Week of September 2nd – 6th

Dear Parents,

Thanks so much to everyone who attended our coffee meeting this morning. It is wonderful to have such a supportive community! The slides from our presentation are now posted in the ‘Pages’ section of the blog (click on BTS Coffee Meeting in the side bar on the right).

IMG_2958We’d also like to thank everyone who has sent in a family photo. The children are excited to see their families up on the wall, and will soon be ready to do some sharing about their families with the rest of the class, as we begin to provoke thinking about relationships for our first inquiry. Please send us your photos if you have not done so already!

Last week in EY2 we began to interview the children to get to know them better, to build vocabulary for discussing identity (‘Who We Are”) and relationships. We will be sharing the interviews in the classroom, and these will also help the children prepare to present their family photographs. The interviews will be ongoing this week.

The children have been learning some more about sending messages to friends in our post office. They learned that it is important to write who the message is to and from, and how to find their friends’ names in order to address the envelopes correctly and find their mailbox. We will continue to work together in the post office this week, and will keep it as an independent centre in the classroom thereafter.

Both the Alligator and Bear classes have started working on a collaborative art project with Ms. Daisy. We are creating a ‘texture wall’ by gluing various recycled materials (such as egg cartons, kitchen rolls, bubble wrap, and popsicle sticks) to a large board, which we can hang on the wall. Ms. Daisy began exploring warm and cool colours with the children, and having them mix paints to create their desired colour palettes. We have already started painting some of our materials, and we will continue to work on this project during Ms. Daisy’s weekly visits. Please send us any (clean) recycled materials you have at home, as we still need more!

In addition to our ongoing centres, we will also begin to work on self-portraits later in the week. This is a great way to develop observation skills, and supports our discussions about identity and relationships. We will create self-portraits several times throughout the year, as they are also a powerful way to see the children’s progress over time.

An important part of our first UOI will focus on forming friendships and being a good friend. The children already began this discussion while creating our EY2 Essential Agreement, a set of promises the children agreed upon to make our classroom a happy and safe place to be. We will continue this week by learning more about Kelso’s Choices, which provides children with positive strategies to resolve conflicts independently. We have started already by talking about ‘making a deal’ and ‘sharing’ with playground equipment and toys, and the children are doing great so far!

Happy Birthday Ann!

Last week we celebrated Ann’s 4th birthday at school. A big thank you to Ann’s mom and dad for bringing in a yummy treat and helping to make the day special!


Important Dates:

PE to be re-scheduled for this week: Mr. Max will be unavailable this week on Wednesday, and therefore we will not have PE on that day. This week, Alligators will have PE on Tuesday Sept. 3rd (8:10 – 8:50), and Bears will have PE on Thursday Sept. 5th (10:00 – 10:40). Please take note, to be sure the children are wearing the PE uniform on the correct day! (We will return to the regular schedule next week, with Monday and Wednesday PE for both classes.)

Thursday September 19th: Professional Development Day (no school for students)

Friday September 20th: September Break (holiday, school closed)


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