EY2 Updates

Exploring the Natural World

Last week in EY2, we continued our inquiry into human interactions with nature, moving from tuning in, to our finding out and sorting out phases. After the last group of children went on their outdoor adventure walk, we convened together to share our findings, sorting out our observations according to the senses we used to gather them. We followed up with another discussion where we sorted our observations into “natural” and “not natural” categories, with the children sharing thoughtful hypotheses about what it means to be a part of nature. These discussions will continue this week, as the children’s thinking continues to evolve over the course of the inquiry.

The children are learning to show respect and empathy for living things as they continue to role-play in our Dramatic Play Centre veterinary clinic. They are also learning how the resources we use in our daily lives come from nature. As we get ready to plant the seeds the children brought from home, we are talking about the fruits and vegetables they came from, leading many children to note the plant and animal sources of our lunches and snacks. Our toys come from natural sources too – with new picnic and restaurant sets for outdoor play time, the children have begun to use leaves and branches as their pretend food and kitchen utensils.

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As we inquire, we are developing language and math with authentic purpose. We are building reading comprehension skills by listening to stories and non-fiction books about nature, developing oral language through our “Walking in the Jungle” rhyme, and fostering emergent writing by recording our outdoor observations with pencils and paper and trying to label our seed drawings. We developed number sense as we counted our seeds and looked at who had the most and the least, and also began to explore the concept of measurement, arranging our seeds from biggest to smallest.

Diwali at KIS

FotoJet (8)On Friday, we celebrated Diwali at school, with some students and staff wearing beautiful traditional Indian clothing, and by listening to a story about the festival in the library. The children were enthralled with the storytelling, and we’d like to thank the families who shared this part of their culture with us!





Happy Birthday!

Tina celebrated her 5th birthday last week. She talked about being stronger now that she is 5 years old, and we are sure that this is just one of many ways that she is growing up! We hope you had a great day, Tina, and thank you to Mom and Dad for sharing the delicious cupcakes!



Important Dates

Tuesday November 20th: Universal Children’s Day

To mark Universal Children’s Day at KIS, we will be fundraising for The Hub, a community group that supports local children in need. With a minimum 20 baht donation tomorrow, PYP students are invited to participate in a Free Dress Day.

*Please remember that EY2 has P.E. tomorrow – those who participate in the Free Dress Day do not need to wear uniform clothing, but should still wear clothing that is suitable for P.E. 

Thursday November 22nd: Loy Kratong

Children are invited to wear traditional Thai dress, and will participate in special activities organised by the Thai Department.

*Once again, EY2 has P.E. on this special dress day! We ask that children come to school in their P.E. uniform, and bring their Thai dress clothes to change into afterwards.

Wednesday December 5th: Father’s Day – no school for students

Monday December 10th: P.D. Day – no school for students

Friday December 14th: Last day of Term 1 – half-day for students

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