EY1 To Do’s – April 19 & 20

EY1 To Do - April 19

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Welcome back! Week of April 19th – 23rd

Dear EY1 Community,

We hope you had a restful and enjoyable Songkran Break. As you all have heard by now, we are starting Term 3 online once again with remote learning. Our earliest possible date for returning to campus is Wednesday 5th May (since May 3rd and 4th are holidays). We will keep you informed of any updates on this.

Although we would prefer to be returning in person, we are looking forward to seeing all the children and hearing about your holidays online this week.

On Monday, 19th April, school staff will be preparing home learning packages once again which will be available for parents to pick up starting Tuesday, 20th April. 

Remote learning schedules will be emailed to parents on Monday afternoon, and they will be similar to the schedule we used during the January 2021 remote learning session. 

Remote learning classes will begin starting on Tuesday morning (April 20th).

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at sian.py@kis.ac.th and dinnhe.kr@kis.ac.th or send us a message via Seesaw. 

Kind regards,

The EY1 Team


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March 29th – April 2nd

Dear EY1 community, 


Our week started off with SWIMMING and the children had a great time!! They were quick to adjust to their old routine of changing themselves and being responsible for their own belongings. We haven’t had any messages of missing swimsuits or friends taking another person’s items home which is a SUCCESS! Please continue to support your child in building independence and resilience by allowing them to practice their self help skills (changing/dressing themselves) at home too. 




Our letter lesson this week was inspired by the song, JELLY ON THE PLATE,’ which, no doubt, you are all familiar with now. We were able to make many great connections to the /j/ sound by first naming friends in the class, such as JIMMY, JESSE and JOHN before extending this further to words such as JELLY, JAM, JET, JUMP and JAPAN, which gave us a chance to discuss the difference uses for upper and lower case letters.

The children arrived Monday morning to a newly arranged classroom with new centers for them to explore. They are enjoying the learning they provide them. Feel free to ask them about the new centers.


In celebration of learning of the letter J, we have made LAYERED JELLY! We have practised many skills such as following instructions, listening, turn taking and most of all, PATIENCE as this has been a rather long process spreaded out over 4 days. 


Today’s Fun Friday is another celebration of the letter J. It consisted of EATING our LAYERED JELLY and JUMPING on the trampoline in the big-kid playground!! So exciting!!

IMG_1750 IMG_1744 IMG_1731 IMG_1014

IMG_1027 IMG_1025


The WEEKEND SHARES continue to be a valuable learning experience for all the children. Thank you to all the parents who have taken the time to extend this learning opportunity at home over the weekend. This week we foscued how we are CARING for the ENVIRONMENT. The children made fantastic connections and have some ideas on what actions they can take! See links below to rewatch some of the video with them. 

* Link to video WHAT IS ENVIRONMENT – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEk6JLJNg0U 

* Link to video A WHALE’S TALE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFPoIU5iiYQ

* Link to video REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OasbYWF4_S8

The activity has been posted on Seesaw Class app, OR you can click on the link below to access it.


IMG_1617 IMG_1631

Important Dates & Reminders **

* Thursday, April 1st – Songkran Celebration Part 1

WEAR traditional Thai clothing 

* Friday, April 2nd – Songkran Celebration Part 2

WEAR floral shirt + BRING school uniform to change into

* April 3rd – 18th – Songkran Break – No School

Have a great week!

EY1 Team

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March 22nd – 26th

 This Week in EY1…


The WEEKEND SHARES continue to be a valuable learning experience for all the children, whether they are the ones sharing or the ones listening. Thank you to all the parents who have taken the time to extend this learning opportunity at home over the weekend.

We are looking forward to hearing about this past weekend’s activities. The children were invited TO CHOOSE which type of caring they would like do for their sharing this week — caring for A LIVING THING, caring for OTHERS or caring for MYSELF. The activity was posted on Seesaw Class app. Please look under the Activities tab for more information.


