Week of October 15th – 18th

Hello EY1 Families and Friends,

We had a busy week in EY1 last week filled with assemblies, play, and fun!

20191003_091725 1571121260180

We have ALL been going to the nurse to get checked for temperatures each day.  Please remember to keep your child home if they have a fever.  Sending them to school with a fever, or sending them to school after taking a fever reducer is not helpful for your child, their friends, or their teachers.  Keeping germs out of EY1 is a very big challange.   Please help us with this by having your children wash their hands with soap and water as much as possible, as well as encouraging them to keep their fingers our of their mouths.  We ask that children cough and sneeze into their elbows.  Thank you for your help.

20191007_100508 20191003_102105 IMG_8414 IMG_8416

We have been happily decorating for Haloween!  We put some costumes out to play with and also made a Potions Table!  Ms. Ran made some slime with the kids and Ms. Noi has been working to make pumpkins and ghosts with the kids.  We are looking forward to celebrating after the break!

IMG_8699 20191011_080702 20191011_080211

We had an assembly to remember the anniversy of the passing of the Late King.  We sang songs to remember him.

This week we will continue to talk about our unit of inquiry Play.  Sharing our toys with friends is proving to be fun and exciting.  We have been sharing our toys with each other.  We will contunie with this unit up until after the break.

Have a great week!

EY1 Team

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September 30th – October 4th

Dear EY1 community,

We had another wonderful week together in EY1 with two very exciting things happening on Monday. Not only did we welcome a new member to EY1A class, Panther! We also celebrated Princes 4th birthday. I hope you can all join us with making Panther and his family feel welcome at KIS. And a big thank you to Prince and his family for celebrating his birthday with us at school.


Thank you to those who have already brought in their artifact. We just have a few reminders in regards to this:


  • We will be keeping the artifacts until the end of our UOI on play (which ends just before the October break).
  • Please bare in mind that this item may not be returned in the condition it was once in.
  • One of the main objectives to bringing in something from home is to encourage the children to share this item with their friends. Please have a discussion with your child at home before hand so they understand this request.
  • Please remember we would like this to be a natural toy or game (Natural or wooden objects only, please no plastic).

We continued our exploration of colour in the classroom and the children were still displaying great interest in not only the teacher lead activities such as our ‘walking water experiment, but also exploring colour mixing independently through painting, books and water play. This made us wonder what happens when you mix  2 or more colours together and how to make secondary colours out of the 3 prime colours. We will continue to extend this interest further by inviting the children to join in on colour exploration activities again this week.


On Friday we attended our first QLB assembly where Nytti and Aimee made us all very proud by getting up on stage to receive their awards. Well done girls!


We have noticed that a majority of you are sitting on the bench in the mornings instead of enjoying the new playground. As per school policy all the children are suppose to be on the playground until 7:50am. This is also a great time for them to be socializing with each other and showing their independence and growing resilience.

What can you do at home this week to support our learning in the classroom?

  • Identify colours in your environment and reinforce the colour names.
  • We have been at school for several weeks now and it’s becoming very clear to us which children are struggling with doing things for themselves. Please support us and your child by encouraging them to put their shoes and socks on by themselves, changing their own clothing, pulling their own pants on and off when toileting and feeding themselves at home. Remember to allow yourself and your child more time so this is possible. The more practice and opportunities they have to do this, makes things easier in the long run and is greatly beneficial for their overall development.

Thank you very much for your continued support and we hope you have a great week.

Many thanks

The EY1 team.






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September 23rd – September 27th 2019

Dear EY1 community,

It was a very short but sweet week last, being only 3 days. But we hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!

On Monday the children had a blast participating in the Dot day activities. This included wearing special dot clothing to school, marble painting, circle themed art activities as well bringing in recycled bottle caps to contributed to the giant mural in the atrium. Thank you to everyone for supporting this special event. It was a whole school event and the EY1 children really enjoyed being a part of it!


