Week of June 4th -7th

Dear Parents,

We had a fun week exploring lots of different art techniques!

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Our EY1 Salon is still a popular place of play!


Last week we introduced a functioning fax machine as part of our office.  It has been so exciting to figure out what this machine was used for!

20190531_142655 20190531_142706

This week we will inquire into music in play and see how music can affect the way we move our bodies and how we feel!

This Friday Ann and Yoyo will join three EY2 girls to compete in a belly dance competition at EmQuartier! We are so proud of our risk- takers for taking action and following their passion for dance!  Good luck girls!


June 13th~ Class Party 11:30-12:30 (Sign up to bring a dish to share).

June 14th~End of the Year Concert

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