EY2 Weekly Update

The children had a wonderful experience this morning with the visiting farmer, along with his ducklings, chicks, and okra plants, so look out for the photos on next week’s blog post! Tomorrow morning, we welcome Cesc’s aunt, a veterinarian who will visit with some animals as well. The vet will begin with us at 8:00 am, so please make sure to arrive on time in the morning!

Last week, we continued to inquire into human interactions with nature.

The children continued their work on our collaborative books, with each child creating one page about the natural world, and the interconnectedness of all living things.


We also finished planting our seeds, and began taking responsibility for taking care of our garden. The children are taking turns in the role of Class Gardener, who waters the plants each day. Quite a few of our seeds have already started sprouting!


The children responded to the book “Ten Apples Up On Top” with an art activity that integrates reading comprehension, patterning, and number, along with fine motor skill.


We are beginning to get in the holiday spirit at school this week, with our Christmas tree now up in the classroom and plenty of stories about the season in our reading baskets. This week and next will be busily filled with end-of-term events, and wrapping up inquiry projects.

We have noticed that some children have started bringing in small holiday gifts for friends. If this is something you and your child would like to do, please be sure to write the recipient’s name on the gift, as well as your child’s name, to prevent mix-ups. Also, please keep everyone’s feelings in mind if you are giving presents to some children and not to others. We would recommend doing this kind of giving outside of the classroom, rather than in the cubbies, so that we can maintain a caring and inclusive environment.

Important Dates

Wednesday December 5th: Father’s Day – school closed

Monday December 10th: P.D. Day – no school for students

Wednesday December 12th: Awards Assembly, 8:30 – 9:30 am in the auditorium – Parents of children receiving an award will be informed in advance and are welcome to attend.

Thursday December 13th: EY2 Christmas Party, 1:00-2:30 in the EY2 classroom – Parents are invited to join our end-of-term potluck celebration and are requested to bring an item of food to share. More info to come!

Friday December 14th: Last day of Term 1 – Children will be dismissed at 11:30 am and will not eat lunch at school.

Monday January 7th: First Day of Term 2

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