Week of September 16th – 18th

Hello EY1 Community!


Many thanks to those of you who attended the Coffee Meeting on Resilience.  We are grateful that so many of you came.  We are looking forward to seeing all of EY1 children and parents growing independence and resilience as the year moved forward.


Last week we saw some older secondary school friends playing on the zip line outside!  We all decided to be risk takers and try it ourselves!  We uploaded some of the videos to SeeSaw!  Make sure to check it out.  If you were not at the Coffee Meeting you will need to get the QR code from the teachers.

Children and play.

We have started provocations for our next UOI Play.  We will continue to revisit the other UOI “Who We Are” thoughtout the year at various points.  We talked about the different ways we play in EY1 each day and how we play with friends.


In library class Ms. Lindsay read us the story The Dot.  She had us do a small activity to help us prepare for dot day today!


It will be displayed when it is finished!

20190913_092130 20190913_092055 20190913_085853

We had a very nice House Day!  We enjoyed the activities and play!


As per our coffee meeting, please be reminded that if your child is too sick to swim, they are too sick to be at school.  If you do not have a doctors note, they will go swimming.  Swimming helps you grow stronger.  Swimming does not make you sick.

Please remember that swimming is a part of the KIS cirriculum from EY to Grade 12.  Keeping your child home from swimming actually keeps them from leaning a very important cirricular part of the KIS community.


Thursday September 19th: Professional Development Day (no school for students).

Friday September 20th: September Break (holiday, school closed).

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