Home Learning (Emergencies)

In the Event of an Emergency Closure

School closed

 Emergency closures can happen any time throughout the academic year with little or no advanced warning. In the event of an emergency school closure, the safety and well being of all community members is a priority. It is recognized that emergency closure only happens during crisis and that format, responses and staff/student availability will depend on the reason for closure.

The school will endeavor to provide the most up to date in formation for all families in relation to the emergency situation/closure. In the event of a closure, the school will provide opportunities for home learning to minimize the impact the closure may have on student’s learning.

Dear Parents, 

We are sending home a packet for the children to work on during the emergency closure.  Please complete and return when school opens.


Your child has been assigned a letter.  Please find a material that can be glued onto the letter that corresponds to the letter.  Your child should cut out the letter and glue the material on. Examples: Sand for S, Tinfoil for T, Paper for P, etc. If you absolutely can’t come up with a material, you may find something that corresponds online and print it out and glue it.

If you did not receive a packet because your child was absent or is half day, please use the letter assigned below, have your child draw the letter on A4 paper, and glue the material onto the paper.

Tate: I

Tynn: N

Yoyo: V

Catherine: Y

Parami: T

Parc: U

We are sending home a unit related book.  Please read it with your child, discuss the content, and have your child draw a picture of what they learned.  If you do not have a book, please

Please visit our Library Web Page through the KIS portal and use our online resource activities. 


Please read with your child daily.


Teach your child the game of tic-tac-toe and play with them daily.

Count 100 small objects and put into a ziplock bag.

Find three AB or ABC patterns in your home and discuss how it repeats and what would come next.

Ask your child to sing the days of the week song.

Our 100th Day and Chinese New Year Party will be postponed.