Week of December 11th – 15th




Our week started off with four new additions to our classroom!  After watching and waiting patiently, welcome to the world Justice, Ruth, Bader, and Ginsburg (EY names coming soon).  This was a very nice end to our UOI “Living Things Grow”.  It has really helped build on our understanding of life as well as our responsibilities to living things on this planet.  This concept will continue to blossom as we care for the chickens and watch them grow!  Thank you VERY much to Cesc and Family for providing us with the eggs and the opportunity to learn through inquiry and investigations.  


On Monday we had a PYP Awards Ceremony.  We were able recognize our friends who recently excelled at showing Attitudes and Profiles with their learning and daily life at KIS (as well as some pretty amazing dance moves).

blog dec

We have all been working extremely hard on our instruments for our upcoming performance, “I am the Music Man”.  They will all be made out of recycled materials from the classroom!

blog dec1

We also took time to make Banana smoothies!  We were so excited to cut the ingredients, mix it together, and try it!  Some of us were not fans, but we were risk-takers for giving it a chance!




  • December 13th- EY1 Holiday Party ~ 11:30
    • Food sign up on classroom door!
    • Holiday/Fancy dress encouraged
  • December 15th – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert


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Dec. 4th to Dec. 8th

Week of December 4th to December 8th

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Dear Parents and Friends,

We have been very busy this week doing activities related to our Unit of inquiry. We are getting very good at differentiating living and non-living things.


How many seeds are there in an apple? We had fun counting from 1 to 10 and then predicting how many seeds we thought there are in one apple. We counted the seeds in collaboration with our friends and enjoyed eating the apples!

Mr. Richard

Mr. Richard is a Science MYP Teacher and was kind enough to invite us to plant some hydroponic seeds in his lab. We planted the seeds into a small flower pot containing tiny rocks. The seeds are covered with nutriments so they don’t need soil to grow. We then put them under a lamp and are waiting to see the lettuce grow.


This week we have been introduced to computers with Mr. Eric. We are very good at handling the mouse and the cursor. We played a fish game in cooperation with our friends.


We started to decorate our classroom with Christmas trees. We were very excited to help putting the ornaments.

Our holiday concert is coming soon ! Kindly practice your child’s holiday concert song at home with them. You can find the lyrics of “I am a Music Man” on Mr. Chris’s Blog.

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December 5th– Father’s Day (school closed)

December 13th- EY1 Holiday Party (Sign up sheet to bring food will be up on Wednesday)

December 15th – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert

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Week of Nov 27th – Dec 1st


Hello EY1 Families and Friends!

We have continued to grow our understanding of our current unit Sharing the Planet.  We discussed in detail the life cycles of chickens, butterflies and frogs!  It has sparked some interesting discussions within our classroom!  We are enjoying coming to understand our place within the cycle!

(We also made friends with some ants!)

Nov 20-24

We also explored the inside of a pineapple with Ms. Mary as a whole group!  We smelled the inside and also got to taste it!  Some of us were not fans 🙂

With Mr. Eric at ICT time we explored outside.  We took pictures of Living and Non-living things!

20171123_100821 20171123_100823 20171123_100825

We had lots of sensory play this week!

Nov 20-241


December 5th– Father’s Day (school closed)

December 13th- EY1 Holiday Party

December 15th – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert


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November 20th-24th

Dear EY1 Parents, Family and Friends,

We had another very busy and excited week in EY1! We love our new unit that allows us to be inquirers and responsible. We continue to discuss living and non-living things and the differences between them.


We have been practicing tracing our names in salt and flour. This was a great activity to develop our fine motor skills.

Living vs non-living things

We sorted different objects according to living and non-living. We discussed our answers and talked about the characteristics of each object.


Thank you to all the parents for bringing seeds. We planted them outside and will patiently wait to see if they grow. While planting them we discussed the difference in size and appearance of each seed. We also talked about how seeds need light and water to grow.

Our plants

We are doing such a good job at watering our plants independently every day. Because of our good care they are growing fast.


We keep ourselves busy at all times and constantly show our creativity!!

Sensory Play

We love exploring different textures and discuss how they feel. Sensory exploration is our way of examining, discovering, categorizing and making sense of the world.


In our Thai class with Ms. Noi we cooked crispy wonton while showing our Thai language skills. We really enjoyed cooking it but especially eating it. It was so yummy !

Reading bodies

We are very happy to see our G3 friends every Thursday. We love to interact with them and to listen to their stories !


Thank you to Cesc’s Mom for giving us chicken eggs. We are taking good care of them and really hope that they will hatch soon.

We also celebrated one birthday…Happy Birthday Tina!! 

