September 30th – October 4th

Dear EY1 community,

We had another wonderful week together in EY1 with two very exciting things happening on Monday. Not only did we welcome a new member to EY1A class, Panther! We also celebrated Princes 4th birthday. I hope you can all join us with making Panther and his family feel welcome at KIS. And a big thank you to Prince and his family for celebrating his birthday with us at school.


Thank you to those who have already brought in their artifact. We just have a few reminders in regards to this:


  • We will be keeping the artifacts until the end of our UOI on play (which ends just before the October break).
  • Please bare in mind that this item may not be returned in the condition it was once in.
  • One of the main objectives to bringing in something from home is to encourage the children to share this item with their friends. Please have a discussion with your child at home before hand so they understand this request.
  • Please remember we would like this to be a natural toy or game (Natural or wooden objects only, please no plastic).

We continued our exploration of colour in the classroom and the children were still displaying great interest in not only the teacher lead activities such as our ‘walking water experiment, but also exploring colour mixing independently through painting, books and water play. This made us wonder what happens when you mix  2 or more colours together and how to make secondary colours out of the 3 prime colours. We will continue to extend this interest further by inviting the children to join in on colour exploration activities again this week.


On Friday we attended our first QLB assembly where Nytti and Aimee made us all very proud by getting up on stage to receive their awards. Well done girls!


We have noticed that a majority of you are sitting on the bench in the mornings instead of enjoying the new playground. As per school policy all the children are suppose to be on the playground until 7:50am. This is also a great time for them to be socializing with each other and showing their independence and growing resilience.

What can you do at home this week to support our learning in the classroom?

  • Identify colours in your environment and reinforce the colour names.
  • We have been at school for several weeks now and it’s becoming very clear to us which children are struggling with doing things for themselves. Please support us and your child by encouraging them to put their shoes and socks on by themselves, changing their own clothing, pulling their own pants on and off when toileting and feeding themselves at home. Remember to allow yourself and your child more time so this is possible. The more practice and opportunities they have to do this, makes things easier in the long run and is greatly beneficial for their overall development.

Thank you very much for your continued support and we hope you have a great week.

Many thanks

The EY1 team.






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