Have a Wonderful Break!

Dear Families,

We had a wonderful week of learning in EY1 and we wanted to share with you some of the highlights!  We have been busy sorting materials and are talking about why we are choosing to sort them in this way.

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We enjoyed outdoor play with water!

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We took a photo because we were all here!!!


Our EY1 students took action!  We went to the big sandbox but we noticed trash on the ground.  The studnets were curious and questioned how it got there.  When asked where it belonged, Parc said “The bin!”  On their own they picked up the garbage and threw it away.  We are so proud of our learners!

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You may have noticed our classroom is getting spooky!  We are busy using recycled and natural materials to create beautiful Halloween art!

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Speaking of Halloween, we have a fun day planned to celebrate on November 2nd.


We will be starting our new Unit of Inquiry the week return after break, please have your child bring in a plant as an artifact to get us tuned in!

Have a nice, relaxing break and see you on October 29th!

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