Week of April 27th – May 1st

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those of you who continue to participate in our online program and share your child’s learning with us on SeeSaw!

This week we have a few new elements for the home learning program:

Zoom Meetings:

Zoom meetings with EY2 teachers will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, according to the times you have signed up for on the google doc shared last week. These meetings will be hosted by Ms. Risa, Ms. Nicole, Ms. Aom, and Ms. Sirinat, with teachers rotating groups to ensure that all children have the opportunity to meet with their homeroom teacher and EAs. This week, we will discuss how to be a good communicator in a meeting, and in their second meeting of the week, children will be asked to show a favourite book with the group and tell why they like it. Our meetings will be more successful if children come prepared for these discussions. Mr. Max will also be hosting an optional PE meeting on Mondays at 10am, and while Mr. Chris will host an optional music meeting on Thursdays at 9:45am.

To join your Zoom meeting, click the appropriate link in the schedule found here:

Zoom meeting schedule

Sharing on SeeSaw:

The online program is a new experience for all of us, and we appreciate your understanding as we look for ways to improve! To help us keep student work more organised and clarify assigned work for you, we have decided to change the process of sharing student responses slightly. Each morning, we will continue to upload the daily plan and video introduction to the day’s activities as “announcements,” just as we have been doing up to this point. When you and your child are ready to complete the learning engagements, look under the “activities” section. Here you will find an “activity” corresponding to each of the learning engagements described in the morning video, including links to any resources needed. Please upload your child’s work here, by clicking “Add response.” Mr. Chris and Mr. Max are posting in the “activities” section as well, so this should help us to keep things streamlined in one place.

Important Dates:

Thursday April 30th, 9am: Town Hall Zoom meeting with Mr. Paul to discuss extended school closure (https://zoom.us/j/92157546725)

Friday May 1st: Labour Day (no school)

Friday May 1st: Deadline to upload student yearbook photos to SeeSaw

Monday May 4th: Coronation Day (no school)


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