Week of October 12th – Friday 16th 2020

Dear parents,

Last week we focused on our relationships within our class community. We have been gathering within our small groups of class A and B while also spending time together in a whole group setting. During these times the children are demonstrating their understanding of the two classes, which friends are in these classes, practising using friends names, while also learning to take turns at speaking and listening within a group context.

Fun Friday!

We had a very eventful Friday! We started our morning off by having a very special guest. Ken from grade 4 (Kaycee’s older brother) stopped by to share one of his favourite stories with us. The children were so engaged and really enjoyed this experience.

During our library visit today, Ms Lindsay spoke to us about the importance of book care. To help support us with this new skill, Ms Lindsay used the analogy of holding and caring for our books like a baby. She also taught us a new song (in the tune of ‘if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands’). Please see the lyrics attached to this post.

We continued with our four centers, and the children have now had the opportunity to participate in all of the activities:

– ICT with Mr. Eric on how to navigate the iPad.

– Building a Marble Run using recycled materials with Ms. Sian

– Making Pancakes with Ms. Ran

– Fun with Letters with Ms. Dinnhe

We also celebrated Rou Rou’s 4th birthday at school. After lunch the children all sung the happy birthday song to Rou Rou and he prepared individual treats for each child to take home. Thank you Rou Rou! We hope you enjoyed celebrating with us.

Reminders and upcoming events:

No school – School is closed next Tuesday October 13th

Library – Please remember to return your library books before Friday

Halloween – Friday October 30th (more information to come. But please starting thinking about costumes ideas)

Loy Krathong – Thursday October 29th (More information to come)

Parenting Corner – Here is some information on the latest research on the importance of play.


Links to some of the songs we have been singing in class:

Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon


Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer


Ms. Lindsay’s Hello Song in the Library


We hope everyone enjoys their day off tomorrow. See you all again on Wednesday!

EY1 Team


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Week of October 5th – 9th 2020

THANK YOU, parents, for the successful Parent Teacher Conferences last week. These discussions are so valuable in helping us to get to know your child from your perspective and for you to hear a little about how they are when they are at school. In some cases, they can be very different when they are at school and when they are at home. This is completely normal!


These are the four Fun Friday Centers we had last week:

  •   ICT with Mr. Eric on how to navigate the iPad.
  •   Building a Marble Run with Ms. Sian
  •   Making Pancakes with Ms. Ran
  •   Fun with Letters with Ms. Dinnhe

The children each got to experience 2 centers. This coming week, they will rotate to the other 2 centers. We hope the children will look forward to the other 2 centers as they did the first 2.

Library Day
For Library Day last week, Ms. Lindsay read a story about mooncakes in honor of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, which was on the 1st of October. This tied in nicely with our lessons and games about shapes too. “The moon is a circle!”

The children also got to exchange their books for new ones during Library time. Thank you, parents, for your support in helping the children gather their books and bring them in.

Swimming Starts This Week

Today’s swimming was a HUGE success. Thank you to all the parents in helping get children all the items they needed.

Swimming is part of the our PYP curriculum. Children get to learn many things beside the swimming aspect of the program. They also get to learn about safety, the importance of listening to instructions especially when around water, as well as changing oneself and managing their belongings. These are all important life skills. They may not be able to do them all well… yet! But with opportunities for them to keep practicing, THEY WILL!!

Parenting Corner

Building resilience is one of things that came up during the conference conversations. We have attached the following article, Encouraging Resilience in Children, for your reference.

Thank you for your continued support!
EY1 Team!
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Week of Sept 28th – Oct 2nd 2020

Dear parents,

We hope you all had a lovely long weekend. Thank you to those families who sent in photos via Seesaw, the children really enjoyed seeing each others exciting weekend adventures. The children take great pride in sharing these photos with their peers and we love seeing what everyone got up to on their weekends. If you haven’t sent in any photos yet for Monday’s Weekend Share Time. We would love if you could try to do this at least once before the October break (it can be something as simple as visiting the local park, swimming, a play date with friend, playing with their favourite toy etc).

