Week of May 27th – 31st

 Hello EY1 Families!

Thank you once again for coming to the student led conferences last Monday!  We hope you enjoyed seeing our learning space and what the children have enjoyed learning this year!

We continued our UOI about exploration through play by growing our gross motor skills!  Our week was filled with lots of yoga, workout routines, running, all through play.

20190527_112149 20190522_110239 (2)

20190527_103621 20190527_112622

We also continued to develop our literacy skills by looking at common signs that we will see in our community at school and also in Bangkok.  We had fun building a big city and driving our cars to different locations!

20190524_100520 20190524_100628

This week we will focus on art and how we can learn to play and play to learn through many different types of art!


June 13th : EY1 Class Party

June 14th: End of the Year Concert/Half Day/Last day of term


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