Week of December 3rd – 7th

Hello Ey1 Community!


We started the week off with an intruder drill.  We were all quiet and listening to instructions!

20181127_094907 20181127_094928 20181127_144532

We spent time drawing and developing our understanding of living things by looking at our caterpillar, who was no longer a caterpillar!  He was in a cocoon!  We are eager to see what he changes into.

20181128_110252 20181128_110354

One of Ms. Kaitlins friends from America sent us a Flat Stanley!  It is a story about a boy who travels.  We made a city for him and sent the picture and the Flat Stanley backl to the US.

20181129_083320 20181129_083350

We had some friends from Grade 5 come and read to us and show us how to play with Cubetto.  They will do this with us again for the Hour of Code on Tuesday!

20181130_080829 20181130_080645 20181130_080643

On Friday we had a House Assembly!  We got to see some really cool experiments from Grade 4!  And also got to dance!  We had fun 😉

We decorated for Xmas!


Ms. Ran helped us to make pretty decorations for the classroom!

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Outside we were showing out skills and abilities to all of our Friends.  Ms, Somjit was helping us with our exercise 🙂  We had a really lovely week!

Reminders:Christmas tree reminder

Wednesday December 5th: Father’s Day – school closed

Friday December 7th: EY1 Class Party – 11:00 – 12:30

  • Parents – The Xmas party will be in place of lunch.  We have many people signed up to bring treats, please consider changing what you are bringing to food we can share, or if you haven’t signed up yet please sign up to bring food rather than a treat.

Monday December 10th: P.D. Day – no school for students

Wednesday December 12th: Awards Assembly, 8:30 – 9:30 am in the auditorium – Parents of children receiving an award will be informed in advance and are welcome to attend.

Friday December 14th: Last day of Term 1 – Children will be dismissed at 11:30 am and will not eat lunch at school.

Monday January 7th: First Day of Term 2

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Week of November 26th- November 30th

Dear Parents,

We had such a lovely week last week celebrating Loy Krathong.  The children loved having you help them make and float their Krathongs.  We hope you had a happy holiday!


Last week we continued observational drawings and naming parts of a plant.  This week we will continue to delve further into our responsibilities of resources and how they may effect animals.


Our new caterpillar has started it’s cocoon!  We have been able to observe and draw all the stages of the life cycle of a butterfly!


Wednesday December 5th: Father’s Day – no school for students

Monday December 10th: P.D. Day – no school for students

Friday December 14th: Last day of Term 1 – half-day for students

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Week of November 19th – 23rd

 Hello EY1 Families!

We have continued to grow our understanding of our current UOI “Sharing the Planet”.  We have been inquiring into plants and animals and finding lots of connections outside!


We found a nest of termites and had lots of questions about why there were there and what they eat!

received_2166372906934318 received_2082483025305647

We worked with Ms. Nicole to name the parts of plants.  We have talked about the Stem, Leaves, Flower, and Roots.  Please encourage these types of questions about plants at home!

received_181088169501791 received_306477846634393

We are slowly adding to our unit, the idea of being responsible for living things and our planet.  We have noticed the amount of plastic that we use daily with our snacks and lunches.  Ms. Ran purchased reusable bins for the canteen and now our snack will be given to us by using less plastic waste.  Thank you EY1 and Ms. Ran for inspiring this in our school!

received_288029902054042 20181116_110735 20181116_104712 received_746499189019263

We celebrated Diwali the Hindu festival of lights on Friday!  We listened to stories from families about Rama and Ravana, as well as got some beautiful Henna tattoos!


On November 20th, we will celebrate Universal Children’s Day.  This is a day where we recognize the needs of children all over the world.  We are having a Free Dress Day.  Each child is asked to make a donation of at least 20 bht to be given to The HUB, a local organization that many KIS teachers volunteer for.  The HUB aims to provide a safe space for adolescents and teens in Bangkok.  The theme this year is “Go Blue” so please try to wear Blue on Tuesday!



Tuesday, November 20th: Universal Children’s Day – Children can pay at least 20 bht to wear anything blue to benefit The Hub.

Thursday November 22nd: Loy Kratong – children are invited to wear traditional Thai Dress

Wednesday December 5th: Father’s Day – no school for students

Monday December 10th: P.D. Day – no school for students

Friday December 14th: Last day of Term 1 – half-day for students

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Week of November 12th-16th

Dear Families,

Last week we had fun attending So You Think You Can Dance!  Congratulations to the KIS dancers who placed first in Primary, Middle, and High School!

As we continue our Unit of Inquiry we are observing many living things!  last week Ms. Ran brought in worms.  We had lots of questions and many of us wanted to take them home!

worms 037AB0D8-42D6-454A-AFB9-8D8A85DC608C

On the playground we were lucky to observe a wood pecker make holes in a tree!


Thank you to Third who brought in a Caterpillar for us to observe.  It has started it’s cocoon!  This is a great home-to-school connection and we appreciate you sharing what you are doing at home with us!  Can you spot the caterpillar?


We also have a snail that the children are observing closely!

