Weekly Update Feb 25th, 2019

Dear EY2 Parents,

We will have our EY sport day on Friday March 1st, 2019 at 8:20-9:30 on our own playground. Come and support our wonderful EY2 athletes to do their best!  Wear P.E clothes – there is also event for the parents! Please wear house shirts!

Supervision of Students after Dismissal
At the end of the day when students are signed out by parents/nannies/drivers, etc., it is understandable that they may want to have some play time. If this is the case and you remain on school property after school, please take your children outside so that they may run/climb/jump around where it is safe to do so. Make sure that you see them and you can supervise them  all the time! Thank you for your cooperation.

* * * * *

We continued our UOI Exploring Materials / Learning new vocabulary 

Last week we were exploring natural materials: In our classroom Ms Risa helped us to know more about the clay. We learned a lot of new words for how we can manipulate the clay: roll, press, push, squeeze, pinch, smooth. We were also discussing about how the material feels, and how it changes (especially how it changes when you add water or dries out a bit). Some words we’ve been using – cool, soft, hard, slimy, slippery, sticky, muddy, dry, crumbly itchy.  We’ve also learned some “art terms” like kiln (the oven for the clay), sculpture, abstract, ‘score and slip’ (the technique for sticking pieces of clay together.) We also used some math vocab like sphere and cylinder.

Ms Tuovi took part of the group already to  Maker’s Space where we have learned to manipulate wood. We have learned new words for how we can manipulate the wood like sanding, sawing and hammering. We have used new tools like saw, hammer, nail, screw, workbench and clamp.  We made our blueprints first and then we built the 3D objects.   The woodwork is not very easy! But it is a lot of fun!

In Math we continued making different shapes with geoboards and rubber bands. Students have been using them very creatively. The unifix cubes are used creatively too and our students have been comparing and measuring things with them.  Different math centers are available for students all the time and we use different invitations for encouraging students to explore and investigate different materials. Ms Marie invites every Friday our students to investigate and play with Numicon materials.

Language: Thank you for all the parents who shared their stories during our Mother Tongue Day! EY2 students heard stories from Indonesia, France, China and Finland.


Fri 1st March:      EY Sport Day – Please wear house shirts!

Sat 2nd March:        Bugs ‘N’ Butterflies Picnic https://www.kis.ac.th/bnb

Tue 23rd April :   World Book Day (details coming soon)

Wed 1st May:          Labor Day ( NO SCHOOL)

Mon 6th May:         H.M. The King’s Coronation (NO SCHOOL)


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