Week of February 18th – February 22nd

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a great break after our short week last week! This week we will not have PE or Swimming but we are keeping busy doing guided adventure yoga!


As we continue exploring our UOI, we are reviewing our five senses through a sorting activity.  At home while, cooking, cleaning, eating, playing, etc. you can ask your child which of their senses they are using (see, hear, touch, taste, smell)!


In our Literacy Center, students are using paintbrushes and glue to write their names and then decorating them with materials of their choice.

20190218_101121 20190218_101446 20190218_102433

You can see our alphabet wall is complete!  Thank you for doing this activity with your child over the school closure days!


We are continuing with Numicon activities.  In the next two weeks student will order the Numicon from one to ten and have the opportunity to explore Numicon on their own at a center.


As a reminder there is no after school classes this week due to Primary School Residential Trips.  Any make up classes will take place the week after the program ends.


different languagesInternational Mother Tongue Day

Dear Families,

On Thurs. 21st Feb., KIS will be recognizing International Mother Tongue Day. We will celebrate by reading books and telling stories to the students in different languages. We are asking for your support to come into KIS and read or tell a story to a group of students in your first language.

If you sign up, you will be reading or telling stories for about 10 minutes to a range of students from EY1 to Grade 2 in the AudiBox. These students may or may not include your own children. Each session lasts for 40 minutes and will be shared by 4 adults – so about 10 minutes each. Please refer to the schedule at this link to sign up. Translation into English is not necessary. We will have a computer and projector available if you would like to share a story on a screen.

If you do want to read to the EY 1 class, please speak to your child’s teacher and we can organize it in the classroom.


Thu 21st Feb.:      International Mother Tongue Day

Fri 1st March:      EY Sport Day

Tue 23rd April :   World Book Day (details coming soon)



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Week of February 11th – 13th

 Hello EY1 Community!

Last week was a very busy week!  We enjoyed meeting with you all for conferences.  It was nice to show you all your children can do!

We also celebrated the 100th day of school.  We had fun activities through out the day!

20190205_093348 20190205_093338 20190205_093328 20190205_093319


We also celebrated Chinese New Year!




Thank you to Kevin’s dad for coming to read us a story!

Please remember to bring in your bag of 100 things as well as the home learning packet.  We will be looking at tools and toys this week in class.  Please also remember to bring on your tool from home!

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School Closure

Hello EY1 Families!

Please visit the “Home Learning” tab on the side of the blog for some activities/homework for you to do while KIS is closed.

Looking forward to seeing you when the air is a bit cleaner!  Please email us if you have any questions!

EY1 Team

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Week of January 28th – Feb 1st


Hello EY1 Families and Friends!

We have been continuing our investigations of the world around us by asking questions and exploring.  Our artifacts from home have been an area of much interest.  Please remember to bring a “tool” in from home!

20190122_103512 20190122_103548

We noticed that if we took a flashlight and held it up next to a slide we could see the image on the wall.  We then turned out the lights to see better.  All of these discoveries and questions came from our artifacts!


We finished working on our colour mixing with Ms. Nicole.  We are using some of the things we learned for our assessments for three way conferences!  We are looking forward to sharing what we know 🙂

20190122_093822 20190121_100022

We have been furthering our understanding of ourselves by looking at our faces and then discussing the five senses.  We have been using the senses to investigate and ask questions.  


We spent several mornings mostly indoors because of the poor air quality.  We understand the procedures and also monitor the air quality as it changes.  We make all decisions based on the safety and well being of ALL children.  


Saturday February 2nd: Early Years Picnic

Monday February 4th: 100th Day of School Celebration – Sign up outside classroom starting today!