0C317BDA-D921-4CD6-9912-DC66E621D517 5EBCEE70-A5EC-422D-BBDA-0EB526EF7CE3 BEAB76C7-1F0F-4945-B7EC-32E7AB370280


Never a dull moment, a baby bird was found on the playground and brought to Ms. Kaitlin to care for.  Her love of birds is well known throughout the school.


Now that all the children have their plants at school, please remind them to care for their plant by watering it every day.  They are also responsible to take it outside on Fridays before they go home, and to bring it inside on Monday mornings.

We are working on mark making and often like to use sticks to write in the sand!

sand2 sand1

We also use our gross motor skills to dig!


Last week the students worked with Ms. Ran to name numbers and count in Thai. This week in Math we will work on new position words.   In our UOI we will be continuing our observational drawings and discuss and name parts of a plant.

We will be celebrating Diwali on Friday.  The children are welcome to dress in traditional Indian clothes.

Dawali image003



November 16th: Diwali Celebration

November 20th: Universal Children’s Day (Details coming soon).

November 30th: Parent Forum

December 10th: P.D. Day, no school for students

December 14th: Last Day of Term 1, half-day for students

*Please note that the holiday concert on December 14th is for Grades 3-5 only, and therefore we will not be performing at this time. Our concert performance will take place at the end of the school year.

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Week of November 5th – 9th

 Hello EY1 Families!

Last week we started talking about our new Unit of Inquiry “Sharing the Planet”!  We are starting by talking about the differences between Living and Non-living Things!  Please remember to bring in a plant for your child.  At home you can talk about the parts of the plant to help further their Inquiry!  


We will also start doing observational drawings of our plants this week so please try to bring them in ASAP!


Last week, we had some amazing questions and wonderings about “Living Things”.  We are working to understand how they are different from non-living things.  We use sign language to make sense of difficult words.  


We grew our math skills by working with Ms. Nicole on simple patterns.  We are working on displaying our work in the classroom!


We had a spooktacular Halloween!  Our grade 2 reading buddies came and took us to the 4th floor where we went trick or treating!  It was super fun!  

received_578308702599230 received_347812169319464 received_24703830929778920181102_080318

We have SO MUCH recyclable materials!  Thank you EY1!  We cannot accept anymore at this time, however if you have any of these fruit covers, we will gladly take!


We have made a Class Book for our friends!  It talks a little about each friend in the class and something they can do.  We want all of our friends to be familiar with each child in the classroom!  Please keep the book ONLY ONE NIGHT then return it to school the next day!


(This is what it looks like!)

Important Dates

December 10th: P.D. Day, no school for students

December 14th: Last Day of Term 1, half-day for students

*Please note that the holiday concert on December 14th is for Grades 3-5 only, and therefore we will not be performing at this time. Our concert performance will take place at the end of the school year.

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Have a Wonderful Break!

Dear Families,

We had a wonderful week of learning in EY1 and we wanted to share with you some of the highlights!  We have been busy sorting materials and are talking about why we are choosing to sort them in this way.

20181012_09430620181008_103124 99268178-2B68-4F17-8C25-F51C18E23C69

We enjoyed outdoor play with water!

2972A738-D3AC-4FA3-A9C0-4747945C4BE8 938A07CE-FDFE-404D-94D3-A9FED820C00D

We took a photo because we were all here!!!


Our EY1 students took action!  We went to the big sandbox but we noticed trash on the ground.  The studnets were curious and questioned how it got there.  When asked where it belonged, Parc said “The bin!”  On their own they picked up the garbage and threw it away.  We are so proud of our learners!

20181017_105519 20181017_105521 20181017_105649

You may have noticed our classroom is getting spooky!  We are busy using recycled and natural materials to create beautiful Halloween art!

EE235CAD-92D8-4651-832B-866A647ECFBE 339FE625-AC8E-4E58-961D-FE2B086DA7336A5A6446-B37E-4503-87C8-1D16749D1646

Speaking of Halloween, we have a fun day planned to celebrate on November 2nd.


We will be starting our new Unit of Inquiry the week return after break, please have your child bring in a plant as an artifact to get us tuned in!

Have a nice, relaxing break and see you on October 29th!

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Week of Tuesday October 16th-19

Hello EY1 Families!

We had a busy week with conferences!  It was lovely to sit down with all of our EY1 families and spend some time getting to know you.  We look forward to helping support you this year!

We also spent time reading/telling/acting out lots of stories.  We encourage all families to embrace literacy at home in as many ways as possible!  We also got a change to play with some of the class puppets ourselves and act out our own stories.

20180924_111955 received_318863118916424


We had visitors all the way from South Africa named Quadasi and Mac.  We enjoyed hearing a different language and also dancing to the music!


We took time to sort materials by colour.  We noticed that there were many different shades of different shapes.  We enjoyed developing out math skills by naming and categorizing objects.

20181012_094306 20181008_103124

We have had very calming and gentile outside play time.  We get the opportunity to work on our fine and gross motor skills when we embrace play with natural materials.

20181010_105249 20181010_105755 20181010_105751

This week in EY1 we are working on developing our understanding of ourselves even deeper than before.  We have been asking questions about what we can do and where we are from.  Please make sure that you take time to ask these questions at home with your children!

