Week of October 7th – 11th

Dear Parents,

Last week we were busy delving further into our UOI “Relationships.”  The children used blocks and Legos to create their houses and discussed the different roles people have in their home.

We also focused on building positive relationships by introducing Kelso’s Choices to help the children learn conflict management.  The children role played various scenarios and used one of Kelso’s Choices to resolve the problem.  We are focusing on taking turns and sharing, talking it out, and ignoring and walking away.  Kelso’s Choices help the children to be empowered and understand that they have tools to deal with small problems that may arise.

IMG_0237 (1)

IMG_3247 IMG_3243We had our third group of Reading Buddies visit us for the first time last Wednesday.  Ms. Toni’s grade three class will be rotating to come read with us as well.

IMG_0775 IMG_0776

A very Happy Birthday to Jiro who celebrated his birthday last week!


This week we will be using our communication skills when we present our family photos and the relationships we have with our family members.  Our Speaking and Listening skills will be hard at work and some of the students may be a bit nervous to present.  You can talk with your child about the photo, where it was taken, what you like to do as a family, and how your family helps each other at home to help them prepare.  We will be documenting their words so please encourage your child to use full, long sentences in English rather than giving one word answers.

The children will also be creating shape monsters this week.  They are using their fine motor skills to use eye droppers to color tissues.  They then will cut out various shapes to create their unique monster.  Halloween is coming!


Important Dates

Friday October 11th: Assembly in remembrance of HM King Rama IX – children are welcome to wear yellow or Thai clothes

Monday October 14th: Day off for remembrance – school closed

Friday November 1st: Halloween Celebration – children are invited to wear costumes, more details to follow

November 4th – 8th: Parent-Teacher Conferences – further details and appointment sign-up to follow

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