November 25th – November 29th

Dear EY1 community,

We had a very eventful week last week, with Monday morning beginning with a lock down drill during our swimming lesson. This involved us all of the EY1 students and teachers in the bathroom, turning off the lights and being very quiet (which is the school procedure during a lock down). This lead us to an important discussion about what the lock down siren sounds like, and why this alarm might go off during the school day. We explained to the children that this might happen if a bad or dangerous person has entered the school. So we would need to hide and stay quiet to keep ourselves and others safe. This also lead to a discussion on the different procedures for other emergencies, such as a fire drill. We discussed similarities and differences during these different emergencies settings, what they involve.

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On Wednesday we celebrated Max’s 4th birthday. We brought in a delicious cake to share with all his EY1 friends. Thank you very much Max, we loved sharing this special day with you.

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On Thursday our grade 2 reading buddies came to see us in the morning. The first couple of months we have spent time building trusting relationships and getting to know one another. We had been using this time to explore play opportunities, sharing ideas, toys and resources. But this week was the first week the children were expect to sit down and read with their buddies. It was wonderful to see a love for literacy and reading developing around the room.

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Friday the children participated in dress down day. This involved the children coming to school dressed in clothing that they felt expressed themselves. Each child was encouraged to give a donation to be collected and handed to Paws Bangkok. Thank you for all your generous donations and participation in this event.

We also had a very exciting afternoon as Ms June dropped off a brand new tent for the classroom. The children all collaborated to build and assembly the parts of the tent, and we then came up with some classroom rules to help manage out time in the tent fair for everyone. This involved many skills such a communication, problem solving, investigating and collaboration to achieve a positive result. Well done EY1 friends!

IMG_2210 IMG_2217IMG_2215IMG_2231

Here are the rules the children came up with:

  • No more then 4 people in the tent at one time.
  • No climbing on the tent.
  • Only enter through the front door/opening of the tent.

End of term Concert

-The concert will be held on Friday the 13th of December, we are starting to prepare costumes so if you are not going to be here for the concert can you please let us know as soon as possible!

Reminders for the week ahead

  • Please bring an artifact for our floating and sinking experiment ( We are still waiting on quite a few students).
  • PE uniform Tuesday & Wednesday.
  • Library books need to be returned before Friday.

Have a great week.

Kind regards

EY1 team








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