January 21st – January 25th

Dear Parents,

As we delve further into our UOI, “Investigations,” we are learning about color mixing and how we can make new colors.  Incorporating math, we looked at the symbols for addition and equals and discussed what two colors we need to add together to make a new color.

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We will continue discussing and observing color mixing this week.

Last week we sorted our Numicon by colors.  This week in math we will be going further by matching the Numicon by shape and pairing each with its corresponding numeral.

We are working on our second self- portrait, observational drawing.  Students are using a mirror to notice all their beautiful features and then drawing what they observe.

20190115_105004 20190115_110508 20190115_110842 20190118_102733

We are also working with loose parts to see how things work.

20190114_093122 20190114_093219 20190114_10120520190109_09471520190114_093438



Saturday February 2nd: Early Years Picnic

Monday February 4th: 100th Day of School Celebration (Sign up next week to bring food to share).

Tuesday February 5th: 3-Way Conferences Class B

Wednesday February 6th: 3- Way Conferences Class A

Thursday February 14th: P.D. Day, no school for students

Friday February 15th: School holiday, no class

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