November 29th-December 3rd

 Who We Are: Week 15


A wonderfully busy and fun time was had in EY2 this week.



The children all signed a handprint as we talked about and transferred our EY2 Essential agreement from an online copy to a physical class-based visual poster.


The children loved the obstacle course that was set up in our outside class area this week. They were able to further develop their physical motor skills as they balanced, jumped, hopped, crawled and did basic rolls on the mats. Along with the physical attributes that this center promoted we were also able to observe the children taking turns and following the rules and guidelines that were set to keep the activity safe. It was wonderful to see them persevere, master each section of the course and watch their confidence grow.

IMG_0580 IMG_0638 IMG_0634 IMG_0631 IMG_0630 IMG_0583 IMG_0582 IMG_0581

This week in their online sessions the groups spent their mini zoom meets getting ready for the new unit, Sharing the Planet. The children shared their knowledge about living and non-living things and what living things need to stay alive. They watched a short video entitled ‘A Whale’s Tail’ (, and did an “I See, I Think, I Wonder” to help them tune into the new unit.
Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 12.46.24

Next week we will continue tuning into our upcoming unit of Sharing the Planet.

There will be an online Sports Day next Wednesday 1st December. This will consist of a series of live Zoom sports sessions which will be complemented by a variety of Seesaw challenges where the children can obtain house points. The children can wear their house shirts for the Sports Day, a schedule of which will be sent soon.

 Have a wonderful week ahead


Wednesday December 1st: Sports Day

Monday December 6th:  No School -(In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday)

Friday December 17th: Last Day of Term 1

Monday January 12th 2022: Term 2 Begins

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November 22nd -26th 2021

 Who We Are: Week 14

Another fantastic week in EY2!

The children have shown so much confidence this week in class and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them more as time passes. We can’t believe it has just been 2 weeks!

We revisited our EY2 ‘Essential Agreement’ from the beginning of the school year and discussed how we can be principled and caring. We began to use another visible thinking routine called ‘Think, Pair, Share’, where the students break into smaller groups, talk about a question or idea with their partners and then share with the teachers.

IMG20211115092600 IMG_0455 20211119_105512

We also introduced some big building materials for use in our outdoor classroom area. Group 1 all helped to bring the equipment over to the EY2 area, working together to carry the bigger items. It was wonderful to observe the children explore new materials, create and collaborate on their ideas. It was another timely reminder of why play is so important for young children. Within one short session we saw:

  • Communication and expression of ideas
  • Connections being made to prior knowledge
  • Counting, measure and comparison of height
  • Conflict resolution
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance
  • Negotiation
  • Experimentation and testing
  • Physical motor control/balance
  • Increased spatial awareness

IMG_0439   IMG_0440IMG_0262IMG_0261IMG_0260IMG_0294IMG_0295IMG_0296

The children made paper kratongs as a center this week for Loy Kratong.


Next week will be our final week for our current unit of Who We Are and so we will continue with the children having the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon how they can be caring and principled to make good choices and develop and support relationships with others.

We will work on our big body movements by setting up a small obstacle course in our outside area where the children can practice a range of body movements and we will also be playing a variety of class games where the children have to follow a certain set of rules such as waiting for their turn, one at a time and so on. We will revisit our See, Think Wonder, visible thinking routine as we encourage the children to look closely at images and to discuss what they see, what they think and begin to pose questions by asking what they wonder.


We look forward to another wonderful week of learning ahead.


Monday December 6th:  No School -(In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday)

Friday December 17th: Last Day of Term 1

Monday January 12th 2022: Term 2 Begins

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November 15th – 19th


Who We Are – Week 13


It has been such a delight this week to welcome the children into the EY2 class! To hear the laughter, conversations and observe the happiness has been an absolute pleasure.

Both groups settled in beautifully and have showed bundles of confidence in separating from their parents. The children were able to connect with new friends and displayed obvious delight at being able to run around and explore our EY2 learning environment.

DipticExportSaveLocation DipticExportSaveLocation (1)

The children loved being able to run free in the playground

Attachment-1 Attachment-1 (1)Attachment-1 (2) Attachment-1 (3)

We have been working on our listening skills and ability to follow instructions and routines and the children have quickly adapted from an onscreen situation to a face to face environment. We read the book, ‘David goes to school’ by David Shannon and gave thought to the choices the character made within the text and how he could make better ones.


We will continue next week to work on our daily routines especially as we have 2 days on and then 5 days away from school. One routine the children have been having fun with is Sharks!  When I call out Sharks, the children stop what they are doing, do the shark sign themselves and turn towards the teacher and listen. They have been rather awesome at this Stop, Look and Listen routine.