Image result for reminders

November 24th: Teacher/Parent Basketball Match

December 5th– Father’s Day (school closed)

December 15th – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert




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Week of November 13 – 17th


EY1 Friends and Families, 

We had a very busy week in our classroom.  Our unit “Sharing The Planet” has taken off and we are making connections and asking some amazing questions.  We have started talking a bit about chickens and some friends made connections to seeing the inside of the egg growing and our incubator.  We talked about it together and decided that we wanted to grow our own chickens!

blog nov7

Our sensory bin changed and we were so happy to play with the spaghetti and dirt mixed together.  We used our imagination and pretended it was worms.  Then when the spaghetti hardened we pretended they were sticks growing from the ground.  

blog nov6

We worked with Ms. Marie to finish planting some seeds in our pots.  We have been talking about how we need to care for these plants by watering them and giving them sunlight, otherwise they will not grow.   We have been delicate with the plants and precise with watering.  

blog nov3

We read the book “Going on a Leaf Hunt” and then went on an actual leaf hunt!  We painted the leaves different colours and have been working on making patterns.  We will continue to do this again this week with Ms. Kaitlin as a math learning center!


blog nov2blog nov4blog nov5

We also opened up the EY1 Music Center!  We enjoyed playing the different instruments!

blog nov8

This week we will continue our exploration of Living and Nonliving things.  We will grow our understanding of our rights and responsibilities to all living things, including each other.

HBD Ms. Duen!

blog nov1

Every weekend Ms. Kaitlin and Ms. Marie swim with children from The HUB (http://www.childlinethailand.org/the-hub).  The HUB aims to provide children in Thailand with trusted and reliable access to protection, health and human services, as is their right, and which the Thai Government adheres to through its ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child.  We would like to ask for donations of swimsuits for the children to swim in when they come to KIS.  Some children do not have any.  It can be ANY size, the ages of children varies.

blog nov



December 5th– Father’s Day (school closed).

December 15th – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert

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Week of November 6th to 11th

Dear Parents and Friends,

We hope you all had a fun and relaxing Holiday ! We started our new Unit of Inquiry “Living & Non-Living things”. During this Unit, we will explore the important differences between the two. We will learn that a living-thing refers to things that are now or once were alive and a non-living thing is anything that was never alive. We will also learn about the constant interaction between living and non-living things.


This week we had fun planting seeds in the flower pot that we had previously painted. This first hands on experience is teaching us how to care about our plants thus learning the needs of a living thing. We are learning to take care of living things and that plants need water, light and air to grow.

Collecting leaves

Are leaves found on the ground are living or non-living things ? We showed our sense of inquiry while collecting the leaves by asking many questions like: “Are the leaves alive?”, “Why are they brown?”, “Where do they come from?”.

Walking on Grass

We really enjoyed going on the MYP field to walk on grass and feel the difference between fake and real grass. We then had a group discussion about it.

Loy Kratong

Thank you to all the parents for helping us making our Kratongs! Our teachers were also very impressed to see all the efforts put in the costumes. We had a great day full of happiness and joy!


We had a great Halloween celebration! We first attended an Assembly where we showed others our beautiful and creative costumes. We then went to Grade 5 classes to play fun games and asked for treats.

slideshow_deploy id=’6700′]

We celebrated 2 birthdays this week !

Nana’s Birthday, she turned 4 years old. Happy Birthday Nana !

Happy Birthday Laila ! She also turned 4 years old.

Image result for reminder

Thank you to all the parents who already sent some seeds to school. If you have not done so yet, please send to school ANY type of seed as soon as possible.  It can be from a packet OR it can be a seed from something your child has eaten.

Image result for seeds

Image result for important note

At KIS we have an open door policy for the parents. We love to see you in the class or around the school and be involved with your child. That being said, we have noticed that some parents take their child away from the group during the school hours without telling us. As teachers, we are responsible for the children from 7.50 am to 12.30/2.30 pm. Therefore, we need to know where the children are at ALL times. If you would like to take your child away from the group, kindly let us know to avoid any confusion. Thank you very much for your collaboration and understanding!



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Week of October 31st – November 3rd

Hello EY1 Gown Ups!

We are hoping that everyone has a relaxing and reflective October break.  

Our week started out with a new friend joining us!  Meet Ren, the newest addition to the EY1 class.  We are looking forward to getting to know him more this year!


Laila and her family brought in some pine needles they found at the beach.  We put them in a sensory bin outside and continued to play with our own personal people.  We made nice stories with our friends while playing with this new sensory experience!

blog 11

Mr. Max has been working hard with us on our swimming.  We were very impressed that all of the kids were kicking their feet and trying to put their faces underwater!  We had a blast as always!

20171016_100405 20171016_101017

Our math activity for this week was sorting different beads in a variety of ways.  We were sorting by colour using only two colours. But we quickly realized that there were so many different ways to sort and so many different colours, so we added more sorting spaces until we took up an entire table!

blog 112

We have noticed many leaves, sticks, and seeds falling down onto the playground area.  We wondered why, then started to collect them.  We were extremely curious about what might be inside!  So we brought them in and opened them!

blog 111
(We even found a bug inside one!)
We asked many questions about the inside of the seed and started to observe changes!
blog 113

We also did a cooking activity with Ms. Marie this week!  She brought in fruit that we cut ourselves and put them on top of pancakes!  We enjoyed this yummy snack in the classroom!  

blog 114

We greatly enjoyed making some sensory paintings with shaving cream, paint and our hands.  We used some “Fall” colours.  We talked about how we have different seasons and the leaves change.

blog 115

We took time to make a sign for Halloween which we will celebrate Nov. 3rd.  We look forward to seeing amazing costumes and making spooky Halloween crafts 🙂

20171020_080645(1) 20171020_095620

In the upcoming week we will slowly start discussing out next unit “Living Things Grow” in which we talk about how living things have needs in order to survive.  