Last week EY1 went on an adventure to the nurses office. We met the three nurses who help keep us safe Ms Ying, Ms Party and Ms Best. We then had the opportunity to explore the nurses office, ask questions and learn what treatments we would receive for different injuries or illnesses. The EY1 children were all  great ‘risk takers’ as the explored an unfamiliar place with confidence, they were awesome ‘communicators’ as they all introduced themselves. It was a great opportunity for us to make connections to our Unit of Inquiry focusing on ‘Relationships’ and ‘How our relationships impact our health and well being’. From our many discussions in class  the children began to show a lot interest in our dramatic play area of the classroom, with many pretending to be the nurse, a doctor or patient in a hospital using our doctors kit. When children engage in dramatic play they deepen their understanding of the world while also supporting their social emotional development as they are learning to negotiate roles, agree on a topic, play cooperatively and share space and resources.

Important Dates:

Monday September 28th – Friday October 2nd: Parent-Teacher Conferences, Room A106

Monday October 5th: Swimming Begins

Children should come to school wearing a swimsuit under their uniform. They should also bring a towel, goggles, and underwear, in addition to a pair of flip flops (or other rubber sandals) to be kept at school. Please label all your child’s belongings (towel, shirt, shorts, cap, goggles, slippers, and swim bag) with their name, as mix-ups can happen while students are learning to change and pack their bags independently. Please note that swimming class is a required element of the school program, and a medical note must be provided to be excused from participation.




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Week of Sept 21st – Sept 25th 2020

Dear EY1 community,

The EY1 children had another GREAT week! They are settling into the routines of the class more and more each week! Through their exploration and investigation of different centers and activities throughout the day, they are practicing the various skills or negotiating, waiting, sharing, taking turns, etc. — all very important life skills! Families are encouraged to practice these with the children at home too.

Aside from the different activities planned for within the classroom, each week the children also get to see and have lessons with their Specialist Teachers — Art (Ms. Daisy), Music (Mr. Chris), PE (Mr. Max) and Library (Ms. Lindsay). They are often very excited for these classes.


This Week:

 We will be talking to the children about the Nurse we have at school as some children might feel scared about going to see her after they get hurt. Ms. Lindsay read them a story last Friday about some children going to see the school nurse. We will continue to talk about that and to take a tour and meet our Nurse. In the event that the children need to go, it is one less thing for them to feel anxious about. Please feel free to continue the discussion at home too.  

Parent-Teacher Meetings 

Sign Ups are available outside the classroom door from Monday, 21 September. Conference dates are as follows:

  • Class A (Ms. Dinnhe’s): Monday, 28 Sept. and Thursday, 1 Oct.
  • Class B (Ms. Sian’s): Tuesday, 29 Sept. and Friday, 2 Oct.
    If you are unable to come in to sign up for a time, please either email or message us to assist with the sign ups. These available times are first come, first serve please. If possible, we would like to meet with both parents. Thank you in advance for making time. We look forward to sitting down together and sharing on how best to support the children so they can develop to their fullest potential. Here are our email addresses again in case it’s easier to reach us there.

    • Sian: sian.py@edu.kis.ac.th
    • Dinnhe: dinnhe.kr@edu.kis.ac.th

Circle Time This Week:

  • The “Hello” song helps the children practice and learn the names of the people in our classroom community. 
  • For our sharing during Circle Time, the children will be asked about their favorite color, animal, shape, food, etc. 
  • Some children will be making connections and noticing which of their classmates share similar “favorites.”
  • Parents can support by having these discussions at home.

