Weekly Update April 29th , 2019

Dear EY2 parents,

changes for coming week:

Wednesday May 1st: No School / 1st of May Holiday

Thursday May 2nd: SWIMMING during our P.E time

Friday May 3rd: P.E during Swimming ( these changes are because of the elementary school Swimming Gala)

last week:

thank you for helping us to begin our last term with full speed. Last week we were  celebrating World Book Week and  everyone at EY2 class  came dressed up for the  Book Character Dress-Up Day and most of the students brought the book along tooThank you for coming to support and help us to promote reading and literacy at KIS.  Thank you also for purchasing books for your children!


The book character parade was quite exciting for many of us. We were so proud of our students who were able to perform and speak front of the audience.

IMG_8147 IMG_8112 IMG_8098 IMG_8214

Friday’s End of the Book Week Assembly: Congratulations to Tuna for the best book character costume  and congratulations to Nate for the best photo of “family reading together”.

IMG_2065 IMG_2064

We started also our new UOI Expression and the central idea is “Feelings and Ideas can be expressed through the Arts”.  The lines of inquiry are “The Creative Arts”, “Expressing emotions” and “Developing ideas and imagination”. We were looking at different pictures with Ms Risa and learned to describe and noticed different emotions by looking at people’s facial expressions.

 20190425_101312 20190424_100214

We  were reading Dr.Seuss’ book “My Many Colored Days” and talked about different emotions and how different colors and different music can express different feelings and then we danced these different emotions with classical music. Our students love to express themselves by dancing!

20190425_101159 20190424_100936

We also celebrated Cesc’ s fifth birthday. Happy Birthday Dear Cesc!

FotoJet (16)


Wednesday May 1st:  Labor Day ( NO SCHOOL)

Thursday May 2nd: SWIMMING instead of P.E

Friday May 3rd: P.E instead of Swimming

Monday May 6th:  H.M. The King’s Coronation (NO SCHOOL)

Monday May 13th: Early Years Swim Gala 8:00 am (Parents are invited to join in the fun! Wear your swimsuit and bring a towel to swim with your child).

Monday May 20th: Student Led Conferences

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