Week of January 18 – 22

Dear Parents,

Please find the weekly planner for next week, January 18th – 22nd, below. This is also shared on SeeSaw, where you will find the version with our Zoom links attached.

Weekly Planner 2 – Exploring Materials

Resources for Exploring Materials

Next week the children will begin to work on construction projects using recycled materials, so we are requesting that you keep useful items that you might have otherwise thrown away. These can include things like boxes, packages, kitchen and toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, tin foil, cans, plastic containers, etc. We are starting with cardboard constructions, but will work with other materials in the coming weeks (such as plastic or metal) so please save it all!

Dress Code for Remote Learning

PYP classes have decided to ask that students wear their school uniforms during remote learning, and therefore we are asking EY children to do so as well. Starting on Monday, please have your child get dressed in uniform as they would for a normal day of school on campus.

Social Time on Zoom

While we are all having some great opportunities for learning and inquiry at home, the children might be missing their social time with friends! Therefore, we will be offering a space for online socialising on Zoom, following our Stories & Songs periods (which are scheduled for Monday to Thursday afternoons.) Stories & Songs will begin at 1:30, hosted by a teacher for 20-30 minutes, and then children will be allowed to talk and play together until 2:10. Teachers will not be offering an activity during this time, as it is intended to allow for unstructured socialising, however we will stay online to listen in and monitor. This is an optional engagement, and therefore students are also free to log off when Stories & Songs are finished.


Thank you for all your support with remote learning this week, and have a great weekend!

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