The children had a lot of fun learning about the letter “p” this week. They became more aware of the sound letter “p” makes. They also can share some words they know that start with the letter “p,” such as “playground,” “pancake,” “pig,” and even the names of the friends in our the class, “Proud,” “Parin,” “Pleng” and “Paul.”

letter p 4 letter p 3

We also practiced writing the letter “p.” Perhaps they will want to practice this with you at home too. This is the guidance we gave them:

To write the letter p:

  • Start at the top and go down.
  • Lift and come back up to the top.
  • And halfway around for the letter “p.”

letter p 2letter P 1


Another very important thing we practiced this week is our TONE OF VOICE. Part of showing that we are a CARING member in our community is using a KIND VOICE when we talk to others and when we make requests. When we use a FIGHTING VOICE, we are showing that we are NOT CARING. Being aware of our TONE OF VOICE is very important. We practiced with some role playing. They may want to role play with you at home too.

voice 4 voice 3 voice 2 voice 1


Pajamas Day + Playground – As part of our FUN FRIDAY, we also got to wear our pajamas all day AND played on the playground! We had a lot of fun celebrating many letter ‘p’ words!

playground 3 playground 2
playground 1

Popcorn – Last week, when we learned our “popcorn song,” we watched a video on the science behind how popcorn pop! We learned words like “pour,” “sprinkle” and “sizzle.”

In celebration of learning the letter “p” this week and the popcorn song we learned last week, the children got to make popcorn the old fashioned way during our FUN FRIDAY this week. The BEST PART is that we got to eat them.

Want to know more about HOW POPCORN POP or make your very own FRESH POPCORN at home? See the links below. 🙂

popcorn 5 popcorn 4

 Popcorn 1 Video Link     Popcorn 2 Video Link     Popcorn 3 Video Link


The Special Helpers we have each day continue to work well for our classroom community. We would like to suggest doing this at home too. This has been a great way for children to practice taking the leadership roles AND to practice waiting their turns and respecting the choices of that day’s special helper. 

For example, at home, have Mom, Dad, Child and Sibling (if available) each take a turn at being the family’s SPECIAL HELPER. The SPECIAL HELPER is the person who gets to make some family decisions, such as read a book first or play a game first or which video to watch today. The other family members will practice respecting their decisions because when it’s their turn, then they get to decide. For families with only one child, this can be a healthy practice so that the child is not the one who is always getting their way.


  • MONDAY, March 22nd

EY1 Begin Swimming again — Please come dressed in SWIM CLOTHES and bring all your swim gear + a change of clothes. 

  • APRIL 3rd – 18th  

Songkran Break – No School

Have a great week! Thank you for your continued support!

From all of us on the EY1 Team 😎

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March 16th – 19th

Dear EY1 community,

We had another great week together in EY1 and the children had a great time participating in Sports Day on Friday. Although we were unable to have our families there to cheer us on, we did have support from the PYP community with the Grade 4’s coming down to watch. We have an album link for you to view the photos and videos of the event.



Thank you to all the families who shared a photo or video from last weekend that showed the children CARING FOR ANOTHER PERSON. The children did a great job at both speaking and listening and love seeing themselves on the big screen. 

For THIS WEEKEND, we invite your child to share something they have done to show  how they CARE FOR THEMSELVES such as making healthy choices at meal time, being active etc. The activity has been posted on Seesaw Class app, or you can click on the link below to access it. 



This week the children displayed great interest in constructing activities inside the classroom and on the playground. They showed great ‘Thinking and Communication Skills’ as they thought carefully about what they were making and were eager to share their ideas and creations with their teachers and friends. When children engage in manipulative play, they are making decisions, understanding spatial awareness, developing concentration and perseverance skills while also working together to sort, match and classify objects. 


This week, we talked about Friendly Signals! Giving and receiving friendly signals from friends and teachers can help students gain a sense of belonging. We are very lucky to belong to a school community where people wave, smile, help and care for one another. When we feel like people care about us, we enjoy coming to school and it makes it fun and we find every day enjoyable. We practised these ‘signals’ through various games at Circle Time. It would be great if you could practise these at home too. 


