Week of September 2nd to September 6th

Dear EY1 community,

We had a wonderful week together with many positive relationships being formed within the EY1 group. The children have settled in nicely and are becoming more familiar with the rules and routines of school. Please remember that this is still a long day for many, so establishing a healthy routine of arriving to school on time and getting a good nights sleep are extremely important for their well being.  Thank you for all your support in making this transition to school a positive experience for the children.

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Thank you to all who have sent in their family pictures this week. If you have not yet done this please send it to one of the teachers by the end of day tomorrow. We have been busy painting our picture frames and this week the children will be invited to decorate them before sticking them on our family tree. This artifact is a great way for the children to make connections from home to school and can often be a great comfort when they are missing a loved one throughout the day.

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The children were also invited to do a name activity last week where they were working on recognizing and sequencing the letters of their names. The children showed great enthusiasm towards this learning experience with many displaying a great sense of accomplishment when completing the task independently.

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The children were also displaying a lot of interest in dramatic play last week, with many pretending to be their favourite superheroes,princesses and characters from their favourite story books. When children engage in dramatic play they deepen their understanding of the world as well as supporting their social emotional development. They are learning to negotiate roles, agree on a topic, play cooperatively and share space and resources.

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Upcoming events and reminders:

Coffee Meeting- Wednesday September 11th at 8:00am in the EY1 classroom.

We will be discussing the importance of building resilience and encouraging independence.

House Day: Friday 13th September at 8:00am

Please make sure you arrive on time to school and wear your house shirts on the day. The children will be split into their house teams and will be participating in various sporting activities. 

We hope you all have a wonderful week.

Kind regards

The EY1 team


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