Click here to see Sharks in action!

We will revisit the ‘Essential Agreement’ that EY2 made at the beginning of the year and will explore how they can be principled and caring communicators especially now we are back in the classroom. Screen Shot 2564-11-10 at 14.30.52

Ms. Magda will also be starting a reflection session where we use photos of the children engaged in an activity within class and discuss what they are doing and ask them to comment.

We have been tweaking our in-school schedule slightly to make it run more smoothly so you will notice a few changes to the lunch times for Monday and Tuesday.

Please remember to send in plastic containers or sealable pots for the children’s playdough.

Screen Shot 2564-11-04 at 15.15.09 IMG_0274


Monday December 6th:  No School -(In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday)

Friday December 17th: Last Day of Term 1

Monday January 12th 2022: Term 2 Begins

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November 1st – 5th 2021

Who We Are – Week 12

It has been wonderful for us as teachers to be able to get back into class this week and begin to prepare everything for this upcoming week.

Within our small group meetings this past week we have been talking about what we would need to bring in with us next week to school.  Our list consisted of:

  • Water bottlesIMG_0283
  • Backpacks
  • Masks and spare masks
  • Spoon and fork
  • Pencils and colours in a pencil case
  • Spare clothes (to keep in backpack)
  • Uniforms
  • Hats

(Please ensure everything is labelled with your child’s name)

If possible we would also like to you to send in small recycled containers with lids so we can store the playdough that we will make in class.

Screen Shot 2564-11-04 at 15.15.09IMG_0274

 We had a video walk around the different parts of the EY2 learning environment and the children gave thought to what they were excited about. Some of the things they are looking forward to are:

  • Playing with friends
  • Playing on the slide and swings in the playground
  • Reading books
  • Dancing with friends
  • Playing in the kitchen
  • Playing hide and seek with friends
  • Playing with soap bubbles
  • Playing with the blocks and friends

We can see that a common factor in all of their thoughts is being back with friends!

Here are some pictures from our morning meetings this week.


Next week we will take time to settle in and get into our routines.  We will set up centers that the children have expressed excitement about and will work on following the guidelines that we must adhere to during this period to be safe within school.

We will look at the EY2 Essential Agreement that was created and focus on how we can be caring towards our friends and also how we can be principled now that we are back in the classroom. We will look if we have to act differently from being at home to being in class.

Most importantly however we want to ensure that our EY2 students feel comfortable and safe being back in school. We want to provide the time and opportunity for them to reconnect and establish relationships with friends, old and new.


November 8th: Start back at school

Schedule: Our EY2 drop off and pick up times are as follows.

  • Drop off  8:30am (at the EY2 outside area)
  • Pick up: 1:45pm  (from the atrium)

Please click here to go over the Early Years guidelines if you have not done so already and here for the G1-G5 guidelines.

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October 26th-29th 2021

Who We Are – Week 11

A short but wonderfully busy week in EY2.

We have been practicing our listening skills and following instructions this past week in EY2.  The children played games such as ‘Simon Says’ and have been following a step by step process to create Halloween pictures and art work.

This week we have also introduced a visible thinking routine called See, Think, Wonder.


We start this off by having the children look closely at an object or a picture and asking them these three questions.

  • What do you see?
  • What do you think?
  • What do you wonder?
This thinking routine helps us to make closer observations, stimulates curiosity and urges us to ask questions. This is something we will continue to do throughout the year so the children will get lots of practice.

The children all looked wonderful in their Halloween dress up, they were very excited to share.


Next week in EY2 we will begin to think about our transition back to school and being back in the class again with our friends.

We will consider how our relationships will change from being online to being back in face to face with our friends again. We will think about what we will need to bring with us to school and the kinds of choices we can make once in class.

  • What kind of choices will we have to make to make our friendships work?
  • How can we be caring and principled once in school?

As we all prepare to return back to school we will employ the use of the Compass Points thinking routine over the coming weeks.  Here we take the compass points to consider our:

Screen Shot 2564-10-28 at 22.34.47
Have a wonderful weekend
 November 1st: EY Opening Meeting-8-9pm (see HOS Newsletter for Zoom link)
November 8th: Start back at school

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October 18th-22nd

 Who We Are-Week 10

 It has been a wonderfully busy week back after our holidays. Thank you all, as ever, for your continued support.

It was marvelous to see all of the holiday reflections at the beginning of the week and to listen to the children sharing their experiences.  We really loved the way they began to use the 5w’s (who, what, where, when and why) in their responses to add more detail.

