EY 1 and 2 Parent Forum

Hello Families,

We have invited a nutritionist from Bumrungrad International Hospital to come and discuss how to Support Positive Growth in the Early Years.  All are welcome to attend.

It will be at on Wednesday March 4th in the Primary School Audibox @ 8:00am.

Hope to see everyone there.

Parent Forum March 4th

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Week of Feb 24th – 28th

 Hello EY1 Families,

We had a very short but busy week in EY1!  We celebrated Mother Tongue day on Wednesday.  OnAnn came to our classroom and read to us in Thai and English, then we went to the AudoBox and saw Zimming and Oskar’s moms and Ms. Lynn!  We had a blast!

20200219_112214 20200219_090330 20200219_083200

Pollution didn’t bring us down last week!  We had many cool activities in the classroom!  We worked with our reading buddies to make Oobleck!  We played with it in the sensory bin and then made bird feeders!  Ms. Lynn made 2 recipies with us, one that melted (sorry to the friends who took the melty ones home!!) and one that stayed solid.  We will try to make another batch this week!

20200221_094528 20200220_081154 20200221_094432 20200221_094440(0)

On Friday we had our Book Character Dress up Day!  Thank you to those families that brought books to match the costumes!  Congrats to Obe-Oon, Nytti, Lily, and Prince, the winners of EY1!

20200221_080806 20200221_080548

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Week of Feb 18th – 21st

Book Week Flyer (1)Book Character Parade (1)

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February 10th – 14th

 Dear EY1 Families,

20200203_105645 20200204_092619

We have been taking very good care of our plants!  We have been moving them into the sunlight and also watering them every day.  We will try to plant them in the planting boxes outside!

20200204_105958 20200204_105654 20200204_093746 20200204_105253

We planted seeds in a different way.  We put them in a towel, sealed them in a bag, and then taped the bag to the window.  Most of us think they wont grow!  We will just have to wait and see!

20200207_091901 (1) 20200207_091557

Ms. Andrea in the secondary school also tried to grow sea monkies and she was successful!  We took a fieldtrip over to the big building to see them.  They were very small and there wasnt much to see, but it was still exciting!

IMG_5340 IMG_5354

We moved all of our sensory play inside to avoid the pollution.  Even though we stayed inside most of the week, we have still been having fun!

IMG_5373 20200205_09284120200207_085503

We also spent a lot of time getting ready for 3 way conferences.  Doing assessments through playing has been a fun way to get to know the kids abilities!

Dear Parents,

International Mother Tongue Day is approaching!

Help our students appreciate the beauty and rich diversity of language. Sign up to read for International Mother Tongue Day on Wednesday, the 19th of February. Share a short story, picture book, song, poem or rhyme in your first language. It is OK if you can not translate into English. The students may not understand every word, but they will understand the idea that stories unite us and people all over the world create stories to share with children.

We are looking forward to meeting with all of you this week to discuss all the wonderful learning taking place!

Important Dates

PYP 3-Way Conferences –  Week of Feb. 10th – 14th

School closed for students –  Mon. Feb. 17th & Tue. 18th

Book Week (3 days) –  Wed. Feb. 19th to Fri. 21st

Mother Tongue Day –  wed. Feb. 19th

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Feb 3rd – Feb 7th 2020

Dear EY1 famalies,

We’ve had a similar week of disruption due to the pollution which meant we were unable to spend as much time outside as we would have liked. However we were able to go out for short periods of the time and during this time the children really enjoyed collaborating and using their problem solving skills to transport the soil days from one side of the playground to other to fill out EY1 outdoor garden bins.  When the air quality improves we will be able to use these and start planting our seeds that we brought from home. 

Copy of IMG_5111 IMG_5104

We tuning in to our UOI this week by looking at the different seeds people had brought from home. We discussed what our seeds would need to grow and survive. We have experimented with many different planting techniques and materials and the children have taken on the responsibility of caring for their plants by watering them every morning before class. 

IMG_5273 IMG_5274

We also started to ask questions and wonder about the life cycle of plants and insects. We have used books and sequencing activities to help us gain a deeper understanding during mat times. We also went up to the Audio Box where we used our bodies to explore and follow the story of the hungry caterpillar through expressive dance and Yoga. The children really enjoyed this activity!

