Emergency School Closure

We have just been informed of the government’s decision to close all schools for the next two days, beginning a 3:00 pm today, due to poor air quality. Therefore, there will be no classes for all students tomorrow and the next day (Thursday and Friday).

We are preparing a package of activities that will allow the children to continue their learning at home in the coming days. We will also continue to post updates on the blog to let you know whether the school closures will extend into next week, providing additional home learning engagements for the children if that is the case.

As there is no school for the next two days, Monday will no longer be our 100th day of school, and therefore our 100th day celebration will be postponed. We will have to wait and see when the 100th day will fall! If you are intending to attend the Early Years Picnic on Saturday, please check back to confirm whether or not this event will take place, as we are awaiting further information.

Our apologies for the last-minute announcement; we will do our best to minimize the disruption to the children’s learning and to all of your families.

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