Welcome Back!

It was wonderful to see everyone back at school this morning, ready to learn, and excited to tell us all about their holidays. This week the children will be invited to share about their time away from school through drawing, writing and speaking, and we will also be tuning into our new Unit of Inquiry, “How We Express Ourselves.”

We are pleased to be celebrating World Book Week at KIS, and hope that everyone is getting ready for tomorrow’s Book Character Dress-Up Day! Children are encouraged to dress up as a favourite book character, and to participate in a costume parade at 8:00 am in the Audibox. It would be great to see beloved characters from children’s literature this time (rather than Disney princesses and superheroes), so please have your child bring along the book that inspired their costume. This is a great way for us to share our passions and to nurture the love of reading!

World Book Week will also include a book fair, taking place throughout the week. If you would like your child to purchase a book, please send money in a bag or envelope labelled with their name, and we will accompany them to make their selection. Alternatively, parents may visit the book fair on their own, or take children to choose a book for purchase before or after school.

Just before our Songkran holiday, Arya celebrated her 5th birthday with us. Happy birthday Arya! A big thanks to Arya’s family for sharing a delicious cake and joining us to make the day special.

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