Important Dates:

  • Thursday September 24th: Professional Development Day (no school for students)
  • Friday September 25th: September Break (holiday, no classes)
  • Monday September 28th: Parent- teacher Conferences Begin
  • Monday October 5th: Swimming Begins for EY1
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Week of Sept 14th – Sept 18th 2020

Dear EY1 community,

The children have really enjoyed exploring the EY1 classroom independently and with their parents this week. They are becoming familiar with our morning check-in routines. This involves first finding our names, building our names and then expressing how we feel each day support of language and communication skills, sequencing and self reflection. We continued to support these skills in our morning circle time. The children were encouraged to use their words to introduce themselves to the group using our inclusive language (English) within the classroom. They were also encouraged to say how they were feeling and why to the group. the were given phrases that we practiced daily such as “My name is…” and “I feel…” We also focused on creating our essential agreement. We had a class discussion about the rules and how to keep ourselves and others safe. The children came up with some great ideas. Such as sharing, wearing a mask, listening to others, helping tidy up, and being caring to others. We have started signing the agreement using our hand prints.

An area of interest this week has been building and constructing with the blocks, making enclosures for the animals and Dinosaurs. We’ve had many of the children visit the aquarium and safari world on the weekends and this has sparked a lot of interest during play. The children are working together negotiating, sharing space, ideas and equipment and delegating jobs for one another. It’s been wonderful to see our Inquiries be reflective communicators and practicing their social skills.

For our Fun Friday activities the children were invited to participate in either making their own play dough or playing a variety of education games on the Ipads. The following week the groups will switch (whoever didn’t make the play dough this week, will have their turn next week)

IMG20200911112646  IMG_0517

Favourite song for the week: 

Listen and Move


Important Dates:

Thursday September 24th: Professional Development Day (no school for students)

Friday September 25th: September Break (holiday, no classes)

Monday September 28th: Parent- teacher Conferences Begin

Thursday October 1st: Swimming Begins

Requests and reminders for the week ahead:

-Play dough: If you want to take your play dough home at the end of each week please provide a container to take it home in.

-Circle time this week: Please support your child by helping to prepare them. Some questions discuss with your child at home:

  • Who is in your family?
  • What do you like to do as a family?How do you help your family?
  • What are your family rules?
  • What language does your family speak at home?
  • How old are the people in your family?
  • Who reads to you?

Just a  reminder to all our returning families, you should by now have reviewed and completed the family address form, the health update form, the PYP ICT agreement and the school bus agreement (if applicable). If you haven’t already done so, please go to https://sea.kis.ac.th to complete as soon as possible Any questions, please email kisletter@kis.ac.th  attention School Services department. 

Have a great week everyone!



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Week of Sept 7th – Sept 11th 2020

Dear EY1 community,

We completed our first first full week as a whole class last week. It was wonderful seeing connections beginning to form between the children and trusting relationships building between children,teachers and parents. We are beginning to learn each other’s names and friendships are beginning to from, based on common interests.

We have been exploring the many different areas of the school and this week we went on a adventure to audio box on the 4th floor of the PYP building. We used this space to practice our listening and gross motor skills by following along to Cosmic Kids Frozen Yoga. The children had blast! If you would like to try this at home please click on the link below:

As you can see from our weekly timetable, the children are invited to participate in various ‘Fun Friday’ activities that are a little different to our regular weekly activities and routines. This week the children were invited to make their own play dough with Ms Duen, Ms Sirinat and myself. They were given the opportunity to help measure the ingredients, supporting our pre-numeracy skills, while also developing our social skills as we practiced sharing and turn taking of the equipment. We are developing a sense of agency as the children were empowered to make their own choice of colour for their play dough, and were involved in the process of actually making the play dough itself! They were fascinated to see the different stages and how it changed from a liquid to a solid when heated.

We had a very smooth transition from drops moving from the playgroup room to the EY1 classroom. The children were all very excited to show their mums and dads all the amazing resources and activities offered to them. Please look out for the provocations set up for morning sign in. This is a great time for you to spend a few minutes supporting your child while also helping them to settle into the days activities. We had been focusing on 5 feelings in our morning circle times last week, preparing the children for their morning check in on ‘How Are You Feeling today’ along with finding their names, and then building their names. The play dough was a huge success as well, with many very excited to show their families what they had made and the colour they had selected.