We continued to practice patterns with the children this week. The children have gotten very confident recognizing and extending the AB pattern. This week, we introduced the idea of having 3 items in a pattern. Some of the children have begun playing with an ABC pattern. We will have the children continue to explore and practice making patterns from next week on also.


This week we introduced 3 new songs to the children. The children LOVED them and were eager to participate. If you would like to try these at home we have the lyrics, videos and a link below. 



* SUPERHERO SONG (See video and link attached) 


Important Dates & Reminders 

March 22nd – EY1 Begin Swimming again

April 2nd – Songkran Break begins 

It was so nice speaking with you all last week in our 3-way conferences. We are so proud of all the progress the children have made so far this year. Thank you for your ongoing support. 

EY1 Team 

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Week of March 8th – 12th

Good morning EY1!

We have conferences this week and we are looking forward to speaking and sharing with you. Thank you to all the parents who have signed up for a time and have responded to the questionnaire. They have been very helpful to our preparation for the conferences with you.

Last Week’s Experiences


Thank you to all the families who shared a photo or video from the weekend before that showed the children CARING FOR A LIVING THING. The children both enjoyed telling us more about their experience as well as listening to others’. 

For THIS PAST WEEKEND, we have invited students to share something they have done showing how they cared about others. We look forward to seeing and hearing about all the caring things you have done.

WS IMG_1855 WS IMG_1854


Last Tuesday, your child may have come home saying that they went to “the big gym.” Mr. Max organized for the children to have Tuesday’s PE class in the gym in the secondary building in preparation for our EY1 Sports Day next Friday, March 12. Unfortunately, parents still cannot be invited to these school events yet due to COVID safety measures. We promise we will take photos and videos.

BG IMG_20210302_100217 BG IMG_20210305_051739
BG IMG_1841

“I CARE” and the LETTERS c / a / r / e 

Last week, we talked a lot about how we can care for others. We also practiced reading and forming these four letters c / a / r / e and learning that these letters together spell “care” as in “I care.” We also shared two stories about caring: 

Understand and Care by Cheryl J. Meiners 

*  When I Care About Others by Cornelia Maude Spelman 

CA IMG_1842


The children got to practice holding small chalk pieces with “the pinch” to help them develop a proper pencil grip. See attached photo. You can remind them to use “the pinch” at home too.

PI IMG_1844



Last week’s Fun Friday included opportunities for children to learn the different parts of a plant through various activities such as stamping, drawing, painting, etc. As a fun way to wrap up the week, we played with one of their favorites – THE PARACHUTE!

FF IMG_1828 FF IMG_1829 FF IMG_1836 FF IMG_1863


For those who are interested in extending the conversation about caring for others with their children, please have a look at the following article:

Teaching Children To Be Caring [ link here ]teaching to be caring


  • March 8th & 10th – Class A Conferences with Ms. Dinnhe
  • March 9th & 11th – Class B Conferences with Ms. Sian
  • March 12th – EY1 Sports Day
    Please have students come in House shirts on Friday!
  • March 15th – KIS School Holiday – No School
  • March 22nd – EY1 Swimming Starts again

Have a wonderful week! 😀

EY1 Team

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Week of March 1st – March 5th

Dear EY1 community,

We hope you all had a lovely long weekend. It was a short but sweet week at KIS last week! We welcomed back Rou Rou who returned from a leave of absence. It is very nice to have you back in EY1 Rou Rou, we missed you!

This week we focused on making AB patterns and learning the names and sounds of the letters K, I, N, D and S through various activities and games at group time. We have also been working on our fine motor skills experimenting with threading beads and cutting/using scissors and working with play dough in different ways. Please find the link to a fun play dough song we explored this week:


The children have continued to show great enthusiasm as they make connections to our new unit of inquiry, ‘Caring for Living Things’. We were very excited to see our seeds have started sprouting that we planted last week. A big thank you to everyone who provided an artifact of living things for our unit board. The children take great pride in seeing their findings on display in the classroom.

