment gave us an idea of what it might look like when a volcano erupts flowing lava.

Mixing colors in rice was another activity that we enjoyed this week and we learned all about primary color mixing.  We were able to watch the color of the rice change as the blue and yellow ice began to melt and combined to create a secondary color, green. We did the same with red and blue ice. 

100 Days of School Party

Previous to the party, we worked in cooperation to bake a cake. We have been very good at taking turns and observing what our friends were doing.

We would like to thank all the parents for organizing an amazing party. We particularly enjoyed the face painting, cotton candy and the popcorn. Thank you for all the yummy food as well. What a great party we had !!

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February 16th-19th ~NO SCHOOL

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Week of January 29th – February 2nd


Hello EY1 Friends and Families!

We are looking forward to celebrating the 100th day of school with you this Thursday, February 1st at 11:00 in the EY1 classroom, porch and outside area.  The sign up list for food is on the door.  The theme is a carnival, so easy food is fine.  You can wear casual clothes OR dress up as a 100 year old man or woman!  An award will be given to the best costume 🙂

We spent last week continuing with our investigations.  We have been working hard to explore, notice carefully, and ask questions.  Our sensory bin was filled with corn flour and water and made a fun substance to play with (even the grownups enjoyed)!

We observed a chemical reaction when we made volcanoes with Ms. Marie out of baking soda, vinegar, and dish liquid.  It was fun watching them erupt and asking questions about what we were doing to make something happen.

Jan. 29-Feb

We have also been working on noticing the extraordinary in the ordinary when observing and drawing screws, nuts, bolts.  We have been looking closely at the tools and talking about the work they do.  


We spent the morning outside raking the leaves that were falling from the trees!  We tried to make a pile big enough to jump in but there weren’t enough leaves falling!  We talked about seasons on other countries!


We have continuedto enjoy watching our chickens and ducks grow!bligs4



  • Looking forward to seeing you all at 3 way conferences!  Don’t forget to check the times you have signed up for!
  • 100th Day of School Carnival – Thursday, Feb 1st – 11:00 – 12:30 – We have a lot of activities planned!  See you then!

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January 22nd – 26th

Dear EY1 Parents and Friends,

This week we have continued to discover our new unit “Investigations”. We show are curiosity when we ask questions and explore different aspects of the unit. We love to discover the different centers where we can actively seek solutions, design investigations, and ask new questions. 

If you haven’t done so yet, we are still asking that parents PLEASE bring in artifacts to help further develop learning.  We need these ASAP please! Thank you for your collaboration!

We are investigating…


Asking questions… 

And noticing carefully. 

We are very caring towards the needs of our new “friends” the ducklings. We love to look at them and feed them lettuce!

We would like to thank all the parents and children for celebrating Wai Kru with us. We love to teach the children and hope to make a difference in the lives of as many students as we can. Your gratitude is very much appreciated. Thank you for the beautiful flowers !

We celebrated Yuina’s birthday who turned 4 years old. Happy Birthday Yuina !!

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Jannuary 29th – Three way conferences begin (sign up sheet will be posted outside of the classroom on Wednesday Jan. 24th).

February 1st – 100th Day of School Celebration (details to be announced).






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