Another Busy Week in EY2

One of last week’s highlights was definitely our Loy Krathong celebration. Many children came in their traditional Thai clothing, and several parents came to help the children make their Krathong in Thai class where we also did some Thai dancing. At lunch time, we watched some of the teachers compete in Thai sporting events, and a few of our girls performed with the traditional Thai dance group. Take a look at the slideshow below!


The children have been working hard on collaborative books about interactions in the natural world, connected to our second unit of inquiry and to some books that we read. Soon we will have several books authored by the EY2s, with each child creating one page about interactions and relationships between animals, plants, and humans.


The children have also been planting the seeds they brought from home, most of which come from things we can eat. This learning engagement is intended to help us develop respect and empathy for nature, and to build an understanding of the ways that we use natural resources in our daily lives.

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The children continue to be fascinated by the natural materials they find outside on the playground. Recently they have been collecting fallen leaves, especially the ones that are remarkably huge! We decided to find out just how big they really are, with a great opportunity to make some math connections as we learn to measure the leaves using non-standard units such as blocks and paperclips.


We have also been creating some art work that connects with both literacy and math. We read the book “Ten Apples Up On Top” and then made some personal connections to the book by seeing who could balance apples on their own head! The children then made apple prints with paint on long strips of paper above photos of their own faces. This week we are working on writing numbers on the apples, to see how many we have up on top!

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Important Dates

Friday November 30th: House Spirit Day – Children are invited to wear their house T-shirts.

Wednesday December 5th: Father’s Day – school closed

Monday December 10th: P.D. Day – no school for students

Wednesday December 12th: Awards Assembly, 8:30 – 9:30 am in the auditorium – Parents of children receiving an award will be informed in advance and are welcome to attend.

Thursday December 13th: EY2 Christmas Party, 1:00-2:30 in the EY2 classroom – Parents are invited to join our end-of-term potluck celebration and are requested to bring an item of food to share. More info to come!

Friday December 14th: Last day of Term 1 – Children will be dismissed at 11:30 am and will not eat lunch at school.

Monday January 7th: First Day of Term 2

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