If you would like to try this at home please see the link below:

IMG_5222 20200128_111459

On Friday we celebrated Obe Oons birthday at school and he brought in cupcakes to share with all his EY1 friends!

20200131_120335 20200131_120336

This week we will continue to plant our seeds from home. We will also be taking a closer look at a particular vegetable that the children displayed great interest in when looking at our UOI books, The Pumpkin!

Important Dates

House Shirt Wednesday– Wed. Feb. 5th

PYP 3-Way Conferences –  Week of Feb. 10th – 14th

School closed for students –  Mon. Feb. 17th & Tue. 18th

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Week of January 27th to Jan 31st

 Dear EY1 families,

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and Chinese new year. 

Although the pollution made things a little difficult last week, we did not let it effect all the fun and learning we had going on in EY1. We decided to look for the positives during this time, and while we needed to stay indoors for the first couple of days, we utilize our time by experiencing all the great resources the school as to offer. We went to the Audio box on the 4th floor of the primary building where we practiced our yoga and expressive dancing skills, support the development of our gross motor and listening skills as we followed different directions to make the different poses using our bodies to tell stories. We also went on an adventure to the big gym in secondary school building. This was a great place to visit as the children were able to run and use the different sporting equipment while also learning a new game called ‘fruit salad’. The game involves each child being named a different fruit and then running to the other side of the gym when called upon. They seemed to really enjoy playing this new game. 


We have been tuning in to our UOI this week by taking a closer look at the sunflower. This was inspired by a picture the Hugo To shared with us of his sunflowers he was growing at home. The children were invited to participate in an activity of observational drawings of a real sunflower. Taking a closer look at the some of the unique characteristics of  sunflower and making connections to the wider world. Many making the connection that a sunflower is round like the sun, and is yellow like the sun. We then discussed if we thought the sunflower was living or nonliving, with many of the children choosing to communicate their thoughts using the sign language we had learnt the week before.


Ms. Ran brought a praying mantis in from her home!  We got out magnifying glasses and looking closely at the bugs!


We had a special guest come and see us last week, Ms Alex the school counselor. She read us a story called ‘Have you filled a bucket today?” It teaches children about giving and caring for others, and when we do this it also makes ourselves feel happy and warm, filling our own bucket as well as friends. 

IMG_4195 20200122_094533

We talked about our Chinese Zodiacs!  Ms. Sian showed as short story of the Great Race.  We had a lovely time graphing the years we were born with our names.



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Week of Jan. 20th – 25th

Dear EY1 famailies,

 We had a great second week back in EY1. On Monday during circle time we demonstrated our expressive language skills by sharing with the class what we did over the weekend, Thank you to those who discussed this with their children before school on Monday as this evident for some families during morning meeting. 

In Art this week we had  a lot of fun making masks with Ms Daisy.


On Thursday we celebrated Waikru, thank you to everyone for sending in flowers. We paid respect to all the teachers in the room and it was very lovely celebration.

20200116_095628IMG_3983IMG_3978 IMG_3981

Ms Kaitlin brought in Sea Monkey’s from home which inspired out first discussion on the needs of living things. It also support our numeracy skills as we needed to follow step by step instructions while also talking about our responsibility for living things. We learned the sign languages for living and non living things. It would be great if you talked about this at home and made connections to living things around you.


This children were also invited to participate in self portrait drawings as we had noticed changes in ourselves and others, many talking about how much they had grown over the holidays.


Reminder and upcoming events:

Artifact- If you have not yet provided any seeds for our next artifact,  can you please make sure to bring these in before Friday.

Friday January 24th: Early Years Sports Day

Our EY Sports Day is this Friday and will be held in the New Sports Gym.  We will begin at 8am and finish around 9:30.  Parents are welcome to come and support.  Please ensure your child wears their House T-Shirt, PE shorts, running shoes, and has a water bottle labeled with their name.

