Week of November 12th-16th

Dear Families,

Last week we had fun attending So You Think You Can Dance!  Congratulations to the KIS dancers who placed first in Primary, Middle, and High School!

As we continue our Unit of Inquiry we are observing many living things!  last week Ms. Ran brought in worms.  We had lots of questions and many of us wanted to take them home!

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On the playground we were lucky to observe a wood pecker make holes in a tree!


Thank you to Third who brought in a Caterpillar for us to observe.  It has started it’s cocoon!  This is a great home-to-school connection and we appreciate you sharing what you are doing at home with us!  Can you spot the caterpillar?


We also have a snail that the children are observing closely!

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Never a dull moment, a baby bird was found on the playground and brought to Ms. Kaitlin to care for.  Her love of birds is well known throughout the school.


Now that all the children have their plants at school, please remind them to care for their plant by watering it every day.  They are also responsible to take it outside on Fridays before they go home, and to bring it inside on Monday mornings.

We are working on mark making and often like to use sticks to write in the sand!

sand2 sand1

We also use our gross motor skills to dig!


Last week the students worked with Ms. Ran to name numbers and count in Thai. This week in Math we will work on new position words.   In our UOI we will be continuing our observational drawings and discuss and name parts of a plant.

We will be celebrating Diwali on Friday.  The children are welcome to dress in traditional Indian clothes.

Dawali image003



November 16th: Diwali Celebration

November 20th: Universal Children’s Day (Details coming soon).

November 30th: Parent Forum

December 10th: P.D. Day, no school for students

December 14th: Last Day of Term 1, half-day for students

*Please note that the holiday concert on December 14th is for Grades 3-5 only, and therefore we will not be performing at this time. Our concert performance will take place at the end of the school year.

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