Feb 3rd – Feb 7th 2020

Dear EY1 famalies,

We’ve had a similar week of disruption due to the pollution which meant we were unable to spend as much time outside as we would have liked. However we were able to go out for short periods of the time and during this time the children really enjoyed collaborating and using their problem solving skills to transport the soil days from one side of the playground to other to fill out EY1 outdoor garden bins.  When the air quality improves we will be able to use these and start planting our seeds that we brought from home. 

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We tuning in to our UOI this week by looking at the different seeds people had brought from home. We discussed what our seeds would need to grow and survive. We have experimented with many different planting techniques and materials and the children have taken on the responsibility of caring for their plants by watering them every morning before class. 

IMG_5273 IMG_5274

We also started to ask questions and wonder about the life cycle of plants and insects. We have used books and sequencing activities to help us gain a deeper understanding during mat times. We also went up to the Audio Box where we used our bodies to explore and follow the story of the hungry caterpillar through expressive dance and Yoga. The children really enjoyed this activity!

If you would like to try this at home please see the link below:

IMG_5222 20200128_111459

On Friday we celebrated Obe Oons birthday at school and he brought in cupcakes to share with all his EY1 friends!

20200131_120335 20200131_120336

This week we will continue to plant our seeds from home. We will also be taking a closer look at a particular vegetable that the children displayed great interest in when looking at our UOI books, The Pumpkin!

Important Dates

House Shirt Wednesday– Wed. Feb. 5th

PYP 3-Way Conferences –  Week of Feb. 10th – 14th

School closed for students –  Mon. Feb. 17th & Tue. 18th

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