December 9th – December 13th 2019

Dear EY1 families,

We continued with our unit of inquiry ‘Investigations’. The children displayed a lot of interest in the science experiments we explored with the grade 11 students. Because they we particularly interested in the Mentos and coke experiment, due to its very exciting chemical reaction. Many of the children made a connection to a volcano exploding. This made us wonder if it was just Coke that created an reaction or if other brands of cola would also react to the Mentos. This then made us wonder which brand of cola would make the BIGGEST explosion.  The children were invited to make a prediction by making a choice from 5 different brands Coke, Coke Zero, Pepsi, Pepsi Max and EST. We then filmed our experiment to support us in reflecting on our predictions. This was filmed in slow motion so we could carefully examine the height of each explosion.



We’ve been exploring Christmas and the children showed interest in Ms Kaitlin’s Nutcracker decoration which inspired us to do an observation drawing of our nutcrackers. We also watched the nutcracker and many of the girls who did ballet made that connection with the class.


The children have also been busy making Christmas ornaments for our class Christmas tree. This was an art project done which encouraged the children to revisit their work several times throughout the week while also developing a our fine motor, pencil grip and expressive language skills.


On Friday we went on  an excursion to Mr Paul’s office as we heard he had a real Christmas! We encouraged the children to use their sense to investigate some of the similarities and differences in comparison to our Christmas trees in the classroom.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday for the class party and then again for the concert on Friday!

From all of us in EY1, we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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