Week of April 20th – April 24th

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We hope that everyone had a restful break at home.

This term, we will be sharing our weekly planning documents with you each Friday on the Home Learning Page so that you can see what we will be doing the following week. This will allow you to prepare, and give you a clearer idea of our learning objectives. Each morning before 9am, we will also send out a daily plan, showing the language, math and UOI engagements that your child should complete that day, including required activities plus some optional ones. Required activities will also be explained and/or demonstrated in a video for the children posted on SeeSaw every day at 9 am (as we did last term), with additional optional videos in the afternoons and a short end-of-day video at 2pm.

This term we are adding the option of face-to-face live meetings on Zoom, to begin next week. Zoom meetings will give the children a chance to see their teachers and friends, and take part in small-group discussions and activities that are so valuable at school. Zoom discussions will be led by teachers and EAs, while parents should be in the room with their child while they are online. We recommend that each child participate in two Zoom meetings each week, and will send out a sign-up sheet so that you can choose times that work with your schedules. We will aim to keep the meeting times the same each week, but let us know if you need to make a change and we will do our best to accommodate.

For our first week back at online learning, we will be revisiting the year-long inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme, “Who We Are.” If you recall, this is an inquiry about relationships, with the central idea that people support themselves and others through the relationships they develop. After this week, we will move ahead with our fourth unit of inquiry.

Looking forward to seeing our EY2 friends online!

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