Have a Great Break!

Dear Parents,

We had such a nice year with your children and it was a pleasure seeing all the wonderful things they can do!  We hope you have a good summer filled with lots of play.  Remember you can access our library resources online through the KIS portal.  Enjoy your holiday!


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Week of June 10th – 14th

 Hello EY1 Families!

IMG-20190605-WA0017 IMG-20190605-WA0013 IMG-20190605-WA0014 IMG-20190605-WA0007 IMG-20190605-WA0011 IMG-20190605-WA0003

Congratulations to our many friends who won KIS awards.  We are happy that you have all grown and embraced learning through play this school year!

20190607_102407 20190607_094435 20190607_094943 20190607_092726 20190607_094355

This week, we got to see lots of dances and music performances.  We celebrated Ms. Sally and her time at KIS with a “Teacher Talentless” show.  There were some lovely and silly performances!


Happy Birthday Mirin!


This week we are practicing different games so we can play with our families at our end of year party!  Don’t forget to sign up to bring a dish!


June 13th~ Class Party 11:30-12:30 (Sign up to bring a dish to share).

June 14th~End of the Year Concert

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Week of June 4th -7th

Dear Parents,

We had a fun week exploring lots of different art techniques!

20190529_081103 20190529_081217 20190528_094427 20190529_081054FC8B147B-0417-4A56-9687-A56B631C745E 20190529_08105220190527_103542 7CD2CB0C-80A1-49F1-A07E-17BF250D4E68 20190528_093941 DDAFE559-7E6D-464D-8D2E-4A29B76170E5 F0059A39-2D46-4AE0-B62E-FEBAB4E0E6B4 1E3FB5CF-DBEA-4012-B296-08A8E9A368DA E2C6BFDE-973A-43D9-9F66-3A8152A6E3ED 12E48E3F-9D10-44D8-AE6A-056D0CBDE5CD

Our EY1 Salon is still a popular place of play!


Last week we introduced a functioning fax machine as part of our office.  It has been so exciting to figure out what this machine was used for!

20190531_142655 20190531_142706

This week we will inquire into music in play and see how music can affect the way we move our bodies and how we feel!

This Friday Ann and Yoyo will join three EY2 girls to compete in a belly dance competition at EmQuartier! We are so proud of our risk- takers for taking action and following their passion for dance!  Good luck girls!


June 13th~ Class Party 11:30-12:30 (Sign up to bring a dish to share).

June 14th~End of the Year Concert

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Week of May 27th – 31st

 Hello EY1 Families!

Thank you once again for coming to the student led conferences last Monday!  We hope you enjoyed seeing our learning space and what the children have enjoyed learning this year!

We continued our UOI about exploration through play by growing our gross motor skills!  Our week was filled with lots of yoga, workout routines, running, all through play.

20190527_112149 20190522_110239 (2)

20190527_103621 20190527_112622

We also continued to develop our literacy skills by looking at common signs that we will see in our community at school and also in Bangkok.  We had fun building a big city and driving our cars to different locations!

20190524_100520 20190524_100628

This week we will focus on art and how we can learn to play and play to learn through many different types of art!


June 13th : EY1 Class Party

June 14th: End of the Year Concert/Half Day/Last day of term


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Week of May 20th – May 24th

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming to Student Led Conferences.  We hope you enjoyed seeing all the learning taking place in EY1!

We have two new students in EY1!  Please welcome Andy and Aimmy  and their families to our KIS community!

45EED4DF-0083-476A-8C2A-AFBD8E87C5A1 20190521_122141 As you have already heard, we will be having the end of the year concert on June 14th.  please let us know if your child will not be in school on June 14th.  You can practice the songs your child will be singing at home.  Please find the link to the school wide performance song on Mr. Chris’ Music Blog:


and our EY1 song with words here:

We will be having our End of the Year Party on Thursday, June 13th at 11:30-12:30.  You are invited to join us for lunch and play as we wrap up our unit!  Please sign up to bring a dish to share and keep in mind this will replace lunch 😉

Last week we focused on learning the game, “Doggie, Doggie, Where’s my Bone?” and the kids are now initiating and successfully playing the game on their own without the help of a teacher!


We will continue playing games with rules this week as well as focus on movement palay!

Have a wonderful week!


June 13th : EY1 Class Party

June 14th: End of the Year Concert/Half Day/Last day of term

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Hello Parents!  A few reminders about Student Led Conferences:

  • Its not a regular school day, parents come for their conference time, visit specialists.
  • Students lead their parents (for most things).
  • Uniform must be worn.
  • There will be snacks and coffee/juice available throughout the day for students, families.
  • Please leave siblings in the Library.
  • Specialist rooms will be available too – make sure to go see them!
  • Please try to avoid talking on your phones while conferencing.
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Week of May 6th – 10th

 Hello Ey1 Families!

