Week of October 1st – 5th

Hello EY1 Community!

This week we started off with some lovely water play!  We loved to explore with our friends in EY2!  We are looking forward to playing with them again soon!

20180921_085618 20180921_084801

We also had a visit from Ms. Alex the counselor.  She talked with us about our personal space and how to be kind friends in our KIS community!


We have worked this week on preparing for conferences for you by doing informal assessments with relation to fine and gross motor skills!  All children have been growing their understanding of literacy through play and open exploration.  We are looking forward to conferences (sign up sheet is on the door)!

20180926_102438 20180925_095047

We ended the week with house shirt day and played with Cubetto the friendly robot for ICT.  We had a lovely week!


This week we will be working with shapes and numbers as well as continuing our development of the current UOI.


  • Friday October 5th, 8:30 am – 9:40 am: House Sports Day – EY children will participate in ball activities with their house teams on the PYP basketball court, and should wear their house shirts, with PE shorts and shoes. Accessories to build team spirit (i.e., house-coloured face paint or headbands) are also welcome! There will be no swimming.
  • Tuesday October 9th – Wednesday October 10th: Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Monday October 15th: In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol, school closed
  • Monday October 22nd – Friday October 26th: October Break, school closed 


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Week of September 24th -28th


Dear Families,

We have noticed the children love pretending they are working in an office so we have set up a dramatic play area where they can “work.”


The children have also shown interest in being doctors and can be found taking turns role playing doctors and patients.



We had a pirate visit our class to sing “Port Side Pirates!”  2CC07024-5D57-446F-A37D-B524BD0CA81C

We are busy making friends and learning each others’ names!


In Literacy, we are working on writing our names as well as recognizing what our names look like.  Some of the children are even starting to recognize their classmates’ names!  We are also learning how to handle books and have special time to sit with a book and read.

In Math we are introducing Numicon, a school wide math resource.  We will be using Numicon in lots of creative ways this year!

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 As we continue our UOI “Inspiring Individuals,” we will be discussing our feelings.  Last week we had one on one interviews with Ms. Nicole to tell what makes us happy and then drew a picture to show what we liked.  This week we will be talking about things that make us sad.  We are also taking notice when our friends are sad and discussing ways we may make them feel better and how to say sorry if we hurt our friends.

Our school counselor, Ms. Alex, came to visit us last week to introduce herself as well as read us a story.


The story was, “No means No” and explained that your body belongs to you and it is okay to say “No” because you are the boss of your body.  We are encouraging the children to have a valid voice and that it’s okay to say, “No” if we are uncomfortable.

Sign ups for Parent -Teacher Conferences will be available for families with more than one child in the Primary school this Thursday and Friday.  Everyone else can sign up at the classroom next week October 1st-5th.


October 9th: Parent- Teacher Conferences (Class B)

October 10th: Parent -Teacher Conferences (Class A)

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Week of September 17th – 21st !

Hello EY1 Community!


We had a very short but busy week in EY1!  We started off on Monday with a fire drill!  We were one of the first classes outside and Ms. Nicole and EY1 were #hereandfabulous   🙂


We worked on our current UOI “Inspiring Individuals” where we talk about who we are as a community and as a unique human.  We started inquiring about our bodies and looked closely at our faces with Ms. Kaitlin.  Our observational drawings are quite interesting!  We also worked on writing our names for literacy!

20180910_103207 20180911_105506

We also grew understanding about our abilities and interests by talking about what makes us happy.  We have been answering the question “I am happy when…” with Ms. Nicole!


Ms. Ran worked with us to make some AWESOME window sensory play!  We measured the liquid and worked on our math skills!

20180911_111258 20180911_111300

Our gross motor skills develop daily as we play outside!  We hope you all did lots of play on your long weekend!

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This week we will continue to work on our understanding of self with our teachers.  We are looking forward to all of the discoveries and inquiries we will make together! 

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Week of September 10th – 14th


Dear Families,

Ms. Nicole is so happy to back with the children.  Thank you for all your kind words and support.   The children are settling more and more each day and it’s lovely to be getting to know each of their personalities!  As we continue our UOI we will be finding out more about each child’s abilities and interests.

Thank you for coming to our Back to School Coffee Meeting! It was nice to see all your supportive faces and we are looking forward to a great year with you and your child. (Ms. Kaitlin didn’t mean to take the focus off you. Or did she?)


