Week of May 18th – 22nd

Hello EY1 Families,

We hope you all are excited for another fun week of home learning.  We have made a slide show of some of our friends learning to play and playing to learn!  Hope you enjoy 🙂

See you all on Zoom 🙂



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Week of May 5th – 8th

Hello EY1 Families, 

Happy Tuesday, We hope that you all had a lovely 4 day weekend!  

Ms. Sian made a lovely video for you all of our Earth Day pictures, and Mr. Chris sang the music!  We hope you all enjoy seeing the creativity of the EY1 class.  There are two versions, one with Mr. Chris and the other is for you to sing along independently or together as a family. 


With Lyrics; https://youtu.be/77rFmccHCjs


Instrumental; https://youtu.be/ziOb3J2Yt9k


On Thursday of this week at 12:30 we will have a parent Zoom meeting to answer any questions you may have about home learning.  Here is the link, we will see you there!


As always, thank you for being so supportive as we all learn together and grow our understanding of home learning.  Here are some pictures from our Zooms 🙂

Have a great day 🙂


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April 27th – 30th

Hello EY1 Families and Friends,

We have enjoyed seeing everyone in the Zooms this week!  We were all very excited!  We were asked as a school community to come up with an EY1 Online Agreement.  These were some of the things that we talked about :

Online Learning Agreement for our Inspiring EY1 Individuals

  • Be kind online to all of our friends and/or family members who post on their behalf
  • Listen to friends who are talking and sharing their ideas when communicating on Zoom or Seesaw
  • Post positivity 
  • Have FUN!

The weekly Zoom schedule is posted on SeeSaw.  Please do try to let teachers know if you are unable to make it to a meeting so we are not waiting to let you in!  If you missed the Zoom session, we will try again next week!

Just a reminder, there will not be any zooms on Friday as it is a holiday!

Zoom Groups


Important Dates:

Friday May 1st: Labour Day (no school)

Friday May 1st: Deadline to upload student yearbook photos to SeeSaw

Monday May 4th: Coronation Day (no school)

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April 20th – 24th

April 20th – 24th 2020


Dear EY1 community, 


Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Songkran Break, and that you are excited to reconnect with your teachers and friends for our final term of the school year!

We would like to hear all about your holidays. Can everyone please send a picture or video via Seesaw with a description of something you did in your holidays that would be great! Did you do anything exciting or new? What did you play, create or explore? 

We are still continuing with the Unit of Inquiry “Who We Are” and inquiry into how lifelong learners embrace a growth mindset in the pursuit of self development, positive relationships and a balanced lifestyle.  We will be growing our understanding of ourselves as individuals. We will continue with this unit for the next 2 weeks.


We have made 10 questions that will provoke learning for this unit and are to be completed in the blue book.  As a reminder, the blue book is a way for us to document learning. We hope that you all still have plenty of space in this ongoing learning document.  We will give a prompt each morning, please work with your child on the open ended questions each day.


Alongside this, there is a copy of our weekly plan which include student “I can” statements as well as the learning objectives for each activity. You can find these on the EY1 weekly planning and Home Learning links under pages on the right hand side of this blog page. 


Earth Day is this Wednesday (April 22nd). Can everyone please wear an outfit of their choice that they feel represents planet Earth ( This could be anything from wearing blue, green, floral, painting your own shirt etc) and send a picture or a selfie to your classroom teacher. 


Zoom Meetings starting next week. In order for the children and teachers to maintain those important connections and relationships within our EY1 class community. The children will be invited to participate in scheduled Zoom meetings which will be around 10-15minutes long. 

More details on this later in the week. 


Important Dates this Term:


Earth Day – Wed. 22nd April

EY3 House Shirt Day – Fri. 24th April

Labour Day – Fri. 13th March

Coronation Day – Fri. 13th March

HM Queen Suthida’s birthday – Wed. 3rd June


We hope everyone has a great first week back! 


EY1 Team!


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March 23rd to March 27th 2020

Hello EY1 Friends!

Our second week of home learning went very smoothly. Thank you so much for sending in all the photos and videos of the children learning from home. As we reflect on the past week of learning, We are seeing the children having a great time with their families and being really thoughtful and creative with how they participate in the shared activities.The highlight of the week for us teachers, was listening to all the children using their expressive language in their videos.  They spoke with excitement and joy as they found their voice in an environment they feel most comfortable, home!

We had a lot of friends and families participate in the inside scavenger hunt. Searching all over their house for items, getting really creative with their findings! Some drew items they didn’t have, others used one item to tick two things off the list!

Seesaw_24-03-2020 10_27_24 Seesaw_24-03-2020 01_31_40 Sharina Aimee Hugo To Panther Zeno 1 Kiara 1 Prince 2

Our friends also enjoyed the Lego challenge. Many extended their interest of building and constructing further. Using resources other than Lego to create many things such as hospitals, garages, buildings, towers Mulan’s house and rocket ships.

We also had many friends complete activities from our blue books. Drawing life cycles and muddy footprints. Max got really creative with this footprint and used chocolate instead of paint!

Copy of Seesaw_26-03-2020 03_14_42 Zeno 2 Max Chocolate Oskar Kiara Seesaw_26-03-2020 11_16_32 Seesaw_26-03-2020 01_48_27


We also enjoyed some downtime at home. Listening to stories, looking at books and some children sharing their own stories. We had fun in the kitchen cooking with our families and getting some exercise whether that be walking, jumping, riding our bikes, or swimming.

Our friends also set a great example for others by being principled, caring learners as they planted their seeds and cared for their plants over the past week. It is wonderful to see the joy on everyone’s faces as they tracked the growth of their plants!

