Week of November 23rd – 27th

Last week the children continued to inquire into natural interactions, reading books and discussing ways that we use natural resources in our everyday lives, and how human behaviour impacts the planet in both positive and negative ways. This week we will build on those ideas, and begin to work on writing our own book about changes we can make to help take care of the natural world to keep it safe and healthy.

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We also have some hands-on experiments underway in our class, following up on the children’s curiosities. The children collected some large green caterpillars from the playground, and have been observing and taking care of them as they grow and begin to build cocoons. We are hoping to witness their transformation until we can release them as butterflies outside. Following a discussion about composting, we have buried a banana peel and a plastic bottle cap in a box of soil so that we can compare how they change over time. We are constructing understandings of how composting benefits the earth, and what happens to plastic waste that we throw away.

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In the art centre, the children made picture stories connected to the book Leaf Man, which has pictures made entirely of natural materials. The children made their own Leaf Man stories, telling where he goes and what he sees using leaves, pine cones, sea shells, sticks, and stones to create images. This activity helps to develop reading comprehension, nurtures creative thinking, and inspires an appreciation for the natural world that surrounds us.

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We have introduced some new construction toys both in the classroom and outdoors. The children have been excited to try these out, and are developing collaboration, problem solving, and motor skills as they play.

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Last week, KIS parents who celebrate Diwali came to share their cultural heritage with the our community. The children loved engaging with the activities in the atrium, showing appreciation for learning about other traditions while taking pride in their own, demonstrating the PYP learner profile attribute of open-mindedness.

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Important Dates and Reminders

Friday November 27th: PYP for Early Years Parent Workshop – 8:00 am in the auditorium

Monday December 7th: In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday – school closed

Friday December 18th: Last Day of Term 1 – Please note that EY2 is not performing in the holiday concert this year, as we will perform in the year-end show in June.

*A friendly reminder that class dismissal time is 2:10 pm for EY2. Classroom supervision after that is for children who are waiting for the school bus, for after-school activities, or for a parent/guardian who is unexpectedly delayed. All other students should be signed out and picked up at 2:10 pm.

*Please note that after-school activities are now finished for Term 1 and will resume in the new year.

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