Week of Oct. 15 – 18

Dear EY2 Families,

We hope that everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Children have been telling us about the interesting ways you are spending your time together, helping us to build connections as we inquire into family relationships.

To sort out our knowledge about family relationships, the children began taking turns making oral presentations about their own families, referring to the family photographs you all sent in.  Learning more about one another helps to strengthen our friendships too, as does learning to be good listeners. It has been wonderful to hear so many children speaking clearly and confidently about what makes their family special.

Family presentations will continue this week, with a few children speaking each day. To help your child be a successful presenter, have a conversation with them about the names and ages of your family members, what language you speak at home, and where your family comes from. We’d also like to hear about what your family enjoys doing together, and what each family member does to help out.

Last week, we continued to learn about solving conflicts between friends using Kelso’s Choices. We talked about various strategies to use, acted them out, and dramatized them with puppets. Practicing in multiple ways should help the children to apply their knowledge in different contexts when real problems arise. We are pleased to see that many children are already beginning to use Kelso’s Choices in real-life situations. We look forward to sharing more stories about friends taking action!

Ms. Aom and Ms. Sirinat have been working with the children to make “shape monsters,” a visual arts centre that integrates math vocabulary, fine motor development, and some science skills too. On our discovery table, students were invited to predict how paper towels dipped into various food colourings would change, and could return later to make observations. At the art centre, they used eye-droppers to mix colours on paper towels, and then attached different geometric shapes as faces and body parts for their monsters. Not only will these help us to learn the names of some 2D shapes, they will also make fantastic Halloween decorations.

Last week, Third celebrated his 5th birthday with us. Happy birthday Third, and thanks to mom and dad for bringing the treats!


Important Dates:

Wednesday October 16th – Friday October 18th: Book Fair – see flyer for details

Monday October 21st – Friday October 25th: School Break – no classes

Friday November 1st: Halloween Celebration – children are invited to wear costumes, more details to follow

November 4th – 8th: Parent-Teacher Conferences – further details and appointment sign-up to follow

See the flyers below for details about the book fair and red bin donations:


Red BIns

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