20181016_100855 20181016_095046

For example NiNi can “jump up down” and JiaJia can “play with teacher and Third”.  These are words from them!


October Break (SCHOOL CLOSED): Mon. 22nd – Fri. 26th October

First day back after October Break: Mon. 29th October

KISPA Halloween Event: Fri. 2nd November

SCHOOL CLOSED: Wed. 5th December
In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol‘s birthday

PD (Professional Development) Day: Mon. 10th December
SCHOOL CLOSED for students

PYP Holiday Concert: Fri. 14th December (End of Term 1)

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Week of October 8th -12th

Dear Parents,

Last week we had our House Launch!  Thank you to all who came to cheer us on!

To support our Unit of Inquiry, please email a baby photo and current photo of you child to Ms. Nicole or Ms. Kaitlin.  We will be presenting our photos to the class and talking about how we have changed and what similarities we share.

We’ve been exploring the outdoors and we love the sand box, collecting flowers, and drawing with chalk.

349DFF16-C177-4965-9522-FF80EC9CC686 7C3C7B34-F3BA-408D-92AF-7DFF9E6E5B09

F700CF3C-950E-48F7-B837-889B2FC803B9 4F58B943-BFB0-4BDD-968C-9C41ABFF8A10

On our veranda we like to play in the water with water beads!


Sometimes we take selfies with friends 🙂

E133523B-24E3-4407-A794-37CD25E0EEA2 E239DE8D-DFEF-442D-8EED-CEB5BC443E6D

This week in Math we will be working on the positional words: inside, outside, above, and below.

In Language Arts and UOI we will be practicing speaking and listening as we present our baby and current photos to the class and discuss how we have changed, and how we are alike and different.

This week we have a book fair and book exchange.  We will take the students to browse the books, but if you would like to purchase books for your child please take him/her before or after school.

BookFair (1)bookexchangeflyer


Tuesday October 9th – Wednesday October 10th: Parent-Teacher Conferences

(Make up conferences Thursday and Friday)


Monday October 15th: In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol, school closed

Monday October 22nd – Friday October 26th: October Break, school closed 


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Week of October 1st – 5th

Hello EY1 Community!

This week we started off with some lovely water play!  We loved to explore with our friends in EY2!  We are looking forward to playing with them again soon!

20180921_085618 20180921_084801

We also had a visit from Ms. Alex the counselor.  She talked with us about our personal space and how to be kind friends in our KIS community!


We have worked this week on preparing for conferences for you by doing informal assessments with relation to fine and gross motor skills!  All children have been growing their understanding of literacy through play and open exploration.  We are looking forward to conferences (sign up sheet is on the door)!

20180926_102438 20180925_095047

We ended the week with house shirt day and played with Cubetto the friendly robot for ICT.  We had a lovely week!


This week we will be working with shapes and numbers as well as continuing our development of the current UOI.


  • Friday October 5th, 8:30 am – 9:40 am: House Sports Day – EY children will participate in ball activities with their house teams on the PYP basketball court, and should wear their house shirts, with PE shorts and shoes. Accessories to build team spirit (i.e., house-coloured face paint or headbands) are also welcome! There will be no swimming.
  • Tuesday October 9th – Wednesday October 10th: Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Monday October 15th: In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol, school closed
  • Monday October 22nd – Friday October 26th: October Break, school closed 


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Week of September 24th -28th


Dear Families,

We have noticed the children love pretending they are working in an office so we have set up a dramatic play area where they can “work.”


The children have also shown interest in being doctors and can be found taking turns role playing doctors and patients.



We had a pirate visit our class to sing “Port Side Pirates!”  2CC07024-5D57-446F-A37D-B524BD0CA81C

We are busy making friends and learning each others’ names!


In Literacy, we are working on writing our names as well as recognizing what our names look like.  Some of the children are even starting to recognize their classmates’ names!  We are also learning how to handle books and have special time to sit with a book and read.

In Math we are introducing Numicon, a school wide math resource.  We will be using Numicon in lots of creative ways this year!

A90416B9-4EE2-4008-A9F5-2D76644AC650 24C9E8FB-A9F8-4DB7-BDC8-EE592DE90203

 As we continue our UOI “Inspiring Individuals,” we will be discussing our feelings.  Last week we had one on one interviews with Ms. Nicole to tell what makes us happy and then drew a picture to show what we liked.  This week we will be talking about things that make us sad.  We are also taking notice when our friends are sad and discussing ways we may make them feel better and how to say sorry if we hurt our friends.

Our school counselor, Ms. Alex, came to visit us last week to introduce herself as well as read us a story.


The story was, “No means No” and explained that your body belongs to you and it is okay to say “No” because you are the boss of your body.  We are encouraging the children to have a valid voice and that it’s okay to say, “No” if we are uncomfortable.

Sign ups for Parent -Teacher Conferences will be available for families with more than one child in the Primary school this Thursday and Friday.  Everyone else can sign up at the classroom next week October 1st-5th.


October 9th: Parent- Teacher Conferences (Class B)

October 10th: Parent -Teacher Conferences (Class A)

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