During the week, the students have been thinking of ways that they could show gratitude towards Ms. Lynn for teaching them. They gave thought as to why we would say thank you and reflected on the wonderful things that Ms. Lynn did with them during her time in EY2 and indeed prior.  The videos, photos and audio messages that we received were very touching and Ms. Lynn was very moved by the children’s creations.

Some other ways that EY2 thought that they could show gratitude towards Ms. Lynn were to give her flowers and chocolates and to have a party.  For Friday the children helped plan a party by inviting friends they thought Ms. Lynn would like to see and then dressed up in clothes they thought Ms. Lynn would like such as dancers, singers and beach wear.

Next week in EY2, we will focus on following instructions and working on our fine motor skills which are the small hand movements that children use to draw, write, cut and manipulate small objects and tools. In our small groups next week we will have a range of activities which will promote the skill of listening carefully by following instructions and working on these small movements by drawing and cutting.

Our school Counselor, Ms. Alex would like to let all parents know that she has updated her blog.  Her new post is connected to supporting student engagement for remote learning after the holiday break.

Have a wonderful long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday 26th October


Monday 25th October: Chulalongkorn Day (No School)
Friday 29th October: Halloween Dress up party

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October 4th-8th

Who We Are-Week 9

Welcome Mr. Richard! This week was all about welcoming Mr. Richard into our EY2 community. The children shared what they thought was important to EY2 with Mr. Richard during the morning meetings, as well as introduced themselves, asked questions and shared toys with him.

On Friday, the students planned for a PJ/ Popcorn party as a welcome party for Mr. Richard. The students spend time reflecting on the week with Mr. Richard, as well as the year. They shared what they learned and what they enjoyed about Ey2 so far. It was a fun way to spend the last morning together berfore the October Break.  Mr. Richard was very grateful for the welcome and wanted to share this short message with everyone:

Dear Parents and EY2 Students,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful welcome this week! I love the way that I was made to feel so welcome into EY2. The videos athat you made telling me about yourself were fantastic to watch and you all worked so hard to speak clearly and give me lots of information about yourself and your families. I was also very impressed by the questions that you all asked so you could find out more about me and my family. I am so happy to be joining you all in EY2 and look forward to having lots of fun with you. Have a wonderful mid-term beark and see you all on the 18th of October. 

Be safe and have fun,

Mr. Rich’


When the students return to school, they will be busy planning yet another party, but this time it will be for Ms. Lynn. Ms. Lynn will be returning full time to her position at KIS. The students will learn what ‘grateful’ can mean and how showing one’s gratitude is one way people can help maintain relationships. The students will be given agency over this week- they will decide how they want to show they are grateful, who should be invited to the ‘Than- You Ms. Lynn’ party on Friday, and what the party would be like. It will be a very fun week!

Breast-CancerKISPA Pinktober Event

KISPA will be running its awareness campaign for breast cancer and annual donation drive between Oct. 18 through 29. We are excited for this community event which will be an online event this year. Please read the KISAP newsletter that was sent to all parents for more information about this event.


October 18th-29th- KISPA Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

Friday, October 22nd, 8:30-9:30am – HOS Parent Coffee- the Zoom link is in the HOS Parent Update newsletter sent October 8th.

Monday, October 25th- No School- Chulalongkorn Day


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September 27th- October 1st

Who We Are -Week 8103313634-group-of-happy-kids-cartoon-funny-kids-of-different-races-with-various-hairstyles-friendship-concept

Questions, questions, questions! That was the focus this week in the EY2 class. The children were inquirers when they investigated the function of questions and how they are connected to relationships. The children listened to a fun song entitled ‘The Five W’s Song‘ and watched a clip from a Sesame Street episode focused on questions. They used the knowledge they gained from the learning engagements when meeting the guests for the first time via Zoom. The children showed their communication skills when they asked their special guest questions about themeselves. At the end of the week, the children all agreed that asking questions helped them learn more about their guests.


The students had fun practicing their self-managment skills when creating art to show who they are and what they like to do. The children used their cutting, glueing, drawing, and building skills to create beautiful pieces of art that were connected to themselves.


The children continued to investigate numbers and the different ways they see number. They were asked to show different numbers in a variety of ways. They used playdough, items from around the house, and even their bodies to demonstrate how they see a number. Visualizing number helps children better understand this abstract concept. Teaching children to visualize math also helps further develop the brain. Here is a short article that explains a little more about visual math.


Next week is a very exciting week in EY2. The class will be welcoming the new teacher, Mr. Richard into the community. They will be using all the knowledge they gained the last few weeks to learn morIMG-1437e about Mr. Richard and start to form a relatiohships with him. The children have started to plan the questions and what they feel is important for Mr. Richard to know about EY2 already. This is great opportunity for the children to take ownership of their learning experience. It will be a fun and interesting week!



