Week of March 2nd – 6th

Dear EY1 Families,

We will be postponing the EY forum until further notice.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  We have been looking forward to this and will let you know when we have rescheduled.

20200226_091204 20200226_094711 20200226_110930

We planted seeds in a paper towel and stuck them on the window as an experiment.  Most of us said that the seeds would not grow because we were not putting them into the dirt.  We were suprised a few days later when some of the plants started sprouting!

20200302_125011 20200302_125020

We all went swimming last week.  We all had fun.  Please remember that swimming is an important part of the KIS program from EY to G12.  Your children are extremely resilient 🙂

20200227_080942 20200227_080956

We have been working with Ms. Daisy on stamping and background colour.  She has been showing us the various colours and tones.  We love when Ms. Daisy comes to play!

20200227_111215 20200227_111203 20200227_102713 20200227_102751

We also had a long talk about our new class pets, The Fish.  We discussed how we need to take care of them by feeding them, changing the water on Fridays, and not hitting the class.  Thank you to Tann and Tara for letting us borrow the tank.  Here are our Fish and their names 🙂








Surfs Up



We managed to keep them alive over the weekend 🙂

Please have a lovely week 🙂


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