You should now have all received an email with information on the 3-way conferences. Please make sure you fill in the questionnaire no later than March 1st and book a time that suits your family. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your homeroom teacher.

Seesaw Diary: Caring for a Living Thing – Please check out the activity and post your photos there.


Student Council will hold a popcorn sale on Friday March 5th.   If you would like to support this fundraiser please send in an envelope with money, your child’s name, and how many bags of popcorn you are ordering no later than Friday Morning.  Popcorn is 20 baht per bag.

Parent Teacher Meetings on Zoom – Week of March 8th – 12th

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to talking with you all next week about all the great progress your child has made so far this year.

EY1 Team

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Week of Feb. 22nd – 26th

Hello EY1 Community!

Welcome to another week of learning. May we remind you that this week is a short week for students – Monday through Wednesday only. No school for children Thursday (Staff Professional Development Day) and Friday (Macha Bucha Day).

Learning Experiences


For our new unit of inquiry on “caring for living things,” we explored further the differences between living and non-living things. We ask the following 3 questions to help us see if something is a living thing or not.

1.  Does it grow?
2.  Does it need water?
3.  Does it need food?

Be sure to ask your EY1 student about it and have them ask these questions this weekend to check some things you see whether that object is a living or non-living thing.

As part of the unit, we have read books about living things and some children have done observational drawings of sunflowers. 


The skill we focused on this past week was counting and making connections with the numeral and the number of objects that numeral represents. The children practiced this with the number mats as well as with our big number line.


As part of our Fun Friday and Unit of Inquiry activity, our class went on a NATURE WALK around the school to spot and document things that are living and things that are non-living. The children are getting to be experts on this.


  • PE UNIFORM on Monday
    Please come dressed in PE UNIFORM.
  • No school February 25th
    Professional development day for teachers
  • No school February 26th
    February break / Maka Bucha Day
  • Parent Teacher Meetings – Week of March 8th – 12th
    These will be via zoom (more information to come). Please make a note in your calendar. Sign up for a date and time that week will be available shortly.

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to another week of fun learning together.

EY1 Team

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Week of 15th – 19th

Dear EY1 Families,

Happy Monday!

First, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome Map and his family to the KIS Community. Map joined our EY1 class and his sister, Pam, joined an EY2 class.

Special Helpers 
Your EY1 student may have gone home last week talking about “Special Helpers.” Each day, a student’s name is randomly drawn from Class A and Class B to be our Special Helpers for a day. Names are drawn until every student has had a chance and then we start again. Being a Special Helper gives the student a chance to practice responsibility. “Jobs” include being a line leader, helping teachers demonstrate an activity, turning on and off the lights when needed, etc. So far, their favourite is being the line leader for the day, where they are setting an example to friends on how to line up and how to transition safely throughout the school. 

Fire Drill
The whole school had our first Fire Drill for this school and our EY1’s did FABULOUSLY! We shared with the children ahead of time of what to expect and this is just a practice. The important thing is to stay calm, quiet, listen and walk. They did all that!

New Check-in’s
Since parents cannot come into the classroom at the moment, we thought we would share some photos of the new check-in activities for the parents who are curious and interested. One of the activities will change weekly to reflect the skills we are working on with the children.

Reflecting on last weeks learning 

Last week we celebrated both Valentines and Chinese New Year and Ms Sian shared a special celebration that is unique to her country (New Zealand) called ‘Waitangi Day’.

Valentines cards: We spent a lot of time and effort into our special valentines cards this week. It was quite a process with many steps being taken over a few days this week:

Step 1: First we had to draw a picture and write our names on the inside of our cards. We used our words to explain our mark making, supporting our development of language, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Step 2: Painting out hands to make our red hand prints. 

