Community Building in EY2

 Dear Parents,

Last week was a great kick-off for our year together in EY2! This year, we have decided that Ms. Nicole’s class A will be known as the Alligators, and Ms. Risa’s class B will be the Bears. Soon, all of the children should know whether they are a Bear or an Alligator!

During our exciting first week of school, the children began to make new friends and to learn about classroom routines such as playing in centres, tidying up, listening respectfully, choosing their lunch foods, and taking good care of our shared materials at school. They also got a chance to explore our new playground.

Developing Agency in EY2

In EY2, we view the children as competent and capable individuals, and we aim to nurture their sense of agency. Therefore, our learning goals this year include helping them to become more independent, and to take on more responsibility for themselves and for the well-being of our classroom community. At school, we do this by expecting children to tidy up the centres, to select their own food, eat, and dress independently. In short, we don’t do anything for the children that they can do themselves! You can support your child’s learning by encouraging the same behaviours at home. If your child has difficulty doing these kinds of tasks on their own, try to show or explain how, rather than doing it for them. You will be surprised at how much your child can to by themself, and how much pride they will take in their accomplishments!


Both EY2 classes have swim class on Thursday mornings. To make our day go more smoothly and to save some valuable class time, it would be helpful for everyone to come to school with their swim suit on under their clothes.

We would also like to remind you that children should wear flip flops or water shoes when they walk to the pool, which we will keep at school for the entire year. If your child does not yet have a pair of these shoes at school, please bring them as soon as possible.


The Alligators and Bears will have their first library visit this week on Tuesday, and will be coming home with two library books of their own choice. We encourage you to read these books with your children, talk about the stories, and show them how to take good care of books. Please be aware that we do not expect the children to be able to read these books independently at this time! The purpose is to develop comprehension, book handling skills, and most importantly a love of reading. Make story time fun!

Library books will go home on Tuesdays, and should be returned to school before the following Tuesday. Please note that children will not be able to sign out a new book if the previous one is not yet returned. You may also visit the library with your child after school if they would like to get a new book between our scheduled class visits.

Important Dates

EY2 Coffee Meeting: Date TBA, 8:00 am – 9:00 am in the EY2 classroom – Info about our program and supporting your child’s learning, as well as mingling with our parent community over snacks, tea, and coffee!

Back to School Parent Forum: Friday August 23rd, 8:00 am – 9:00 am in the auditorium Parent Forum BTS 23819

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