The 100th Day of School!

As some of you might know, we have been counting our days at school in EY2, and next Monday February 4th will be our 100th day together! We have decided to mark the day with a celebration, and have planned some special activities with input from the children. We’re looking forward to an active and fun day, which we hope will get everyone excited about numbers and feeling proud of the caring and inclusive community we’ve spent 100 days building.

To contribute to this event, we’d like to request that everyone bring a collection of one hundred objects to school on Monday. These should be small items that you can find around your house: 100 paper clips, pieces of cereal, lego blocks, or small drawings, for example. Your child should take the lead in putting the collection together, while you can be there to support. We are spending some time this week learning how we can count out 1oo things by making ten piles of ten – this is a great strategy to use, as we do not expect our EY2s to count all the way up to 100!

Happy counting!

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