September 23rd – September 27th 2019

Dear EY1 community,

It was a very short but sweet week last, being only 3 days. But we hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!

On Monday the children had a blast participating in the Dot day activities. This included wearing special dot clothing to school, marble painting, circle themed art activities as well bringing in recycled bottle caps to contributed to the giant mural in the atrium. Thank you to everyone for supporting this special event. It was a whole school event and the EY1 children really enjoyed being a part of it!


Dot day also sparked a new interest for us, colour!  The bottle caps were categorized by colour to make things easier when creating the murals. Since then, the children have been exploring colour through various activities within the classroom. We created marble paintings using eye droppers and salad spinners. This activity not only reinforced our knowledge of the colour names but also supported our fine motor development by opening and closing the lids to the salad spinners and using the eye droppers with control.


Some of the children were also very engaged in our colour matching bingo game. This involved rolling a dice and identifying the colour rolled. The next step is to match the coloured picture on the board to the card. Games support children in their abilities to take turns, practice patience and are a great tool in supporting the development of language skills.


Through our focus on the circle  we were able to make connections of things that we knew formed this shape. This lead to us exploring bubbles! We went to the secondary playground and enjoyed the wide open space to run around. We were also able to explore the bubble making tools independently and creatively as there was enough space for everyone to get involved.  Some chose to use the force of running to make the bubbles form, others blowing them with their mouths. But most importantly we had A LOT of fun during this experience!


Special request: Artifact from home

We have started our new unit of inquiry on ‘Play’. We are requesting that each child bring a special artifact from home. We ask for this to be a natural toy or game (Natural or wooden objects only, please no plastic). 

Reminders for the week ahead:

  • Seesaw – If you have not yet signed up for the Seesaw App. Can you please do this as soon as possible. For those who did not attend the coffee meeting, invitations with your child’s QR code were placed in your child’s bag last week. If you need another copy please let one of the EY1 teachers know. We will be putting a lot of important information on Seesaw as well as sharing learning experiences specific to your child. So it is important that you sign up so you are not missing out on all the wonderful and fun things your child is learning in EY1.
  • Library – Please remember to return your library book on Fridays. Children are unable to borrow a new book if they have not returned their current book on time.
  • Swimming – We all went swimming today and it was really nice! Lets keep this up!

What can you do at home this week to support our learning in the classroom?

  • Identify colours in your environment and reinforce the colour names.
  • We will also be inviting the children to participate in an observational drawing activity this week. It would be great if you could help them look in the mirror at home and discuss some similarities and differences they see as well as features that are unique to them. 

We hope you all have a wonderful week.

Kind regards

The EY1 team


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