March 9th – March 13th 2020

Dear EY1 families,

Thank you for all your support while we’ve had students and teachers in quarantine over these past few weeks. The children are still showing great enthusiasm toward our UOI ‘Living Things’ and are beginning to ask more in depth questions and make connections within their environment.

As part of our usual Monday routine, we all had the opportunity to share with the class about our weekends. As this is becoming more consistent the children who have been rather reserved in large groups, are now becoming more confident as they are familiar and comfortable with the experience. It would be great if you could all take some time on a Monday morning before school (over breakfast, or in the car on the way to school) to reflect on your weekend and support your child by helping them prepare for this.


Miss Sian returned to school on Wednesday and it was lovely having the EY1 family back together again! We celebrated by having our very own dance party in the playground, we had a great time dancing up a storm, sharing our favourite songs and dance moves!


Ms Daisy continued to teach us about warm and cool colours this week.  The children were invited to help paint recycled materials using different shades of red.


Last week, some of the teachers from other grade levels took the time to come and read to us. Oskar’s mum Ms Magda (who is one of the EY3 teachers) shared a story called the ‘The Worry Box by Suzanne Chiew. It was a lovely story that all the children could relate to, as we have all felt a little worried about something before. This inspired us to make our own personal ‘Worry Boxes’ to take home. We started painting them last week and will continue with the project this week as well.

IMG_6537 IMG_6638

The children have also started showing interest in the ocean and how plants can also grow underwater since getting our class pets. We will be starting to explore this with provocations set up in the mornings, and will begin to brainstorm what we would like to explore further during our UOI time. If anyone has any interesting books, puzzles or toys relates to the ocean or sea animals please feel free to send these in.

We have been learning a new song about ocean animals this week and the children really like. The link is below for anyone who wants to sing along at home:

Reminders for the week ahead:

PE uniforms on Tuesday and Wednesday.

House shirts this Friday for QLB assembly.

Please return library book before Friday morning so your child is able to borrow another book.

Important events:

April 6th – 17th: Songkran Holiday – School closed, please be aware of travel advisories when making holiday plans!



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