January 14th – 18th

Hello EY1 Families!

Last week, we started provoking learning for our new UOI “Investigations” where we take time to slow down and notice carefully how the world works.  We are encouraging children to ask questions, play, and explore.


We started looking at different materials of various objects and talking about what things are made of.  This will help give us some vocabulary for this unit.

20190108_103118 20190108_100850

We are also talking about our senses and how we can use them to explore and investigate.  We have a perfume lab that Ms. Ran made for us.  We have been smelling the different scents and trying to guess what is inside the bottle!


We enjoyed using our sense of touch when we played with slime!  This week we will make it all together!

20190111_095239 20190111_095554

We made a bubble solution and played outside with it!  It was fun to chase after the bubbles!

20190111_104448 20190111_103845

We are all innovators what ask questions and inquire about the world around us through play.  We are looking forward to making more discoveries as the weeks go on.


What is an artifact?

Each unit, we ask for an artifact from home.  This is something that relates to our unit of inquiry and allows us to make sense of what we are inquiring into at school.  We ask that you talk with your child about it before you bring it in.

This unit we are asking for a tool from home.  We are talking about what a tool is and what work it might do.  Some examples: a hammer, a device (phone, radio, etc), or something else that makes work easier.  If you have any questions, please ask!

Thank you! Have a great week!


Wai Kru Day : Wednesday, January 16th

100th Day of School: February 4th

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