Weekly Update March 25th, 2019

Dear EY2 families,

We had a fun filled week of Artigras celebrations and events and we had also our first fieldtrip. So exciting  to explore things through the arts and experience new things! We started the week off with battle of the bands!  We got to see different groups from schools all over Bangkok sing and dance on stage in the auditorium! We heard our favorite bands also on Wednesday during the Busking event and on Friday’s outdoor concert.


On Wednesday EY2 Ants had their fieldtrip to “A little Something “-cooking school.

EY2 Butterflies had their fieldtrip on Thusday.

On Thusday we also had a  lovely Thai Cultural performance where we got to see many different types of Thai Dancing!  Namo and Tuna were real risk takers when they danced on stage with professional dancers.

On Friday, we all participated in a Flash Mob with the entire PYP and  danced together with Ms. Lynn and all the PYP students in the atrium.


We also celebrated Peem’s birthday on Friday. Happy Birthday Dear Peem!

Happy Birthday Dear Peem!


This week we have learned to play  the Teach your Monster to Read -games which help children to master the key first stages of reading.  It’s been created by the Usborne Foundation, led by Peter Usborne (of Usborne Publishing). You can play the game at home too. It’s free to play on a PC and laptop at TeachYourMonsterToRead.com, or you can download the Teach Your Monster to Read app from the app store on phones and tablets.  If  your child want to use his/her school account and continue the game where he/she is at the moment we can give you a password card.  Then you can log in to your child’s game at home too.




Thur April 4th: 08:00-09:00 a.m. EY2 Coffee Meeting

Tue 23rd April :   World Book Day (details coming soon)

Wed 1st May:          Labor Day ( NO SCHOOL)

Mon 6th May:         H.M. The King’s Coronation (NO SCHOOL)

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