Week of January 28th – Feb 1st


Hello EY1 Families and Friends!

We have been continuing our investigations of the world around us by asking questions and exploring.  Our artifacts from home have been an area of much interest.  Please remember to bring a “tool” in from home!

20190122_103512 20190122_103548

We noticed that if we took a flashlight and held it up next to a slide we could see the image on the wall.  We then turned out the lights to see better.  All of these discoveries and questions came from our artifacts!


We finished working on our colour mixing with Ms. Nicole.  We are using some of the things we learned for our assessments for three way conferences!  We are looking forward to sharing what we know 🙂

20190122_093822 20190121_100022

We have been furthering our understanding of ourselves by looking at our faces and then discussing the five senses.  We have been using the senses to investigate and ask questions.  


We spent several mornings mostly indoors because of the poor air quality.  We understand the procedures and also monitor the air quality as it changes.  We make all decisions based on the safety and well being of ALL children.  


Saturday February 2nd: Early Years Picnic

Monday February 4th: 100th Day of School Celebration – Sign up outside classroom starting today!

  • We will also celebrate Chinese New Year on the 100th day of school.  Children are invited to wear free dress or CNY outfit.  KIS may do another CNY event, so be prepared to wear CNY attire more than once.
  • As an activity to celebrate the 100th day of school, please bring a small ziplock bag with 100 small things inside.  Please count with your child!1216-100-day-bags-body

Tuesday February 5th: 3-Way Conferences Class B

Wednesday February 6th: 3- Way Conferences Class A

Thursday February 14th: P.D. Day, no school for students

Friday February 15th: School holiday, no class

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