Dot day also sparked a new interest for us, colour!  The bottle caps were categorized by colour to make things easier when creating the murals. Since then, the children have been exploring colour through various activities within the classroom. We created marble paintings using eye droppers and salad spinners. This activity not only reinforced our knowledge of the colour names but also supported our fine motor development by opening and closing the lids to the salad spinners and using the eye droppers with control.


Some of the children were also very engaged in our colour matching bingo game. This involved rolling a dice and identifying the colour rolled. The next step is to match the coloured picture on the board to the card. Games support children in their abilities to take turns, practice patience and are a great tool in supporting the development of language skills.


Through our focus on the circle  we were able to make connections of things that we knew formed this shape. This lead to us exploring bubbles! We went to the secondary playground and enjoyed the wide open space to run around. We were also able to explore the bubble making tools independently and creatively as there was enough space for everyone to get involved.  Some chose to use the force of running to make the bubbles form, others blowing them with their mouths. But most importantly we had A LOT of fun during this experience!


Special request: Artifact from home

We have started our new unit of inquiry on ‘Play’. We are requesting that each child bring a special artifact from home. We ask for this to be a natural toy or game (Natural or wooden objects only, please no plastic). 

Reminders for the week ahead:

  • Seesaw – If you have not yet signed up for the Seesaw App. Can you please do this as soon as possible. For those who did not attend the coffee meeting, invitations with your child’s QR code were placed in your child’s bag last week. If you need another copy please let one of the EY1 teachers know. We will be putting a lot of important information on Seesaw as well as sharing learning experiences specific to your child. So it is important that you sign up so you are not missing out on all the wonderful and fun things your child is learning in EY1.
  • Library – Please remember to return your library book on Fridays. Children are unable to borrow a new book if they have not returned their current book on time.
  • Swimming – We all went swimming today and it was really nice! Lets keep this up!

What can you do at home this week to support our learning in the classroom?

  • Identify colours in your environment and reinforce the colour names.
  • We will also be inviting the children to participate in an observational drawing activity this week. It would be great if you could help them look in the mirror at home and discuss some similarities and differences they see as well as features that are unique to them. 

We hope you all have a wonderful week.

Kind regards

The EY1 team


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Week of September 16th – 18th

Hello EY1 Community!


Many thanks to those of you who attended the Coffee Meeting on Resilience.  We are grateful that so many of you came.  We are looking forward to seeing all of EY1 children and parents growing independence and resilience as the year moved forward.


Last week we saw some older secondary school friends playing on the zip line outside!  We all decided to be risk takers and try it ourselves!  We uploaded some of the videos to SeeSaw!  Make sure to check it out.  If you were not at the Coffee Meeting you will need to get the QR code from the teachers.

Children and play.

We have started provocations for our next UOI Play.  We will continue to revisit the other UOI “Who We Are” thoughtout the year at various points.  We talked about the different ways we play in EY1 each day and how we play with friends.


In library class Ms. Lindsay read us the story The Dot.  She had us do a small activity to help us prepare for dot day today!


It will be displayed when it is finished!

20190913_092130 20190913_092055 20190913_085853

We had a very nice House Day!  We enjoyed the activities and play!


As per our coffee meeting, please be reminded that if your child is too sick to swim, they are too sick to be at school.  If you do not have a doctors note, they will go swimming.  Swimming helps you grow stronger.  Swimming does not make you sick.

Please remember that swimming is a part of the KIS cirriculum from EY to Grade 12.  Keeping your child home from swimming actually keeps them from leaning a very important cirricular part of the KIS community.


Thursday September 19th: Professional Development Day (no school for students).

Friday September 20th: September Break (holiday, school closed).

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Week of September 9th – September 13th


Hello EY1 Community!

Welcome Tann and Tara to EY1!

