Week of Sept. 30 – Oct. 4

Last week the children in EY2 met a new set of reading buddies from Ms. Jen’s grade 3 class. The third grade classes will be taking turns visiting us on Wednesday afternoons, so we are fortunate to have lots of new friends to get us excited about reading while building an inclusive community!

We continued working on our texture wall with Ms. Daisy, this time adding details to our painted recycled materials by drawing lines with warm or cool colours, in harmony with the layers of paint. We encouraged the children to represent heat and coldness first by moving their bodies and then by drawing lines that reminded them of cold waves and then hot flames. By representing an idea through many different modalities, we encourage flexibility of thinking, and provide opportunities for expression through multiple “languages.”

In EY2, we integrate mathematical explorations throughout our daily routines, and through hands-on play. During our morning meetings, we count and record how many days we’ve been at school, and begin to notice number patterns on a 10×10 grid. We also make colour patterns on our calendars, look at ordinal numbers as we take turns with class  jobs, and talk about how many people are present and absent while looking at our sign-in board. At centre time, children make patterns with buttons or other loose parts at the art centre, and move towards composing and decomposing number with Numicon, a math resource that give us concrete visual and tactile representations of numbers to help develop number sense.

Last week, we also continued to work on our family paintings and self-portraits, and they’re almost done! We can’t wait to get the masterpieces up on display.

Fridays are often a bit special at school, and this week was no exception. We have been having slightly longer outdoor play times on Fridays, with outdoor learning centres set up for EY1, EY2, and EY3 students to engage in together. The children benefit from interacting with both the younger and older children, as well as getting to try out activities planned by different teachers. Amongst other things, the EY2s have taken the lead on building our own pretend fire station! Friday was also a special day because we attended a PYP assembly, where Kato and Chloe received certificates for exhibiting some of our KIS Quality Learning Behaviours. Congratulations to Kato and Chloe; we look forward to many more opportunities to recognise our quality learners throughout the year!

This week we will be finishing up a last few self-portraits and family portraits, and then digging further into our “Relationships” inquiry. We will be inquiring into the nature of  friendships and family relationships, connecting with our first line of inquiry “types of relationships.” The children will build models of their homes, which will provide opportunities for them to share aspects of their family and home life with our class community. We will also look at our second line of inquiry, “building positive relationships” using role-play and puppeteering to practice ways to solve conflicts with friends peacefully.

Important Dates

Friday October 11th: Assembly in remembrance of HM King Rama IX – children are welcome to wear yellow or Thai clothes

Monday October 14th: Day off for remembrance – school closed

Friday November 1st: Halloween Celebration – children are invited to wear costumes, more details to follow

November 4th – 8th: Parent-Teacher Conferences – further details and appointment sign-up to follow

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