Week of October 8th -12th

Dear Parents,

Last week we had our House Launch!  Thank you to all who came to cheer us on!

To support our Unit of Inquiry, please email a baby photo and current photo of you child to Ms. Nicole or Ms. Kaitlin.  We will be presenting our photos to the class and talking about how we have changed and what similarities we share.

We’ve been exploring the outdoors and we love the sand box, collecting flowers, and drawing with chalk.

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On our veranda we like to play in the water with water beads!


Sometimes we take selfies with friends 🙂

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This week in Math we will be working on the positional words: inside, outside, above, and below.

In Language Arts and UOI we will be practicing speaking and listening as we present our baby and current photos to the class and discuss how we have changed, and how we are alike and different.

This week we have a book fair and book exchange.  We will take the students to browse the books, but if you would like to purchase books for your child please take him/her before or after school.

BookFair (1)bookexchangeflyer


Tuesday October 9th – Wednesday October 10th: Parent-Teacher Conferences

(Make up conferences Thursday and Friday)


Monday October 15th: In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol, school closed

Monday October 22nd – Friday October 26th: October Break, school closed 


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