We greatly appreciate your patience as we have dealt with the flooding issues on the classrooms.  We have all been working hard as a KIS community to make things as easy as possible!  While we have enjoyed our new room, we are not sure how long we will stay.  But EY1 is always fun and happy to play wherever we are!

This week has been filled with many exciting discoveries about play!  Play is essential to EY and we have been talking about the many different types of play and how we play.  a BIG thank you to all who have brought in toys from home.  We have been doing a great job with sharing our toys and playing our games!

20190503_094918 20190509_095202

We took a long walk over to see the Secondary School G6 play!  Half of the fun was getting there!

59898636_1115556625313312_6546821844748468224_n 20190508_104820 20190508_105857

We got a chance to play in the SS gym!  There was so much to do and see on our trip to see the play!

received_466714710740307 received_307686653476668 20190508_110531

On Friday we had a special assembly with visitors from the Klipton Youth Programme Dancers from Cape Town, South Africa.  They performed for us after the award ceremony!  Then we got to go to a special workshop with them later in the day!  It was a great experience!

60146009_524172518113697_338173651733970944_n 59825725_429338374549923_4364258982638911488_n 20190510_105733 20190510_105600

A BIG congrats to Mirin and Andy for receiving their awards!


We are very excited for the swimming gala on Monday May 13th at 8:00-9:45 am: EY1-2 Swimming Gala; students should wear their swimming suits when they arrive to school in the morning. Parents can swim with their children in the end of the event so please, be ready to jump to the pool too!


We have decided on our end of year performance song.  If you have time to practice with your child it would be greatly appreciated!

Student Led Conferences will be held on Monday, May 20th!


Have a great weekend, See you Monday all ready for swimming!

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School Closure

Dear Parents,

Please check the “Home Learning” tab of the blog for any updates about the school closure and activities for learners to do at home.

Hope to see you soon.



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Week of April 29th – May 3rd

Dear Parents,

We have started our new Unit of Inquiry, “Play,” and we ask that your child brings in a toy or game as an artifact to stay at school.  This week we will be discussing what play means to the children and the many different types of play.

Last week we introduced a salon and many children enjoyed getting their hair, nails, and makeup done!

8C54E87C-A34D-461B-9F41-47C02D48975F 693E1C57-8F65-47DD-B6D2-67D0B16457F4BDA2D8BF-5528-4C44-93E2-2FF6221C9B79778D3F09-9032-4E20-B8D8-9A28CF64806D


We have also been very interested in construction play.  We needed to borrow some blocks from EY2 to make our tower as high as possible!


The children have been using their imaginations, we’ve had some busy firefighters putting out fires throughout the classroom during dramatic play!

02EC6787-53F1-4C05-BC60-0E126644F089 434CB68B-B002-4F3B-A494-76F17F33B4A1

This week we will continue to focus on the children’s interests and get ideas about what type of play they would like to explore deeper.


Wednesday May 1st:  Labor Day ( NO SCHOOL)

Monday May 6th:  H.M. The King’s Coronation (NO SCHOOL)

Monday May 13th: Early Years Swim Gala 8:00 am (Parents are invited to join in the fun! Wear your swimsuit and bring a towel to swim with your child).

Monday May 20th: Student Led Conferences


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Week of April 22nd – 26th

 Hello EY1 Families!

We hope you all had a fantastic break!  Our week before the holiday was busy and filled with fun and new discoveries!

20190401_080600 20190401_080602

We enjoyed building a marble run with the new PVC pipe.  We also got very creative and built different things with the pipes and pieces.  We used what we learnt about movement when we worked together to create.

Blog after SK3

Thank you for coming to our EY1 Coffee Meeting!  We had fun leaning with you all and experiencing new things!

20190404_082409 20190404_082825 20190404_102930 20190404_082458

We worked with Ms. Por to put beautiful jasmine flowers on sticks.  It was a great way to exercise our fine motor skills!

Everyone got a chance to make one and give it to the Buddha.

IMG-20190405-WA0002 (1)

We had a blast playing with the water outside on Friday!  It was a great way to end the term 🙂

Blog after SK Blog after SK1

We celebrated two birthdays!  HBD Charlie and Tynn!

For our new UOI “Play” we will be talking about how we express ourselves through play.  For an artifact this term, we ask that you discuss then bring in a toy from home!

Dates to Remember:

Tue 23rd April : World Book Day- Book Character Dress Up Day (Please send the book where the character your child is dressed as appears).

Wed 1st May:  Labor Day ( NO SCHOOL)

Mon 6th May:        H.M. The King’s Coronation (NO SCHOOL)

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