  • We will also celebrate Chinese New Year on the 100th day of school.  Children are invited to wear free dress or CNY outfit.  KIS may do another CNY event, so be prepared to wear CNY attire more than once.
  • As an activity to celebrate the 100th day of school, please bring a small ziplock bag with 100 small things inside.  Please count with your child!1216-100-day-bags-body

Tuesday February 5th: 3-Way Conferences Class B

Wednesday February 6th: 3- Way Conferences Class A

Thursday February 14th: P.D. Day, no school for students

Friday February 15th: School holiday, no class

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January 21st – January 25th

Dear Parents,

As we delve further into our UOI, “Investigations,” we are learning about color mixing and how we can make new colors.  Incorporating math, we looked at the symbols for addition and equals and discussed what two colors we need to add together to make a new color.

378FD726-20BE-403D-A462-0A52C740DED5 5E7B6754-22F4-4E32-98EB-8A1AD84966C9 7A1EC41F-333D-439A-B2E8-A3AFCC0B01F5 931C8152-D08B-4E70-B1A6-61C2EF79D558 80EA68AD-57BA-4745-A39B-8F7C204EA214 225E2526-2B93-4805-A1ED-6D594DDBB04A

We will continue discussing and observing color mixing this week.

Last week we sorted our Numicon by colors.  This week in math we will be going further by matching the Numicon by shape and pairing each with its corresponding numeral.

We are working on our second self- portrait, observational drawing.  Students are using a mirror to notice all their beautiful features and then drawing what they observe.

20190115_105004 20190115_110508 20190115_110842 20190118_102733

We are also working with loose parts to see how things work.

20190114_093122 20190114_093219 20190114_10120520190109_09471520190114_093438



Saturday February 2nd: Early Years Picnic

Monday February 4th: 100th Day of School Celebration (Sign up next week to bring food to share).

Tuesday February 5th: 3-Way Conferences Class B

Wednesday February 6th: 3- Way Conferences Class A

Thursday February 14th: P.D. Day, no school for students

Friday February 15th: School holiday, no class

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January 14th – 18th

Hello EY1 Families!

Last week, we started provoking learning for our new UOI “Investigations” where we take time to slow down and notice carefully how the world works.  We are encouraging children to ask questions, play, and explore.


We started looking at different materials of various objects and talking about what things are made of.  This will help give us some vocabulary for this unit.

20190108_103118 20190108_100850

We are also talking about our senses and how we can use them to explore and investigate.  We have a perfume lab that Ms. Ran made for us.  We have been smelling the different scents and trying to guess what is inside the bottle!


We enjoyed using our sense of touch when we played with slime!  This week we will make it all together!

20190111_095239 20190111_095554

We made a bubble solution and played outside with it!  It was fun to chase after the bubbles!

20190111_104448 20190111_103845

We are all innovators what ask questions and inquire about the world around us through play.  We are looking forward to making more discoveries as the weeks go on.


What is an artifact?

Each unit, we ask for an artifact from home.  This is something that relates to our unit of inquiry and allows us to make sense of what we are inquiring into at school.  We ask that you talk with your child about it before you bring it in.

This unit we are asking for a tool from home.  We are talking about what a tool is and what work it might do.  Some examples: a hammer, a device (phone, radio, etc), or something else that makes work easier.  If you have any questions, please ask!

Thank you! Have a great week!


Wai Kru Day : Wednesday, January 16th

100th Day of School: February 4th

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Week of January 7th-11th

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful break and it was so wonderful to see everyone back at school today.

We will be starting our third Unit of Inquiry, “Investigations,” an inquiry into the way things work, an exploration of our environment, and cause and effect relationships.  As a provocation for this unit we are asking your child to bring in an artifact and be prepared to present to the class.  Please help your child find a tool at home and discuss with them what it is and what it is used for.  They will share their artifact (tool) with the class and it will be on display under our UOI board.  Their artifacts can start coming in next week.

Have a lovely week!

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Week of December 3rd – 7th

Hello Ey1 Community!


We started the week off with an intruder drill.  We were all quiet and listening to instructions!

20181127_094907 20181127_094928 20181127_144532

We spent time drawing and developing our understanding of living things by looking at our caterpillar, who was no longer a caterpillar!  He was in a cocoon!  We are eager to see what he changes into.

