Weekly Update March 11th, 2019

Dear EY2 parents,

we are almost in the end of our UOI “Exploring Materials. We have talked about paper, cardboard, metal, wood,fabric, glass and plastic. We have been observing different materials and we talked about their properties. Our young students have developed their understanding of materials’ suitability for different purposes.

mystery boxNow we are asking your support: every student need to find one object from home for our  “mystery box” and be ready to tell 3 things about the object: how do you describe it, what is the object made of, what do you use it for example: it is undependable, it’s made of metal and you use it for eating (spoon).

After the student’s presentation, other students can make questions and they can also touch it. And they can try to guess what is in the mystery box! This fun game will  help children improve their abilities to speak in front of the group, listen to others, recall information, ask purposeful questions, classify items, make inferences, synthesize information, and draw conclusions.

Please, bring the artifact in a box or a bag so that other students can’t see it. Don’t bring too big object -it needs to fit to the box. Please, help your child to find a suitable object, practice with her/him how to tell at least 3 things about the object! 

Happened this week:


Remember to sign in every morning!

Our literacy groups continue meeting 4 times a week. We have moved our meeting time to early morning time so it’s very important that we all are in time at school.

During the week every group read or play literacy game with the teacher, practice letter writing with a teacher, play literacy games with ipad and read and write independently.

If you were wondering last week why some girls were dressed up like princesses, here is the explanation: We try to support every group’s interests and follow student-initiated inquires and activities in literacy centers too. Last week one reading group wanted to make their own princess book. The authors brought their own costumes from home, took photos and we used their photos for the illustrations.


World Math Day

We celebrated the World Math Day on Wednesday with our reading buddies. Instead of reading books together we were playing number games. Some 3rd graders had created their own math games for us! What a fun afternoon full of learning together!

We continued our UOI Exploring Materials / Finishing our materials projects:

In our classroom Ms Risa helped students to finish their individual clay sculptures. Aour students have wonderful creativity and imagination. Clay is  a natural resource from the earth and it provides sensory stimulation while helping to develop fine motor skills. Working with clay is quite therapeutic for the emotions too. When exploring the new materials the process is much more important than the product. 

Ms Tuovi took again some students to Makers Space to experiment with wood.The woodwork helps students to develop their problem-solving through divergent thinking and planning to create three-dimensional structures. It develops their sense of power and self-esteem as students use adult tools and complete adult-type projects. It builds strong, positive feelings of competence and the ability to meet new situations well. The woodwork encourages sustained interest in a given task and the ability to overcome frustration successfully.

Makers’ Space has also a great collection of color-coordinated legos. Our students  love legos and they wanted to explore these new treasures after working with wood.

Thank you for those ones who already donated books for the Charity Club’s book drive!

book drive

It looks like EY2 will earn a pizza party for the most books! The book drive runs still next week so if you have more books you can still bring them in. Books should be gently used, not torn or broken. All books and/or magazines are welcomed.  Drop them off in the EY2 classroom.


March 18th-22nd: Artigras week:

Mon March 18th at 8:00 a.m: Opening Assembly

Tue March 19th: Battle of the Bands

Wed March 20th: EY2A Fieldtrip to “A Little Something” – cooking school

Thur March 21st: EY2B Fieldtrip to “A Little Something” – cooking school

Fri March 22nd: Artigras closing assembly 

March 25-29 School Photos

Mon April 1st  : April Fools costume day

Tue 23rd April :   World Book Day (details coming soon)

Wed 1st May:          Labor Day ( NO SCHOOL)

Mon 6th May:         H.M. The King’s Coronation (NO SCHOOL)

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