Step 3: When our handprints were dry we were able to use a qtip to paint the black seeds on the strawberries. 

Step 4: We then needed to glue our hand prints, the strawberry stems and the words ‘I Love You Berry Much’ on to the front of our cards.

The children took great pride in their work and were very excited to share them with you on Friday.

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2021

We read and listened to stories about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated in China. We learned that the Chinese use 12 animals to help them keep track of the year and that this year is the Year of the Ox. The story, The Great Race helped us understand how these 12 animals were chosen. The children were then invited to make their own ox craft for Fun Friday.

Link to story: The Great Race


Lanterns: The children worked hard this week making their Chinese lanterns that were then hung in the Atrium. They practise their cutting and listening skills as they followed the instructions on how to make the lanterns. Some of the children were able to see them being hung in the afternoon and were very excited to see their work being put on display in the PYP building.

Waitangi Day – The Taniwha story and song:

The children of Aotearoa (New Zealand) have grown up listening to wonderful tales of the Taniwha. A Taniwha is a mythical creature who lived in the river near Maori towns and villages. The Taniwha protected the children and village people from danger and scared away evil spirits. The children really enjoyed listening to the Maori legend about a Taniwha and a little boy who goes on wonderful adventures together. They travel under the water and see amazing animals and treasures. It is based on the song ‘I saw a Taniwha’ which the children loved learning today. The children were encouraged to come up and help add all the sea animals to the story by drawing them on the whiteboard. 

Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Storytelling is a unique way for children to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures and international mindedness as they develop a positive attitude towards people from different lands, races and religions.

Links to new songs:

Chinese Dragon Dance


Taniwha song


Looking ahead:

February 25th and 26th – No school for students.

March 8th – 12th – Parent Teacher Conferences (More information to come).

Have a great week!

EY1 Team

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Week of Feb 8th – 12th

Hello EY1 families!

WELL DONE on completing a full week of in-person classes last week!! It was so nice to see the students and to be able to work with them in the classroom. They have grown much since we last saw them about six weeks ago (since before the Winter Break). Thank you again, parents, for all the work you have done with them during remote learning. We can certainly see a difference!

All the students were noticeably tired by the end of the week. This is to be expected as they are getting accustomed to a “new” schedule again. Learning and socializing can also require much mental and emotional energy.

We are looking forward to another busy week this week as we work on different activities in preparation for Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Taniwha, a New Zealand holiday! What great opportunities for our students to learn about the holidays and the culture and history behind those holidays.

Unit of Inquiry

This week, we begin our next unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, where we ultimately want to better understand how people’s choices can affect other people, plants and animals. We will begin by first inquiring into living versus non-living things and the attributes that people, plants and animals have in common.

Reminders for this week:

  • MONDAY – Wear PE uniform please.
  • MONDAY – After School Activities will resume from Monday next week. (This only applies to students who have signed up. Otherwise, please ignore.)
  • Throughout the week – There will be school-wide activities to celebrate Chinese New Year, which is on Friday, Feb. 12,. We will make LANTERNS together. Also, please look for more information on the RED ENVELOPE CONTRIBUTION to help less fortunate children in our community.
  • FRIDAY – Feb. 12 –  Children are invited to wear a Chinese costume or clothing with the color red as red is considered a lucky color in Chinese culture.


Last Week’s Learning Experiences

On Friday, the children were excited to celebrate Ms. Ran’s birthday together. 

ms ran bday card final

We would like to welcome Kerwin and his family to our EY1 Community. Kerwin and his family are from China. They joined our class from January 6th, but Kerwin only got to meet his classmates in person this week. 


We would also like to welcome Ms. Eed, who will be supporting the EY1 classes in the mornings in place of Ms. Somjit. Ms. Eed said that it’s been so lovely to finally be able to meet the children and work with them.


Below are photos from our busy week. As you can see, the children were all very happy to be together again!

Have a lovely week ahead! As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

EY1 Team

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