Monday January 27th: Chinese New Year celebration, assembly 8:00 am – children are invited to wear traditional Chinese dress or red and gold clothing

Monday January 27th: After School Programme begins

Saturday February 1st: Early Years Picnic

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Week of January 13th – 17th

Hello EY1 Families,

Last week we talked about our holidays and where we went.  Each student was asked to share their experience.  It is lovely to see most of our friends expressing themselves with their teachers and each other.  We will start sharing what we have been doing over whe weekeds every Monday as a class.  This is extremely valuable interaction time with teachers and friends.  Please help us with this by coming to school on Mondays, as well as talking about your weekends with your learners at home before school.


Outside, we played with water play.  We took bamboo shoots and positioned them so the water was flowing.  We were all a bit dissapointed when Ms. Kaitlin shut the water off.  This sparked a discussion about why.


Some of our friends made connections about how “Wasting water takes water from fish!”  This idea is the heart of our next UOI “Taking Care of Nature”.  In this unit we will discuss what it means to be a living thing, as well as our responsibilities to all livig things on Earth.  Please start bringing in seeds as an artifact for this unit.


We took some time to dip into our unit “Who we are” and did our second observational drawing of the school year.  It has been lovely to see the progess we have made since the start of the year.



We also celebrated Veice’s Birthday last week!  Happy Birthday Venice!


Tuesday January 21st – Friday January 24th: Sign-up for After School Programme

Friday January 24th: Early Years Sports Day, 8:00 – 9:40 am – children are invited to wear their House t-shirts

Monday January 27th: Chinese New Year celebration, assembly 8:00 am – children are invited to wear traditional Chinese dress or red and gold clothing

Monday January 27th: After School Programme begins

Saturday February 1st: Early Years Picnic



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December 9th – December 13th 2019

Dear EY1 families,

We continued with our unit of inquiry ‘Investigations’. The children displayed a lot of interest in the science experiments we explored with the grade 11 students. Because they we particularly interested in the Mentos and coke experiment, due to its very exciting chemical reaction. Many of the children made a connection to a volcano exploding. This made us wonder if it was just Coke that created an reaction or if other brands of cola would also react to the Mentos. This then made us wonder which brand of cola would make the BIGGEST explosion.  The children were invited to make a prediction by making a choice from 5 different brands Coke, Coke Zero, Pepsi, Pepsi Max and EST. We then filmed our experiment to support us in reflecting on our predictions. This was filmed in slow motion so we could carefully examine the height of each explosion.



We’ve been exploring Christmas and the children showed interest in Ms Kaitlin’s Nutcracker decoration which inspired us to do an observation drawing of our nutcrackers. We also watched the nutcracker and many of the girls who did ballet made that connection with the class.


The children have also been busy making Christmas ornaments for our class Christmas tree. This was an art project done which encouraged the children to revisit their work several times throughout the week while also developing a our fine motor, pencil grip and expressive language skills.


On Friday we went on  an excursion to Mr Paul’s office as we heard he had a real Christmas! We encouraged the children to use their sense to investigate some of the similarities and differences in comparison to our Christmas trees in the classroom.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday for the class party and then again for the concert on Friday!

From all of us in EY1, we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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December 2nd – December 6th

 Hello EY1 Families,

We have had a busy week investigating and exploring!  We started by painting and noticing Numicon!  We countes the holes as we painted and even got a little messy in the process!


We have also been working on our own Holiday Ornaments for the Holidays.  They will be a special gift for parents when we finish 🙂

IMG_2398 IMG_2402

On Friday we went to an assembly and counted up house points.  Congrats to Hanuman!


We also got all of the Holiday Decorations out.  We put up trees, lights, ornaments and listened to holiday music!  We had a good day 🙂

IMG_2495 IMG_2479 78213450_555236861937868_5446583504211017728_n IMG_2490

On Friday, we also did our float and sink experiments.  We had a large group discussion about weither our toys would sink or float.  We introduced different vocabualry words such as heavy, light, rough, smooth.

IMG_2469 (1)


December 5th: In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday – school closed

December 11th: EY1 Party – 11:30am

December 13th: Last Day of Term 1 – Holiday Concert (EY1 – G2), Half-day (11:20 dismissal) Posted in Uncategorized

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