Week of Nov. 9 -13

Dear Families,

Our “Natural Interactions” inquiry is now well underway! Last week, small groups went out on nature walks around the KIS campus, learning to use all their senses to observe like scientists, recording their observations, and sharing their thoughts about what comprises the natural world. Through discussing and exchanging ideas, the children are constructing an understanding of the distinction between natural and human-made. They are also thinking about how we use and interact with nature in our daily lives (for example, as food, building materials, etc.) and developing some scientific process skills. Groups will continue to go out on nature walks throughout this week as well.

On the sala, we have been observing our Halloween pumpkins as they decompose, observing and recording what they look, smell, and feel like and considering how they are changing. We have a growing collection of natural materials at our Discovery Centre as well, including feathers, insects, seeds, leaves, and even a live caterpillar!

In the Art Centre, we are building appreciation for nature by creating visual art out of natural materials. This was a student initiated project, from children who decided they wanted to paint leaves collected from the playground. We are following this interest to see what other art work we might create from nature.

Thank you to those families that have already sent in a natural artifact. We would like every child to have an artifact to share, so if your child has not brought one yet, please help them to choose one as soon as possible. It could be anything from an interesting stick they find outside, to some seeds they find in a fruit they are eating. We’d love to have some more bits of nature to attach to our bulletin board, or seeds that we could plant and care for!

This week, the EY2s  are participating in PYP Math Week. During outdoor play time, the children inquiring into various mathematical concepts (including measurement, number, and geometry concepts) using elements from the natural environment (such as sticks, leaves, and shadows). We are also exploring visual representations of number using the Numicon materials and looking at naturally occurring patterns at calendar time. We are reading math books at story time, and singing counting songs too. On Friday, children are invited to wear clothing that represents a math concept, such as clothing with a pattern.

Important Dates

ASAP: Artifacts for “Natural Interactions” unit due at school – support your child in selecting a natural item to connect with our inquiry

Friday November 13th: Math Week Dress-Up Day – Children are invited to wear clothing showcasing a math concept (ex: patterns, shapes, etc. ) instead of the KIS uniform.

Saturday November 14: All Aboard the Adventure Train! Early Years Picnic – Crafts, games, food, and music, open house for families and children in the community

Math Week 2020 (3) (1)

EY picnic


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