Weekend Share: As mentioned on Seesaw last Friday, every Monday we will be sharing about our weekends. Thank you to those families who sent me photos and descriptions of your weekend activities. The children took great pride in sharing these special moments with friends during circle time today.

Reminders for the week ahead:

Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday – Please wear PE uniform.

Thursday – We have our specialists classes Art with Ms Daisy and Music with Mr Chris

Friday – Library day: Please remember to return your library book and discuss with your child about what type of book they might like to find next time.

Have a great week everyone!




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Week of August 31st – Sept 4th 2020

Dear EY1 community,

We had another great week in EY1 with meeting the rest of new families and friends. The children are starting to form connections with both their teachers and peers and it has been nice watching the children support and help each other as they all settle into their new school environments.

We have continued to practice and learn the rules and routines of the class, while also exploring the resources and our EY1 learning spaces. For some, there have been many first experiences this week, such as meeting our specialist teachers, checking out their own books from the library, playing on the playground and eating lunch and snack or sleeping at school for the very first time. The children have all settled in nicely and are beginning to form trusting relationships with both their teachers and peers. We are looking forward to our first full week together as a class.

We started our collaborative class project of our family tree display, by starting to paint our picture frames for our family photos. Please if you are yet to send in a family photo, please do this as soon as possible as we will need them to start discussing our families during circle time later this week.

For many children the school day can be exhausting, it is important that you let us know if something has happened at home that could affect their time as school, such as not getting a good night sleep the night before. This helps us support them during the day and helps us understand why they might be upset or finding it hard to settle into an activity.

We had a lot of fun celebrating house day on Friday, where we spent time playing with the parachute and exploring the upper primary school playground. We loved being risk takers by jumping off the different levels of the playground, climbing up the platforms and steps, balancing and climbing on the ropes and sliding down the hills.

Reminders for next week:

Monday circle time: Each week the children will be encouraged to share about their weekends. Please help us support your child by discussing the highlights of your weekend on the way to school or send us a photo or video via Seesaw that will help prompt their communication skills during circle time.

New pick up area: Please note that from next Monday (September 7th) we will no longer be using the playgroup room as pick up and drop off points. The children will now be dropped off and picked up from the EY1 classroom in the Primary school building. 

Recycled materials: Please keep sending in all your recycled materials from home as we will be needing them for a project in the upcoming weeks.

PE – Please remember to wear your PE uniforms on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Library– Please remember to return your library book on Friday so that your child is able to choose a new book to take home.

It has been wonderful getting to know all of our new families last week and we look forward to getting to know you and your children further as the term progresses.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and have a great week!

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Week of August 24th – 28th

Dear EY1 community,

We had a great week last week in EY1, meeting new friends, exploring our new learning environments and becoming familiar with class rules and routines. The children have been enjoying many different activities and toys, and have been displaying their independence by making their own choices on what they would like to play. Our circle time focus has been on learning each others names, our daily routines and identifying our different feelings and emotions.

The children have met their specialist teachers Mr Max (PE), Ms Daisy (Art) and Mr Chris (Music). We have also been learning how to transition through the school safely, keeping to social distancing rules, sanitizing and washing hands when entering new places and moving up and down stairs safely. We have also become familiar with places within school such as the Library, the outdoor playground and where we eat lunch each day. The children had the opportunity to choose and check out their first books. We also enjoyed reading a class story about germs and the importance of washing our hands and why. It was called ‘Wash your yucky hands’ by Subway Doodle. 

Just a few reminders for the week ahead:

New Families

We welcomed six new families today and are very much looking to meeting the last group this coming Thursday. Please support your child with exploring the room and encouraging them to say hello to their new teachers and peers.

Pick up and drop off

Please note that the new drop off time for EY1 is 7:50am at the playgroup room. It is also important that we are all sticking to the rules of the new protocols in place due to social distancing. To limit the amount of people within the school, our pick and drop off point is the playgroup room. Please do not come to the atrium, we will meet you at the playgroup room. Half day between 12:20- 12:30pm and 2:10pm for full day students.