20190909_100805 20190909_100833

We had a very busy and fun filled week last week.  We started Monday off with a Fire Drill!  Some of us were swimming and some of us were at snack.  We quickly and calmly gathered outside as a class and waited for instructions!


We also started working with EY2 and EY3 to make structured play spaces outside.  In the future we hope to use these spaces collaboratively with them to drive the UOI.  We played with PVC pipes, tools, blocks, and even had a nice picnic.  Please remember that these places of play are used to encourages resilience and independence.  They are not spaces to be viewed as dangerous.

20190905_085402 20190903_091353


Mr. Max was absent last Wednesday, so we went on an adventure to the AudiBox and did some dancing and Yoga!  We had a blast!

20190904_104924 20190904_103036

We also had our first week of Reading Buddies with Grade 2.  We will do this every week on Thursday at 7:50.  Please try to be here on time as this is a valuable part of our classroom.  Also, it is super fun!

IMG_6871 IMG_6874 IMG_6875

On Friday we had our first assembly.  It was nice to see all of the house activities as well as get us into the spirit for house day!  Remember you are invited to the EY house day.  It will be on Friday September 13th at 8:00!


We also celebrated Oskars Birthday!

unnamed (1)


  • EY1 Coffee Meeting – Wednesday, September 11th @ 8:00 am
  • House Day – Friday September 13th @ 8:00 am
  • International Dot Day Dot Day Sign Final (1)

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Week of September 2nd to September 6th

Dear EY1 community,

We had a wonderful week together with many positive relationships being formed within the EY1 group. The children have settled in nicely and are becoming more familiar with the rules and routines of school. Please remember that this is still a long day for many, so establishing a healthy routine of arriving to school on time and getting a good nights sleep are extremely important for their well being.  Thank you for all your support in making this transition to school a positive experience for the children.

20190826_083928 IMG_6551

IMG_6616   20190829_142220  20190826_120443

Thank you to all who have sent in their family pictures this week. If you have not yet done this please send it to one of the teachers by the end of day tomorrow. We have been busy painting our picture frames and this week the children will be invited to decorate them before sticking them on our family tree. This artifact is a great way for the children to make connections from home to school and can often be a great comfort when they are missing a loved one throughout the day.

IMG_6743  IMG_6747  IMG_6692 (1)  IMG_6704

The children were also invited to do a name activity last week where they were working on recognizing and sequencing the letters of their names. The children showed great enthusiasm towards this learning experience with many displaying a great sense of accomplishment when completing the task independently.

20190829_111154  20190829_111644

The children were also displaying a lot of interest in dramatic play last week, with many pretending to be their favourite superheroes,princesses and characters from their favourite story books. When children engage in dramatic play they deepen their understanding of the world as well as supporting their social emotional development. They are learning to negotiate roles, agree on a topic, play cooperatively and share space and resources.

IMG_6697  IMG_6827

Upcoming events and reminders:

Coffee Meeting- Wednesday September 11th at 8:00am in the EY1 classroom.

We will be discussing the importance of building resilience and encouraging independence.

House Day: Friday 13th September at 8:00am

Please make sure you arrive on time to school and wear your house shirts on the day. The children will be split into their house teams and will be participating in various sporting activities. 

We hope you all have a wonderful week.

Kind regards

The EY1 team


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Week of August 26th – 30th

Dear EY1 Community,

We hope that everyone had a great first full week in EY1.  We have worked hard to make everyone feel happy and welcome!  Here are pictures from our first day in EY1 🙂


Please remember that this week we will start the day in the classroom, not the playground.  At 7.50 when the bell rings, please help us by bringing your kids into the EY1 class.  Please make sure that their water bottles come into the classroom with them, and they wash their hands before they start playing.

Remember it is important to use positive language when speaking with your child about school.  Saying kind things like “I know you will have lots of fun” or “remember all the fun you had last week at school” are nice ways to transition to the classroom.