Tara 1 Venice 2


Max 3 Kiara 3 Seesaw_25-03-2020 09_50_11

Thank you to everyone for helping us stay connected by sending regular photos, messages and videos. We miss the children so much but are happy to see them building resilience  and independence as they embrace this new routine of learning from home.

This week we are taking  break from blue books and sharing the planet unit to dip back into ‘Who we are”. Have a great week of learning and a safe and happy Songkran holiday break!

Best wishes

EY1 Team


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Week of March 17th – 20th

Hello EY1 Families, Friends, Parents, Students !

We have enjoyed learning together this week with growing our online/home learning.  Thank you for being patient with is as we try new things, make some mistakes, and also share some greta resources.  The videos, pictures, documentation that we have been getting back have been very helpful for us as teachers as well as our school community with relation to documentation of home learning!  Here is what some of your friends have been exploring at home:

As a reminder, all teachers will be available online through SeeSaw from 9am to 10am as well as from 1pm to 2pm.

We have been updating the Home Learning tab of the blog regularly with what we are posting to SeeSaw each day.

We are looking forward to another great week of Home Learning!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions 🙂

EY1 Team


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March 9th – March 13th 2020

Dear EY1 families,

Thank you for all your support while we’ve had students and teachers in quarantine over these past few weeks. The children are still showing great enthusiasm toward our UOI ‘Living Things’ and are beginning to ask more in depth questions and make connections within their environment.

As part of our usual Monday routine, we all had the opportunity to share with the class about our weekends. As this is becoming more consistent the children who have been rather reserved in large groups, are now becoming more confident as they are familiar and comfortable with the experience. It would be great if you could all take some time on a Monday morning before school (over breakfast, or in the car on the way to school) to reflect on your weekend and support your child by helping them prepare for this.


Miss Sian returned to school on Wednesday and it was lovely having the EY1 family back together again! We celebrated by having our very own dance party in the playground, we had a great time dancing up a storm, sharing our favourite songs and dance moves!


Ms Daisy continued to teach us about warm and cool colours this week.  The children were invited to help paint recycled materials using different shades of red.


Last week, some of the teachers from other grade levels took the time to come and read to us. Oskar’s mum Ms Magda (who is one of the EY3 teachers) shared a story called the ‘The Worry Box by Suzanne Chiew. It was a lovely story that all the children could relate to, as we have all felt a little worried about something before. This inspired us to make our own personal ‘Worry Boxes’ to take home. We started painting them last week and will continue with the project this week as well.

IMG_6537 IMG_6638

The children have also started showing interest in the ocean and how plants can also grow underwater since getting our class pets. We will be starting to explore this with provocations set up in the mornings, and will begin to brainstorm what we would like to explore further during our UOI time. If anyone has any interesting books, puzzles or toys relates to the ocean or sea animals please feel free to send these in.

We have been learning a new song about ocean animals this week and the children really like. The link is below for anyone who wants to sing along at home:

Reminders for the week ahead:

PE uniforms on Tuesday and Wednesday.

House shirts this Friday for QLB assembly.

Please return library book before Friday morning so your child is able to borrow another book.

Important events:

April 6th – 17th: Songkran Holiday – School closed, please be aware of travel advisories when making holiday plans!



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Week of March 2nd – 6th

Dear EY1 Families,

We will be postponing the EY forum until further notice.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  We have been looking forward to this and will let you know when we have rescheduled.

20200226_091204 20200226_094711 20200226_110930

We planted seeds in a paper towel and stuck them on the window as an experiment.  Most of us said that the seeds would not grow because we were not putting them into the dirt.  We were suprised a few days later when some of the plants started sprouting!

20200302_125011 20200302_125020

We all went swimming last week.  We all had fun.  Please remember that swimming is an important part of the KIS program from EY to G12.  Your children are extremely resilient 🙂

20200227_080942 20200227_080956

We have been working with Ms. Daisy on stamping and background colour.  She has been showing us the various colours and tones.  We love when Ms. Daisy comes to play!

20200227_111215 20200227_111203 20200227_102713 20200227_102751

We also had a long talk about our new class pets, The Fish.  We discussed how we need to take care of them by feeding them, changing the water on Fridays, and not hitting the class.  Thank you to Tann and Tara for letting us borrow the tank.  Here are our Fish and their names 🙂








Surfs Up



We managed to keep them alive over the weekend 🙂

Please have a lovely week 🙂


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EY 1 and 2 Parent Forum

Hello Families,

We have invited a nutritionist from Bumrungrad International Hospital to come and discuss how to Support Positive Growth in the Early Years.  All are welcome to attend.

It will be at on Wednesday March 4th in the Primary School Audibox @ 8:00am.

Hope to see everyone there.

Parent Forum March 4th

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Week of Feb 24th – 28th

 Hello EY1 Families,

We had a very short but busy week in EY1!  We celebrated Mother Tongue day on Wednesday.  OnAnn came to our classroom and read to us in Thai and English, then we went to the AudoBox and saw Zimming and Oskar’s moms and Ms. Lynn!  We had a blast!

20200219_112214 20200219_090330 20200219_083200

Pollution didn’t bring us down last week!  We had many cool activities in the classroom!  We worked with our reading buddies to make Oobleck!  We played with it in the sensory bin and then made bird feeders!  Ms. Lynn made 2 recipies with us, one that melted (sorry to the friends who took the melty ones home!!) and one that stayed solid.  We will try to make another batch this week!

20200221_094528 20200220_081154 20200221_094432 20200221_094440(0)

On Friday we had our Book Character Dress up Day!  Thank you to those families that brought books to match the costumes!  Congrats to Obe-Oon, Nytti, Lily, and Prince, the winners of EY1!

20200221_080806 20200221_080548

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