Breast-Cancer-Month of October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

-Monday, October 11th-Friday, October 15th- October Break




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September 20th-24th

Who We Are-Week7103313634-group-of-happy-kids-cartoon-funny-kids-of-different-races-with-various-hairstyles-friendship-concept

Thank you to all the parents for your continued support this week. It was a fun week in EY2, starting with playdough making on Monday. It was a first for the teachers to lead a playdough making session on Zoom and it turned out to be a great success. The students compared paper and playdough before making the material. They were asked to observe all the different ingredients and discussed what the mixture looked like before cooking it.  The children and the parents worked together to measure out the various parts, then mixed everything together before adding heat. The students shared their ideas of why the material changed form, and what helped create the change- heat! Thank to all the parents that supported the activity!

Screen Shot 2564-09-20 at 14.14.09 Screen Shot 2564-09-20 at 13.40.06 Screen Shot 2564-09-20 at 13.38.48

International_Day_of_peace_iStock_1200On Tuesday, the EY2 students, along with the entire PYP community, celebrated International Peace Day. The children watched a short presenation entitled  What is Peace? to better understand the word ‘Peace’. They were given a choice to complete a learning engagement on Seesaw connected to ‘peace’. The children did a wonderful job drawing their understanding of what peace looks, smells, feels, and tastes like.


During the rest of the week, the children continued to inquire into numbers and relationships. To help the children visualize the conecpt of number, they discussed how many items they see during our morning meetings and on their Seesaw learning engagement. They demonstrated strong self-managment skills when creating and  sharing their cutting creations.  Although sharing time was quite long, the children showed perseverance by sitting, looking, and listening to their friends present their creations. The children also used strong communication skills when asking questions about the cutting creations and pictues showing the students doing something they enjoy- swimming, bike riding, painting. They began to inquire about what questions are and how they help us learn more about people.




Last, we would like to thank all the parents who we met during the Parent/ Teacher confrences. It was wonderful catching up with all the parents, and talking about the growth each child has made in EY2 since the start of the year. Friday was also a House Challenge day which was loads of fun! The children were able to spend the day doing various activities with different specialist teachers and our EAs. These activities gave our children the chance to play with many new people, making them better aware of our great KIS teaching community.

Screen Shot 2564-09-20 at 14.18.39 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 08.16.42 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.28.19 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.28.27 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.28.34 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.28.56 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.29.05 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.29.19 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.29.27 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.29.43 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.29.49 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.30.04 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.30.12 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.30.26 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.30.33 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.30.41 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.30.50 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 12.30.58 IMG_0413 Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 09.49.43

Next week, the EY2 students will continue to investigate questions and how to ask ‘treasure’ questions- questions that help us learn more about people. The children will learn about different types of questions during their small groups learning engagment on line and start making a list of questions in preparation for a secret guest in 2 weeks. The students will also continue to practice counting in different ways to help them better understand that in math there is usually different ways to see things and various ways to approach problems.


  • Friday, October 1st – Primary School Parent Workshop/Forum , 8:30am-10am. Topics will  include updates on the programme, information about Transdisciplinary Learning and the PYP, and more. The Zoom link is in the HOS newsletter.

  • Monday, October 11th- Friday, October 15th- October Break- No School

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September 13th-17th

Who We Are-Week 6

dot dayDot Day and More

Although it was a short week in EY2, it was still alot of fun! The children continued to be prinicpled by practicing using kind words to David in the stories No David and David Goes to School, and each other. The students also practiced their fine-motor skills with cutting. They listened the song ‘Cut it Out‘ while practicing cutting paper and cutting on a line. They also continued using their number knowledge to discuss the calendar as well as how many objects they can see around them when breathing during their Mindfulness time.


The big day last week was International Dot Day which the entire PYP celebrated on Wedensday, September 15th. The children dressed up for the occasion, as well as listened to the story The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, and the song, The Dot Song by Emily Arrow. They also created so beautiful dot art with playdough and paint.


Thank you to all the parents that attending the EY2 Back to School Coffee Meeting. It was very lovely catching up with everyone and playing Kahoot to learn more about the learning in EY2.

Next week the students will continue inquiring into relationships, focusing on friendships. They will practice asking questions about pictures they see of their friends during small group learning engagements. On Friday, the PYP students will be participating in various House Challenges all day. All students are asked to wear their House shirt on this fun day! On Friday, the parents will have an opportunity to discuss their child’s progess in EY2 so far with the teachers. We look forward to meeing all the parents again.


Friday, September 24th- House Challenge and Parent/Teacher Interviews


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