It is also important to reassure your child that you will be back to pick them up at the end of the day.  Please do not tell then that you are waiting outside.  We know saying goodbye can be difficult for both parent and child, but from our experience it works best if you keep your goodbye short, and once you decide to leave, please make sure you follow through with this.

Please do not come back as say goodbye for a second or third time, as this can be confusing and will prolong the process.

Last week in EY1 we took lots of time to get to know our classroom and other spaces we will be throughout the year.  Outside playgournds, the canteen, the music room, the swimming pool and the library.  We worked on getting to know our friends and teachers also!

Copy of IMG_6249 (1) Copy of IMG_6246 Copy of Copy of IMG_6221 IMG_6283 IMG_6300 IMG_6378 IMG_6412

This week we will start provocations for our first Unit of Inquiry (UOI) Who We Are.  We will talk about how our personalities, individual characteristics, interests, and abilities inform our learning and development.

As mentioned in our new parent orientation, each UOI we will ask for an artifact from home.  Artifacts are personal items that help us to make connections to our units.  Please email us a family photo by Friday August 30th.

Swimming on Monday!  Please put your childs swimsuit on underneath their uniform!

We will also have our Back To School Coffee Meeting on Wednesday, September 11th at 8:00 am.  Please save this date to come and learn about Resilience and Independence in the Early Years 🙂

We hope that you all have had a relaxing weekend!  Remember, that reality is setting in for your children.  Saying goodbye might be even harder after two days at home.  This is OK, we are ready for it !!  Please remember to say goodbye and then start your day!

See you Monday,
EY1 Team




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Week of August 19th – 23rd

Hello EY1 families,

What a wonderful first week it has been getting to know everyone and exploring the new learning spaces. The children seemed very excited and comfortable in their new classroom ( with some not wanting to leave at the end of our sessions this week, which is a great sign). Thank you for all of your support with encouraging your child to be brave, independent and supporting them in making connections with their new teachers and peers. By us all working together, we have already created a wonderful class community which makes this transition to school a positive experience for all involved. Just a few reminders for next week:

  • Drop off – Please meet us on the playground at 7:50am. Remember it is important to use positive language when speaking with your child about school. Such as “I know you will have lots of fun” or “remember all the fun you had last week at school”. It is also important to reassure your child that you will be back to pick them up at the end of the day. We know saying goodbye can be difficult for both parent and child, but from our experience it works best if you keep your goodbye short, and once you decide to leave, please make sure you follow through with this. Do not come back as say goodbye for a second or third time, as this can be confusing and will prolong the process.
  • Swimming will start on Monday – Please remember to pack a towel and swimming cap in their school bags. It would also be helpful if the students arrived at school with their swimsuits under their uniform, however we understand this might be challenging and therefore feel free to pop it in their school bag and we can try and change them once they have settled into the morning routine (sometimes if helps seeing all their peers wearing their swimsuits first).  Swimming suit must be a KIS suit.
  • Please remember to bring a toothbrush, toothpaste and a cup (clearly labelled with your child’s name) if you haven’t already done so. You will also need to provide a bed sheet, blanket, pillow and a lovely or teddy (something they find comforting) if your child is full day.
  • Pick up times – Half day: 12:30pm Full day: 2:30pm (please remember is it important to be on time).
  • The schedule for the Schedule 2018-19week can be found on the notice board outside the classroom doors as well as attached to the blog.
  • PE uniform – This should be worn on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Regular uniform – This should be worn on Monday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Please also remember to pack a water bottle and a spare change of clothing including underwear (just in case).

If you have any questions or concerns please do no hesitate to email us.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday.

Kind regards

The EY! team.

Schedule 2018-19


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Welcome to EY1 !

Hello EY1 Families,

Welcome to EY1.  It was nice to meet most of you on Friday.  We are looking forward to getting to know you and your children this week.

20190809_084441 (1)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

See you soon,

EY1 Team

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Welcome Back


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