We would like to remind and stress the importance of swim class on Mondays.  It is part of our curriculum and an important life skill.  Please provide a doctor’s note if your child is unable to swim.  We would love to have all children swimming each week!

The family photos look beautiful and the children love seeing their photos and talking with their friends about other families in our classroom.


The children are busy exploring all our classroom and school have to offer!

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We had our first assembly in the auditorium last week!  It is quite a climb for our little legs but very exciting to join the whole school!  We got to learn about all the responsibility that goes along with having a pet dog.

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Can you see the tiny dog Mr. Gerry is holding?

We’ve been having some trouble keeping track of the library books that are coming in before Thursday (library day). If you would like to return your child’s library book before Thursday, you are welcome to, but we ask that the parents take the book to the drop box outside the library themselves. Also, if you check out books for your child we ask that you please return those books yourself as well. On Thursdays your child’s library book can stay in their cubby and we will get them when it is library time.  Thank you for your understanding!

Please be reminded that students need to wear shoes they can take on and off themselves.  Please do not send your child in shoes with laces unless they know how to tie them.


Thursday September 13th – PD Day, no school for students

Friday September 14th – Holiday, school closed


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Week of September 3 – 7


Thank you for bringing in your family photos!  Please continue to bring them in this week!

We started with provocations about ourselves and who we are this week!  We put our face parts, emotion paddles, and magazines to see what the learners would and could create!


We asked many questions about the letters in our names with different provocation materials!

20180831_081255 20180831_081312

We are working on an “all about me” mobile for our classroom that was inspired by our provocations for learning and children led discoveries. 

 20180830_111048 20180830_094540

We also had a blast with “Go Noodle”


And dramatic and water play!


This week we will continue our exploration of ourselves and our classroom!


Wednesday September 5th – EY1 Coffee Meeting – 8:00 am

Thursday September 13th – PD Day, no school for students

Friday September 14th – Holiday, school closed


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Week of August 27th – 31st


Hello EY1 Families and Friends!
A few small announcements!

Now that we are getting settled and feel more comfortable in our classroom space, we are going to start working on our Unit of Inquiry “Inspiring Individuals”.  

At the start of each unit, we will ask that you bring in “Artifacts” from home.  These are things that relate to the UOI and help children connect with what we are learning about.  

For this unit we ask that you bring in a family photo.  Please have it be in a frame that we can have on display in the classroom!

Here is an example!


Since we have Swimming class on Monday, can we please have all EY1 children come to KIS already dressed in their swimsuit?  It will make the morning a little bit less hectic 🙂

Also, swimming is a part of the KIS program, from EY1 until graduation.  From now on, if a child misses swimming class, there will need to be a doctors note.  If you are too sick to swim, you are too sick to be at school.  Mr. Max is an amazing teacher.  He knows when it is too cold, or too rainy.  We also do not have the staff to keep children back in the classroom.  Thank you for your understanding. 

WE ALL HAD FUN (even Ms. Kaitlin).

IMG_8794 IMG_8874

FRIDAY, we will start Reading Buddies with Mr. Marc in Grade 2.  They will come read, play, do activities with us all year.  They only time they are available to play with us is from 7.50 – 8.20.  PLEASE try to be prompt on Fridays for the rest of the school year.  It is a lovely opportunity for all of us!

Have a great week.  If you can, please share this information with parents that may not be subscribed yet?  


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Week of August 20th – 24th

Hello EY1 Families!  Welcome to KIS!


We are greatly looking forward to this school year and getting the chance to get to know you all as families!  Last week there were some tears, some smiles, and a lot of fun on EY1.  Adjusting to school is hard for EVERYONE but we are patient and will get through it with time and compassion!

Welcome to EY1 Friends!

Last week, we spent time settling into our new environment and getting to know all of our new friends and teachers.  We explored all of the spaces in the classroom and outside. We had music with Mr. Chris and Library with our teachers!  Make sure to bring the library books back by Thursday 🙂

20180816_101610 20180814_105031 20180814_101818 20180817_143307

This week we will continue to settle into our new school, and maybe start talking about our new Unit of Inquiry “Inspiring Individuals” where we discuss the lines of inquiry:

-striving for understanding
-develop our passion for ourselves and others
-creating an inclusive and caring community

We will have a normal schedule this week!  Looking forward to a lovey week together!

Schedule 2018-19


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