 (We may have already started talking about chickens 555)


We are asking for families to bring in artifacts for this unit.  Artifacts are objects from home that help us build on the current Unit of Inquiry and aid us in growing understanding.  We would like ANY type of seed to be brought in for planting, as soon as possible after returning from break.  It can be from a packet OR it can be a seed from something your child has eaten.  


  • October 20th: End of First UOI
  • October 23rd-27th: October Break (No School)
  • November 2nd – Loy Kratong – Everyone is invited to wear traditional Thai clothing
  • November 3rd – Halloween Celebration – Assembly in the Auditorium – Costume Parade 

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Week of October 16th – 20th

Dear EY1 Parents and Friends,

First of all we would like to thank you for attending our Teacher-Parent Conferences. Your collaboration and time are very much appreciated! It’s always nice to have the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress.


On Thursday Mr. Christ invited us to watch a play created by the Grade 6 Students. We were very impressed to see what they are capable of doing. Grade 6 students are very creative!


We had a lot of fun playing in the different centers this week. Play is a great opportunity to use our creativity while developing our fine and gross motor skills. We are always very enthusiastic when it’s time to play! Last week we worked in cooperation with our friends to build a big house and were really committed to the activity.


Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot that is teaching us the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands on play. While playing we have learned concepts like ‘left’ and ‘right’, ‘forward’ and ‘backward’.

We also enjoyed exploring the Ipads with Mr. Eric. We had fun creating different faces on an Educational App.


Please take note that we will start our new Unit of Inquiry after the October break. We will ask children to bring in a seed that we can plant as a provocation. It could be a seed from something that you have eaten or any kinds of seeds. Thank you!!Image result for seeds

Image result for reminders

  • October 20th: End of First UOI
  • October 23rd-27th: October Break (No School)
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Week of October 9th to 12th

Hello EY1 Families, Grown Ups and Friends,

We started the week off with a gift from Ms. Lisa in KG.  Her daughter Kaitlyn made us some slime!  We had a blast with this sensory experience and couldn’t stop playing with it!  We even had the idea to push things in it to make different shapes!


We also started the week of reading Mem Fox books for our Global Read Aloud projet.  Each grade participated!  We enjoyed reading the stories in whole and small groups and then having discussions about how each book made us feel. Some great discussions about international mindedness were sparked from our readings!


Some of our friends saw flowers on the ground outside last week.  Where did they come from?  How did they get there?  We looked and looked and found them up in a big tree by the playground.  They gathered all the flowers together and asked to bring them inside.  Once inside we asked what do we do with them now?  If we plant them will they grow?  These are excellent questions that will lead us into our next unit that discusses living and non-living things.  We decided to paint with the flowers and were so gentile and careful with our painting we didn’t break the flowers!


We also found  some seeds that we asked many questions about.  We wanted to see what was inside!  So we cut the seed open and noticed carefully what was on the inside!  We were interested this week to see that one of the seeds was starting to rot!  We will keep looking at it to see what happens!


Friday was a very busy day!  We went to a house assembly first thing!  We learned about all of the houses and how we can get house points.  Today we made boxes for each house that we will put our tokens in.  Congratulations to Cesc and Laila for winning awards for being Knowledgeable and Principled.  


Three G4 stusents came on Thursday to talk to us about the bake sale.  We were so excited to go on Friday!  We all ate a snack, some of us had cookies some of us had popcorn.



The school nurse has come daily to check students for temperatures.  If students are found with a temperature at school they will be removed from the classroom and sent home.  Please be reminded that students need to be fever and/or vomit free for 24 hours before returning to school.


We celebrated Kimi’s 4th birthday this week!  HBD Kimi!


We are looking forward to meeting you all this week for parent teacher conferences  As a reminder Book Character Dress up day has been canceled.


  • October 9th-12th: Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 9th-11th Book Fair
  • October 13th: (No School)
  • October 20th: End of First UOI
  • October 23rd-27th: October Break (No School)

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A firm reminder:

As a team, in both EY1 and EY2 we are ALL working together to make sure that germs spread as little as possible.  We do this daily by washing hands, cleaning, and monitoring illness.  We can tell when a student is not feeling themselves, and will always send them to the nurse if necessary.  If they have a fever, they will not come back to the classroom.  They will wait in the nurse’s office until you pick them up.   ANYTHING above 37.5 is considered to be a fever, and your child will be sent home.  Children can come back to school after 24 hours of being fever free.

Thank you for your patience and understanding 🙂


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