Week of Sept. 16 – 18

Last week in EY2, the children continued to work on their self portraits, exploring personal identity and developing keen observation skills. They also continued work on their family portraits, discussing the relationships within families and building vocabulary.

We are learning about relationships as we play together throughout the day, finding out how we can build positive friendships through our interactions. For example, the children are resolving conflicts by sharing books to read together, and taking turns fairly on the swings.



Many children have been showing curiosity about nature during outdoor playtime, exchanging questions and theories about things they find outside. We have had some interesting conversations about flowers, spiders, and frogs, which might also be rocks, seeds, and caterpillars, depending on who you ask! Some of these conversations will be documented on our Wonder Wall and Conversation Corner, for us to refer back to for further inquiry.

Our collaborative art project with Ms. Daisy is ongoing as well, with the children creating beautiful textures and colour schemes, and learning new painting techniques such as sponge painting and “dabbing” with various implements.

Last week’s highlight was definitely our Early Years House Sports Day. We were very proud of everyone’s motivation and team work!

Important Dates

Thursday Sept. 19th: P.D. Day (no school for students)

Friday Sept. 20th: School Holiday

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