March 23rd to March 27th 2020

Hello EY1 Friends!

Our second week of home learning went very smoothly. Thank you so much for sending in all the photos and videos of the children learning from home. As we reflect on the past week of learning, We are seeing the children having a great time with their families and being really thoughtful and creative with how they participate in the shared activities.The highlight of the week for us teachers, was listening to all the children using their expressive language in their videos.  They spoke with excitement and joy as they found their voice in an environment they feel most comfortable, home!

We had a lot of friends and families participate in the inside scavenger hunt. Searching all over their house for items, getting really creative with their findings! Some drew items they didn’t have, others used one item to tick two things off the list!

Seesaw_24-03-2020 10_27_24 Seesaw_24-03-2020 01_31_40 Sharina Aimee Hugo To Panther Zeno 1 Kiara 1 Prince 2

Our friends also enjoyed the Lego challenge. Many extended their interest of building and constructing further. Using resources other than Lego to create many things such as hospitals, garages, buildings, towers Mulan’s house and rocket ships.

We also had many friends complete activities from our blue books. Drawing life cycles and muddy footprints. Max got really creative with this footprint and used chocolate instead of paint!

Copy of Seesaw_26-03-2020 03_14_42 Zeno 2 Max Chocolate Oskar Kiara Seesaw_26-03-2020 11_16_32 Seesaw_26-03-2020 01_48_27


We also enjoyed some downtime at home. Listening to stories, looking at books and some children sharing their own stories. We had fun in the kitchen cooking with our families and getting some exercise whether that be walking, jumping, riding our bikes, or swimming.

Our friends also set a great example for others by being principled, caring learners as they planted their seeds and cared for their plants over the past week. It is wonderful to see the joy on everyone’s faces as they tracked the growth of their plants!

Tara 1 Venice 2


Max 3 Kiara 3 Seesaw_25-03-2020 09_50_11

Thank you to everyone for helping us stay connected by sending regular photos, messages and videos. We miss the children so much but are happy to see them building resilience  and independence as they embrace this new routine of learning from home.

This week we are taking  break from blue books and sharing the planet unit to dip back into ‘Who we are”. Have a great week of learning and a safe and happy Songkran holiday break!

Best wishes

EY1 Team


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