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House Spirit Day was definitely a highlight of last week! The EY2s came prepared with house banners that we painted last week, full of energy and sportsmanship throughout the ball games. Have a look at the slideshow below to see a few of our best moments:


For our ongoing inquiry, Inspiring Individuals, we continue to learn ourselves and our families through family photo presentations and paintings, while also developing our oral and written language skills. We have also been pursuing our line of inquiry related to ‘developing passions in ourselves and others’ by having children choose a favourite centre to invite friends who do not usually play there. Everyone showed real open-mindedness in their willingness to try a new activity, and many discovered talents and interests they didn’t know they had. We also began to learn about Kelso’s Choices, a program designed to give children strategies to solve certain kinds of social problems amongst themselves. We read stories about friendship that included examples of problem-solving strategies, and introduced Kelso the frog. Kelso’s Choices relates to the our Central Idea, that self-development engages people in meaningful action, and we will continue to learn how to put these strategies into action this week and beyond.

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In addition to developing our reading, writing and oral language skills through our UOI, language goals are also integrated into centres including role play and art, as well as learning rhymes at our morning meetings. Last week, we learned the rhyme “Five Little Pumpkins,” and practiced acting it out.


We have been developing number sense as we continue to explore the Numicon materials, and to play card games involving numerals and quantities. We are also looking at patterns in various contexts, including creating patterns using loose parts.

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Happy Birthday!

FotoJetLast week, Bella celebrated her 5th birthday, and is already looking more grown up:) We hope you had a great day, Bella, and send a big thank you to Mom and Dad for joining our celebration and sharing some yummy treats!





Important Dates

Tuesday October 9th – Friday October 12th: Parent-Teacher Conferences

*We look forward to meeting with all of you at your appointed time slots. We will be meeting in the language lab , Room 203, located between the 2nd and 3rd floors of the  primary school.

Monday October 8th – Wednesday October 10th: Book Fair – scroll down to the previous post for more details.

Monday October 15th: In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol, school closed

Monday October 22nd – Friday October 26th: October Break, school closed 


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