Family photos and individuals

Thank you to everyone who has sent in family photos. If you have not provided a family photo yet, please send one to us by email as soon as possible as the children will be using these for a special collaborative art project to display in our classroom. We also need a individual pictures of each child for labels and activities within the classroom. and lunch area.


How you can help at home

Its important to remember that the first few weeks can be very difficult for both you and your child. Saying goodbye in the mornings is hard, and can be challenging for some. Everyone is different and will adjust at their own pace. Its important to talk about school in a positive way and being truthful about leaving them each day. Reassure your child that they will have so much fun at school, you love them and that you will be back at pick up time.

Recycles materials – We would love to have any empty boxes (toothpaste, cereal boxes etc) you have at home for an upcoming art project.

Library – Please return your library this Friday so your child can check out a new one for the week.

Have a great week everyone and please do hesitate to ask if you have further questions.



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Welcome to EY1

Dear parents and caregivers,

It was very nice seeing you all at parent orientation last week. If you missed it, you can watch the live feed by clicking on the link below.


You should have all received my welcome letter that went out on Friday afternoon containing all the information you need on life in EY1 this year. We had a great first day together with our first group of children starting this morning.  We are very much looking forward to meeting the rest of our EY1 families over the next two weeks.

Here is a copy of the welcome letter just in case you missed it.

Welcome letter to parents 2020 (1)

EY1 Team

The EY1 team this year includes Ms. Sarah as the homeroom teacher for Class A however we are still waiting for her to arrive. We are lucky enough to have Ms Lynn helping us until she is able to join us. Ms. Sian is homeroom teacher for Class B,  and we have Ms. Ran and Ms. Sirinat as our Educational Assistants, and Ms. Duen and Ms. ’Somjit as our class Nannies.

Weekly Schedule & Specialist Classes

Our weekly schedules can be found in the tab to the right labeled Timetable – EY1 Weekly Schedule.  It is also pinned on the notice board outside the classroom.  Please note PE is on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays with Mr. Max. Students should come to school in their PE uniform on those days and will stay in uniform for the whole day.  We are not having swim class at the moment and will let you know when it will begin.

EY1 students will also have music with Mr. Chris, art with Ms. Daisy, on Thursdays. To minimize our movement and contact around the school they specialists teachers will be holding their lessons in the EY1 classroom this year. Ms Chris came to visit us in the classroom  today and we will see him again on Thursday to meet our next group of children starting in EY1.

We will visit the library on Fridays where the children are able to check out one book per week. Students should bring their books to return on Fridays so that they can check out a new one every week. Unfortunately if you do not return your book then your child unable to check out another one until the following week when it is returned.

Our First Unit of Inquiry: “Who We Are”



Central Idea: 

Our relationships impact our health and well-being.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Types of relationships
  • How to build positive relationships
  • Keeping our community safe and healthy

We will be using the first few weeks to focus on forming relationships withing the EY1 classroom, becoming familiar with our new environment, the rules and routines of school and taking a closer look at who helps keep us safe within our community.

A gentle reminder to please send in your  family photos and an individual photos of your child sometime this week.

Seesaw- Please note you will be given your QR code when you start at school. I will be using this as a form of quick communication between teachers and parents as well as an online learning journal for your child. However please be patient as we take the time to first get the children settled before posting on multiply platforms (you will receive your first day/week photos via email and the blog) while we wait for Ms Sarah and the rest of the class to join us.

Looking forward to seeing our friends tomorrow and later this week. Please don’t be shy when entering the room. It’s important you support and encourage your child to explore the classroom and  help them make a choice on a activity in the morning. After the first half hour you can start to try and take a step back, but please make sure you let your child know when you are leaving. It’s important to be honest and reassure them that you are leaving but you love them and will be back to pick them up later (either after lunch or after nap time).

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have a great week everyone!

Best wishes

EY1 Team





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