20181128_110252 20181128_110354

One of Ms. Kaitlins friends from America sent us a Flat Stanley!  It is a story about a boy who travels.  We made a city for him and sent the picture and the Flat Stanley backl to the US.

20181129_083320 20181129_083350

We had some friends from Grade 5 come and read to us and show us how to play with Cubetto.  They will do this with us again for the Hour of Code on Tuesday!

20181130_080829 20181130_080645 20181130_080643

On Friday we had a House Assembly!  We got to see some really cool experiments from Grade 4!  And also got to dance!  We had fun 😉

We decorated for Xmas!


Ms. Ran helped us to make pretty decorations for the classroom!

received_139223593627792 received_275142979855907 received_465427000652990 received_652489625154004

Outside we were showing out skills and abilities to all of our Friends.  Ms, Somjit was helping us with our exercise 🙂  We had a really lovely week!

Reminders:Christmas tree reminder

Wednesday December 5th: Father’s Day – school closed

Friday December 7th: EY1 Class Party – 11:00 – 12:30

  • Parents – The Xmas party will be in place of lunch.  We have many people signed up to bring treats, please consider changing what you are bringing to food we can share, or if you haven’t signed up yet please sign up to bring food rather than a treat.

Monday December 10th: P.D. Day – no school for students

Wednesday December 12th: Awards Assembly, 8:30 – 9:30 am in the auditorium – Parents of children receiving an award will be informed in advance and are welcome to attend.

Friday December 14th: Last day of Term 1 – Children will be dismissed at 11:30 am and will not eat lunch at school.

Monday January 7th: First Day of Term 2

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Week of November 26th- November 30th

Dear Parents,

We had such a lovely week last week celebrating Loy Krathong.  The children loved having you help them make and float their Krathongs.  We hope you had a happy holiday!


Last week we continued observational drawings and naming parts of a plant.  This week we will continue to delve further into our responsibilities of resources and how they may effect animals.


Our new caterpillar has started it’s cocoon!  We have been able to observe and draw all the stages of the life cycle of a butterfly!


Wednesday December 5th: Father’s Day – no school for students

Monday December 10th: P.D. Day – no school for students

Friday December 14th: Last day of Term 1 – half-day for students

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Week of November 19th – 23rd

 Hello EY1 Families!

We have continued to grow our understanding of our current UOI “Sharing the Planet”.  We have been inquiring into plants and animals and finding lots of connections outside!


We found a nest of termites and had lots of questions about why there were there and what they eat!

received_2166372906934318 received_2082483025305647

We worked with Ms. Nicole to name the parts of plants.  We have talked about the Stem, Leaves, Flower, and Roots.  Please encourage these types of questions about plants at home!

received_181088169501791 received_306477846634393

We are slowly adding to our unit, the idea of being responsible for living things and our planet.  We have noticed the amount of plastic that we use daily with our snacks and lunches.  Ms. Ran purchased reusable bins for the canteen and now our snack will be given to us by using less plastic waste.  Thank you EY1 and Ms. Ran for inspiring this in our school!

received_288029902054042 20181116_110735 20181116_104712 received_746499189019263

We celebrated Diwali the Hindu festival of lights on Friday!  We listened to stories from families about Rama and Ravana, as well as got some beautiful Henna tattoos!


On November 20th, we will celebrate Universal Children’s Day.  This is a day where we recognize the needs of children all over the world.  We are having a Free Dress Day.  Each child is asked to make a donation of at least 20 bht to be given to The HUB, a local organization that many KIS teachers volunteer for.  The HUB aims to provide a safe space for adolescents and teens in Bangkok.  The theme this year is “Go Blue” so please try to wear Blue on Tuesday!



Tuesday, November 20th: Universal Children’s Day – Children can pay at least 20 bht to wear anything blue to benefit The Hub.

Thursday November 22nd: Loy Kratong – children are invited to wear traditional Thai Dress

Wednesday December 5th: Father’s Day – no school for students

Monday December 10th: P.D. Day – no school for students

Friday December 14th: Last day of Term 1 – half-day for students

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