Week of August 26th – 30th

Dear EY1 Community,

We hope that everyone had a great first full week in EY1.  We have worked hard to make everyone feel happy and welcome!  Here are pictures from our first day in EY1 🙂


Please remember that this week we will start the day in the classroom, not the playground.  At 7.50 when the bell rings, please help us by bringing your kids into the EY1 class.  Please make sure that their water bottles come into the classroom with them, and they wash their hands before they start playing.

Remember it is important to use positive language when speaking with your child about school.  Saying kind things like “I know you will have lots of fun” or “remember all the fun you had last week at school” are nice ways to transition to the classroom.

It is also important to reassure your child that you will be back to pick them up at the end of the day.  Please do not tell then that you are waiting outside.  We know saying goodbye can be difficult for both parent and child, but from our experience it works best if you keep your goodbye short, and once you decide to leave, please make sure you follow through with this.

Please do not come back as say goodbye for a second or third time, as this can be confusing and will prolong the process.

Last week in EY1 we took lots of time to get to know our classroom and other spaces we will be throughout the year.  Outside playgournds, the canteen, the music room, the swimming pool and the library.  We worked on getting to know our friends and teachers also!

Copy of IMG_6249 (1) Copy of IMG_6246 Copy of Copy of IMG_6221 IMG_6283 IMG_6300 IMG_6378 IMG_6412

This week we will start provocations for our first Unit of Inquiry (UOI) Who We Are.  We will talk about how our personalities, individual characteristics, interests, and abilities inform our learning and development.

As mentioned in our new parent orientation, each UOI we will ask for an artifact from home.  Artifacts are personal items that help us to make connections to our units.  Please email us a family photo by Friday August 30th.

Swimming on Monday!  Please put your childs swimsuit on underneath their uniform!

We will also have our Back To School Coffee Meeting on Wednesday, September 11th at 8:00 am.  Please save this date to come and learn about Resilience and Independence in the Early Years 🙂

We hope that you all have had a relaxing weekend!  Remember, that reality is setting in for your children.  Saying goodbye might be even harder after two days at home.  This is OK, we are ready for it !!  Please remember to say goodbye and then start your day!

See you Monday,
EY1 Team




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